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The Ares

The Ares


Jiang Ye should have lived a rich life, but his family abandoned him. Since he was a child, he has been wandering. To survive, he became a beggar and fought with others for food. From weak to strong, luckily he didn't give up and he got a mysterious power. In order to escape from the hunt, he disappeared in this world with that mysterious power. Fifteen years later, Jiang Ye reappeared. The new him had gotten the most powerful power, he stood on top of the world and became the god of war! But he chose to disguise himself as a loser, and he became the son-in-law of his enemy's family. All this was only because -- He wanted revenge.
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It was a risk. It was very possible that he would pay with his life. But he had to do it.

From escape to survival, he had lived in hiding for decades.

Now, it was time to take back everything that belonged to him.


In the Donghai City.

A young man was sitting on a bench as he took a sip of his cigarette smoke. While there stood several macho men, glazing coldly at the young man within a meter of radius from him.

They were all professionally trained, not to mention their dismissive behaviour.

However, the young man didn't seem to be bothered at all. He then spat out a sip of round cigarette smoke as if these people standing in front of him valued nothing more than ants. It wasn't worth his energy to frown in worry.

"Mr. Ye, Sir hopes that you can come back with us." there was a middle-aged man dressed in a suit coming forward of a sudden from the crowd of men as he said respectfully.

Among these macho men, he was the leader who no one would dare to offend.

Even so, this man dressed in a suit wouldn't have the guts to show any disrespect towards the young man.

"Come back with you all?" there was an ironic smile hanging on Jiang Ye's face as he said, "Do you want me to go back so you can take over my power or my wealth?"

The man in suit trembled at once without another word said.

This man was the only rightful heir to inherit the fortune of the Jiang family. They were the wealthiest family in Hua Xia. Not to mention being the first War God in the east with infinite wealth and power.

He was the only person qualified to question the Jiang family in spying on his fortune and property!

"Return at once and tell him that Jiang Ye has nothing to do with the Jiang family from now on!"

At this moment, Jiang Ye spoke in a heavier tone while he flicked on the cigarette ash on his hands and left.

Ever since he was being expelled from the Jiang family fifteen years ago, Jiang Ye had never admitted to being a member of the family.

The only reason for him to keep his family name was to remind himself of the humiliation he had suffered back then!

He has now made a comeback. There was a little girl who showed him kindness when he was in distress. He wouldn't forget the tenderness that little girl left for him.

Jiang Ye then took out a piece of yellow candy paper as his cold eyes warmed up with a gentle glance.

The sudden appearance of that little girl was like an angelic figure to him while Jiang Ye was in a hurry to escape. She reached out her soft hands and handed Jiang Ye a small piece of candy when he was starving in hunger.

From that day onwards, a seed of gratitude has been planted in his heart. He swore to find that girl and give all the fondness and affection in the world to her.

He had lived up to his hope to be the first War God who made an intimidating impression in the East in three years.

After twelve years of hard work, Jiang Ye had stood at the pinnacle of the world's achievement. He had the greatest power to control the existence of every living being.

Even so, he had chosen to retire.

Because he couldn't wait any longer to meet the angel who lived in his heart.

He couldn't stop wondering about that pure and luminous black eyes of hers and how charming they would have become.

"Angel, I've returned."


In the present day, Donghai City was bustling with noise.

It was because the notable Lin family in Donghai City was about to recruit a husband for Lin Luyun today, a son-in-law for the only granddaughter of the family.

Lin Luyun could have attracted the attention of many young talented men in Donghai merely with her beauty itself. Not to mention the rooted background of the Lin family that added the attention of the public towards Lin Luyun.

However, Lin Luyun didn't seem to be happy about this at all.

At this time, Lin Luyun's face was pale while her eyes filled with red veins, looking completely aggrieved in the private room.

On the other side was her mother, Su Mu, looking extremely angry while her face turned red and horrible.

"Lin Nan, do you still call yourself a man? Can't you see that these people have no good intention at all?" Su Mu yelled at the man in the wheelchair.

"Your daughter's happiness is about to be ruined!"

It was nothing more than an excuse for the Lin family to recruit a son-in-law for the family.

It took fifteen years for Lin Xiao to develop the Lins into an established family in Donghai City from scratch.

Meanwhile, Lin Xiao had three sons, namely Lin Bin, Lin Dong, and Lin Nan.

Lin Bin had taken over most of Lin's properties, whereas Lin Dong moved to the capital city to explore the potential market for the family's business.

As for Lin Nan, Lin Luyun's father, he had lost both his legs in an accident.               

Unfortunately, he had become the one who everyone sneered in disgust.

The recruitment of a husband for Lin Luyun was a plot by both Lin Bin and Lin Dong while they tried to talk Lin Xiao into making a decision.

As Lin Luyun was known for her beauty, they wanted to get her a reliable man who excelled in every way.

Yet, the candidates for the recruitment were ordinary men. What's more terrifying was the age rage and mental condition of the candidates. 

