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Billionaire Mommy Is Back

Billionaire Mommy Is Back



  "Divorce!" After a night of passion, he ruthlessly threw over a divorce agreement. After being married for three years, she had given her all of her love in exchange for this sort of coldness. "Why? Why do I love you so much?" Why? After being married for so many years, you can't even have children! What do I need you to do? " The cruel words had torn apart her hopes for marriage. The day she was kicked out of the room, she unexpectedly discovered that she was pregnant, "Long Yantian, didn't you say that I couldn't give birth to children? We'll see. " "Five years later, she returned with her child." Dad. Will you marry my mother, Mimi? " When the cute girl acted coquettishly towards the man, the man immediately nodded. "Okay." Unexpectedly, her phoenix eyes flew out, "Marry me? Long Yantian, you are only fit to be my lover … "
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"Hua la la …" "Hualala …"

Su Xiao Wu walked out of the bathtub and wrapped a large white towel around his body. He walked in front of the mirror and looked at himself, who had short, wet, shoulder—length hair, and lightly stuck it to his face and neck. Drops of water dripped from his hair and slid down his skin …

It was so cold!

Trembling, he quickly pulled up the towel on his body.

Little Hands tremblingly pulled open the door, but her line of sight was blocked by the tall man's figure.

Su Xiao Wu was frozen in place, before he could react, his shoulder was suddenly grabbed tightly by the other party. She immediately raised her head to look at the man's face …

But the moment he raised his head!

"Ugh …" "Woo! Woo!" Her lips were suddenly sealed by a pair of cold lips. It was soon followed by a suffocating hot kiss. In the blink of an eye, her lips were somewhat painful from being forcefully kissed by a man.

Su Xiao Wu opened her eyes wide and looked at the ice—cold and peerlessly beautiful face in front of his in a daze. His tall and straight nose lightly rubbed against the tip of her nose. Even his closed eyes didn't affect his domineering and handsome appearance in the slightest.

Ye Tian?!

Staring dumbfoundedly at the tyrannical man who crazily kissed her, Long Ye Tian was like a man from a fairy tale. Whether it was his appearance or status, he was supreme.

This was the man that all the women in the world wished to marry, and he was also the husband of her, Su Xiao Wu. It was unknown whether it was because she was unattractive or because he was cold. After being married for three years, this cold—hearted man hadn't even touched her body once.

But what happened today? Long Ye Tian actually kissed her so forcefully?

Just thought of that.

"Ugh …" Her lips were suddenly roughly pried open …

A faint smell of alcohol wafted into her nostrils.

Su Xiao Wu's gaze froze. Following his increasingly intense kiss, the smell of the wine became stronger and stronger.

Did he drink? Drunk?

Long Ye Tian's tightly pressed lips slowly loosened, his lips hooked into a charming smile: "So sweet …"

"Plop, plop, plop …" Su Xiao Wu couldn't care about what else he thought, his heart felt like it was being smashed by a small deer, "Night, Ye Tian … "Ahhh!"

Before he finished his sentence, he suddenly wrapped his arm around her waist and roughly lifted her up onto his shoulder!

"Ye Tian, what are you doing? Put me down! "What are you doing …" Su Xiao Wu panicked. His stomach was in some pain from being pushed by Yun Che's shoulder, so he quickly hit Yun Che's back forcefully.

"Pah …"

Long Ye Tian flung his hand and immediately threw her onto the bed.

Su Xiao Wu let out a stuffy groan from the pain. He was still in a state of shock as he raised his head and strangely met the pair of sharp eyes, which were as beautiful and deep as black diamonds. His grave and exquisite facial features constantly exuded a suffocating and powerful aura.

Her breathing became a little sluggish as she stared blankly at him tearing off his tie. Soon, his clothes were all taken off.

"Ye, Ye Tian, what are you doing?" She was so nervous that he started to stutter. So what if they had been married for three years? She was still an inexperienced girl!

In a trance, Long Ye Tian's tall and big body pressed down. His broad and broad chest seemed to have embraced her slender body, as warmth spread outwards …

And then he felt his big hands tugging at the towel that was wrapped around her …

Su Xiao Wu became even more nervous, and subconsciously avoided his caresses: "Ye, Ye Tian, wait, wait …" God, she was losing her ability to think. In the three years they had been married, she had tried her best to seduce the cold overlord, but it had all ended in failure.

Today was too sudden, and she completely panicked. Her body even subconsciously started to struggle to resist.

"Xiao Wu, behave yourself!" Long Ye Tian frowned, and then roughly sealed her struggling hands: "Let me love you well … …"

A low and magnetic voice echoed in her ears.

"Let me properly love you!" These words were like a large bell that struck Xiao Wu's heart. In that moment, she forgot to struggle, panic and fear.

God knows how many years she had waited for this sentence!

Heaven knows how much she loved him. Ever since she had married him three years ago, she had always loved him! Even if Long Ye Tian hadn't touched her at all, Xiao Wu had always firmly believed that as long as he worked hard, he would definitely be able to melt that ice mountain and make this heartless emperor fall in love with her …

When Su Xiao Wu's head was emptied, it was unknown when the bath towel on his body disappeared without a trace.

He still hadn't reacted!


Pain! A tearing pain came abruptly …

With the desire to love, they spent the night in a daze.

In the morning, Su Xiao Wu had long since woken up. His legs felt sore all the time as he thought about last night's ridiculous events, which was completely outside of his expectations! However, when he thought about how gentle he had been last night, he still felt extremely blissful.

Smiling, he turned around to look at the man lying beside him.

Even though he had fallen asleep, his handsome, three—dimensional face was ice—cold, and could only be seen from afar. His messy black hair scattered in front of his forehead. This man, even in his sleep, was emitting a king's aura that shook the world!

Long Ye Tian was a noble amongst the aristocrats in the Nandu. He had a noble title at such a young age, he held great power and was involved in business, so it was not an exaggeration to say that he was extremely powerful.

Furthermore, he was famous for his cold and ruthless actions!

In the Nandu, whoever saw him would be addressed as Your Lordship!

Seeing this man that he had loved for so many years, Su Xiao Wu inched closer to her body.

Her black eyes opened, but the light in her eyes instantly suppressed as she looked coldly at the woman lying beside her. "Su Xiao Wu?"

"You're awake?" Although she did mind him waking up with such a cold expression, she still revealed a smile.

"Why are you sleeping here!" Long Ye Tian did not conceal his disgust at all as he frowned. He sat up and looked at her naked body.

"Have you forgotten? "Last night, you and I …" She was about to say something, but she didn't finish.

"Me and you? You did it? "

Su Xiao Wu swallowed his saliva, swallowing down the words that were stuck in his throat. It was her first time going through such a thing.

"Yes." Ye Zichen nodded.

"Heh …" "I never thought that at such a time …" The atmosphere was instantly suppressed by Zero, who was jumping out from the corner of his mouth like an ice bean.


What did Long Ye Tian mean by that?

And at this time? Are you drunk?

Su Xiao Wu was still trying to figure it out, when he saw that Long Ye Tian had already stood up, and casually threw on the robe on the clothes rack, then expressionlessly took out a document from the cabinet.

Ye Zichen casually threw the documents in his hand into her arms.

"Sign, divorce!"