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Ghostdom Marriage

Ghostdom Marriage



  When I was born, I traveled at night. I lacked the five elements. My mother died in childbirth, and then my father accidentally died in a plane crash. It was supposed to be my wedding day, but the groom got into a car accident last night and died on the spot. After that, his grandmother forced me to marry a dead person. Since then, my life has been filled with horror and horror …
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"Miss Fu, the auspicious time is here."

Suddenly, a face appears in the mirror. With a shake of my hand, the pearl flower falls to the ground and breaks into two.

I forcefully suppressed the fear in my heart and pretended to be calm. "I understand. I will go down immediately."

After getting up, I went into the bathroom and splashed a handful of water on my face. I comforted myself, "Fu Jia Nan, do your best.

He took a deep breath and went downstairs.

My palms were sweating. Taking one more step forward, I could feel the oppressive coldness in the air grow even stronger. Perhaps because I was being mischievous in my heart, I felt that the chilly wind in the hall was causing my scalp to tingle.

My head was covered with a bridal veil, and I had the appearance of a dragon and a phoenix. I lowered my head and could only see the embroidered shoes on my feet.

The wedding lady led me to the coffin. There was a blanket on the floor, and I didn't know what was holding me back. I fell forward uncontrollably.


"Hurry up and help her up."

That lifeless, shriveled voice penetrated my eardrums, causing despair to spread through my heart. It was this person who had sent me into this ridiculous and terrifying marriage, Luo Family's old granny.

At this moment, I was nervous and fearful, but I could only pretend to be calm. I felt my entire body turn cold.

The wedding lady helped me up. When her fingers came in contact with the coffin, there was a faint trace of metal. It should be the decorations carved on the outside of the coffin. The tips of her fingers were ice—cold.

When I stood up again, my palm was empty. It turned out that it was the wedding lady who had taken her hand away from me. Even the slightest bit of her body temperature had disappeared.

"The auspicious hour has arrived, the newcomer pays his respects."

"I bow to the heavens and the earth." He was forced to kowtow and bow stiffly to the hall.

My hands started to shake uncontrollably as the red silk quickly faded in front of my eyes, turning into a white mourning hall. The surrounding forest became so cold that I didn't even know where the wind had come from, making my back shiver.

"Ah —" I cried out, and she pressed me down. "Second bow."

"No." I struggled as my wrist was forcefully controlled. I was unable to break free, so the wedding lady's voice became much colder. "Husband and wife greet each other."

I was forced to complete the so—called ceremony like a puppet. I didn't even know how I completed it.

"I gave it to her." Someone in the chaos spoke, holding a porcelain bowl of dark red liquid in front of me. The smell of blood on my nose made me gag a few times.

I pushed the bowl away, clearly resisting.

Luo Grandmother seemed to snort coldly. I then obediently lifted it up to my mouth, gritted my teeth, and poured it into my mouth.

The salty liquid flowed down my throat and I covered my mouth to prevent myself from vomiting. There was a slight heat on my face as well, as though I was sick.

"Send him to the bridal room." With a long cry and a sharp laugh, I was escorted to the new room on the second floor.

It was cold in the room. It was June, but I could feel the chill in my bones. The floor reflected the cold moonlight outside the window, like a puddle of water.

I held myself curled up in the corner of the bed, giving me a sense of security. I didn't dare sleep, and once I closed my eyes, my mind was filled with the coffin.

With my cell phone by my side and the window still open, I didn't dare to go over. In the darkness of the room, all I could hear was the sound of the wind.

It's a long story, but the young master of Luo Family and I, who were engaged to me since young, was the one who led the company to the top. Luo Family was a rich man with a huge fortune, and Luo Qing Yang's methods at the mall were even more admirable.

Today should have been our wedding day, but Luo Qing Yang actually died in a car accident the day before the wedding.

Logically speaking, I wouldn't need to marry him if he was dead, but Luo Family's Old Granny thought that I was the one who killed Luo Qing Yang, forced me to marry him, and even threatened my Grandmother's life. If it was me alone, I wouldn't agree to this wedding even if I were to die.

Underworld marriage. I smiled bitterly and touched my stiff face. It was icy cold. If it wasn't for this accident, it would have been a grand wedding that would make people jealous of me. Only despair.

I don't know how Grandmother is doing, but I was very worried about her. Thinking about her expression that seemed as if she wanted to say something, the stifled uneasiness in my heart started to clamor once again.

He always felt that something was going to happen.

At 4: 40, I caught a glimpse of the clock on the wall. My eyelids were heavy, too, perhaps because I was too tired from the day and had finally fallen asleep.

My body felt like it was being pressed down by something heavy. I wanted to open my eyes, but my body seemed out of control and I couldn't move. I became more and more terrified.

I felt like my whole body wasn't well, and I struggled with all my might, but the pressure on my body was getting heavier and heavier, and someone seemed to be muttering next to my ear, "Nan Er, don't be afraid."

It was a very pleasant voice, like flowing water splashing jade. I trembled as I asked, "Who are you?"


He seemed to be laughing, his warm breath made my ears itch, "I'm your husband, Nan Er, did you forget?"

My husband, could it be Luo Qing Yang?

Almost crying, he did not manage to finish his sentence. "You, you, you, you... "That's not it..."

What stopped my voice was my exceptionally soft lips. I felt a trace of shame and resentment, and my face was extremely hot.

"Do you like it?" He laughed softly, and when I turned my head, I couldn't help but shiver. There was a broken sound coming out of my mouth, and I couldn't believe it was my voice.

Such seductive charm … yes, this must be a dream.

That's how I comforted myself, and I was no longer afraid. Maybe it was because the dead Luo Qing Yang was really unwilling, which was why he came to my dreams to meet me.

My body was so hot that I did my best to please him. His voice was always so low in my ears that it made my bones tingle.

After a long night, there was a dazzling feeling outside the window. I opened my eyes and my mind went blank.

"Ah —" I screamed, my throat dry but unable to hide my fear. What was going on, why was there a man in a suit beside me?

He was just too monstrous, I almost subconsciously realised that he was the dead Luo Qing Yang. Wasn't he lying in the coffin?


The door was pushed open, and unhurried footsteps sounded in my ears. I raised my head, but my eyes were already wet with tears.

"What are you shouting so early in the morning for!" She was a little angry, and was not surprised at all that Luo Qing Yang's corpse had appeared in my bed.

She must have done it. Almost immediately, I decided, sobbing, "Why, why?"

"Stupid girl, you killed Qingyang, and didn't you feel wronged marrying him as his wife? Your husband naturally wants to sleep in the same bed as you." The Luo Grandmother said as she walked forward and glanced at him.

I got up from the bed, almost hopping, and fell to the ground, my legs too weak for me to control. I could only hear my own voice tinged with tears.