Was that a recruitment of a husband for Lin Luyun?

That could have ruined her life!

Despite being utterly furious about this, Lin Nan wouldn't dare to disobey his father while he could only say this at that point, "He is Luyun's grandfather after all. He won't harm his granddaughter."

Su Mu almost fainted in anger as she heard those disappointing words from her husband.

Lin Nan was a filial son who obeyed every word of Lin Xiao. Not to mention, he got even weaker at voicing up for himself ever since the accident.

At this moment, Su Mu burst into tears while she kept cursing at Lin Nan.

Being caught in complete stiffness on her face, Lin Luyun sat aside in silence.

"Mom, that's enough." Lin Luyun then forced a smile as she said, "Maybe... maybe grandfather will get me a good decent man."

She knew better than anyone else that both her uncles were afraid of her.

Ever since her graduation to this day, she had beaten her peers with remarkable performance and outstanding achievement in just two years.

They were worried about Lin Luyun's capability and her involvement in seizing the family's property. It was the reason for Lin Bin and Lin Dong to encourage their father to get a husband for her.

Even though both Su Mu and Lin Nan knew about their intentions, they were powerless in fighting against them.

Undeniably, it had been a non-negotiable fact to have the Lins putting a favor on having sons than daughters in the family.

Lin Luyun got on her feet and comforted them in a trembling voice, "Let's go, or else grandfather would start on his lecture if we are late."

There was no time for her to be capricious at this point when she had the whole family on her shoulder, especially when her father was disabled.

The hotel lobby was decorated with lights and lanterns, seemingly creating a lively atmosphere.

Lin Xiao was dressed in a traditional costume while his face glowed in excitement.

Most of the guests around were complimenting him, claiming that the Lin family had chosen the best-excelled son-in-law.

Standing beside Lin Xiao, Lin Bin looked at the clock and said, "The result for our recruitment has been finalised. The chosen one will be the best among all candidates."

Once Lin Luyun was married, everything in the Lin family would have nothing to do with her.

Being a conservative person, Lin Xiao preferred grandsons but no granddaughters.

Anyone outside the family who dared lay a hand on the Lin family's property would be killed at once by him.

"Everyone." Lin Xiao stood up from his seat, "I hereby announce the son-in-law of the Lin family and the husband of my granddaughter, Lin Luyun."

At this moment, Lin Luyun's body trembled slightly as she clenched her fists tighter than before.

Her grandfather had never cared for her just because Lin Luyun wasn't a boy.

To this day, he had even taken away her right on choosing a husband for herself.

No matter how desperate was Lin Luyun in resisting this hand in marriage, she could only keep it in her heart as soon as she saw her disabled father sitting in a wheelchair.

"After a few rounds of examinations with these excellent pursuers, we have finally confirmed the best candidate. I hope everyone on the floor will give their blessings to the soon-to-be wedded couple."

There came a round of applause from the audience seats.

What an ironic applause that was to Lin Luyun and her family.

At this moment, Lin Bin took a card out and handed it to Lin Xiao.

They had done their investigation to know that the chosen one was an orphan without any family background.

This young man was now over his thirties with no educational background or expertise. He was an incompetent person to the Lin family.

Of course, the most important part was this selected son-in-law had an intermittent mental disease which was said to be an inheritance in his family.

Lin Nan and his family would have nothing to do with Lin's property as soon as Lin Luyun got married to this man.

Lin Bin glanced at Lin Luyun and her family with a trace of pride across his eyes.

While Lin Xiao picked up the card in his hand and looked at it with squinted eyes for some time before he announced, "This lucky young man is Jiang Ye!"

Everyone's sight then moved towards the entrance of the hotel. There came the future husband for Lin Luyun walking towards them.

At this point, both Lin Nan and Su Mu had lowered their heads while they really couldn't bear watching a man with mental illness be the husband to their daughter.

Not for Lin Luyun while she widened her eyes with a sense of unwillingness. She had to know who was the man that she was marrying.

The duo shared a glance at each other speechlessly.

While Jiang Ye walked firmly towards Lin Luyun, people were looking at them with a sense of sarcasm and gloat.

Lin Bin watched the scene happening as he added, "I know that you are overjoyed right now, but don't have to thank us. We just hope that you'll make her happy with a home in the future."

Jiang Ye was merely an orphan without a family in Lin Bin and the other's eyes.

It was the greatest gift for him to be the son-in-law to the Lin family at this point.

Lin Bin then pulled Lin Luyun over with a face of concern. Everyone would've thought this uncle loved his niece very much to be this concern of her future.

He then handed Lin Luyun's little icy-cold hand to Jiang Ye's hand with a smile in his eyes while the crowd started applauding with joy.

However, Lin Nan and Su Mu's hearts were aching in suffocation to watch this scene.

This would be Donghai City's biggest joke from tomorrow on.

Lin Luyun would be married to a Lin Luyun married an incapable and lunatic husband!