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CEO's Little Wife

CEO's Little Wife


Ann Sue, 19, was forced by his father to marry Mocheng Koo, 31. That night she was exhausted by him, who turned into a hungry wolf. "An old men in your thirties, and you don't know how to control yourself." She was discontented with her nearly breaking waist. He was angry and pressed on her again. "Go on!" After marriage, he started to protect his wife and dote on her. "Honey, my father wants to hit me again!" "Wait!" He was annoyed and bought the Sue family directly. "Honey, she drugged me and wanted to send me to other men!" She pointed to her half sister. He was angry and slapped her sister, and ruined her fame. Thanked to his love, she revenged on those who bullied her. Some people despised her arrogance, but he said, "It’s because I pampered her."
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In the noisy bar, recalling that she had made fun of Zane Sue before she went out, Ann sue felt so happy that she picked up the beer next to her and drank it all. Then she felt a little dizzy, and relying on the courage given by the beer, she accepted the bet of her friend Xin Foo.

"Ann, if the person who came in first is a man, you go; if it's a lady, I will do it."

"Kiss on the lips! Dare you?" Xin Foo, with the smell of beer, said loudly.

"Deal! I am not afraid!" Ann replied. If she knew that there were more male guests in this bar than female guests, she would not take the chance to promise Xin to play this boring game.

Indeed, at the door where it was dim, a man stepped in. The position where Ann sat could not see the man's face clearly, and so she could not know what he looked like.

Since the deal had been made, no matter if the man was ugly or even filthy, Ann, relying on the courage given by the beer, had to do it with the urge of Xin.

"Come on!" Ann quickly stepped forward and blocked the man's way. She looked up and saw the man's sexy lips. "Hey, kiss me!"

While she was speaking, she stood on tiptoe and kissed the man directly.

Whatever he looked like, his lips looked good and that would be fine.

When Ann only slightly touched his lips, the man pushed her away and said, "Get out of my way!"

The man's voice was cold and full of displeasure. Ann was wearing a crop top, a miniskirt and glamorous heavy makeup. Obviously, he regarded her as an indecent woman.

Ann was pushed away by him, so took a step back.

She kissed him successfully, smiled, raised her eyebrows, and looked at Xin, and then turned around to look at the man's face.

What a handsome face. As if it had been carved by someone, perfect without any flaws. He looked at her coldly with anger in his dark eyes.

The man was handsome, but why did he look so familiar?

"Hus..." Ann almost said the whole word - husband.

Husband! Yes, that's what she wanted to say. The cold-faced man in front of her was her newly-married husband who spent most of his time outside.

If she hadn't seen him, she would have forgotten that she was a married women.

The most confusing thing was that when she recognized him, he frowned, had a glance at her again, and left directly.

He didn't recognize her!

But that made sense. She had been sent to the Koo's family for half a month, and the number of times she had met him was very clear, and every time she met him on the bed.

Every time they met each other, the light was turned off and Ann took off all her clothes. Now she was wearing her clothes and makeup, of course Mo-cheng Koo would not recognize her.

"Fortunately, he didn't recognize me!"

While Ann was thinking, she had already left Xin and ran out of the bar. She didn't dare to stay longer. Although Mo-cheng did not recognize her,it was hard to say if he had realized it by now.

Mo-cheng Koo, the governor of Koo's family, was 31 years old. For Ann, who was nineteen-year-old, he was an uncle. It was rumored that Mo-cheng Koo was cold and cruel, and not interested in women.

Ann admitted that he was cold and ruthless.

"Not interested in women? They have been married for half a month and met twice. Every time, his purpose was to have sex with her. He was full of energy all night. Therefore, Ann didn't know how others would say that he was not interested in women. If it weren't for this reason, she wouldn't have married Mo-cheng.

On the way back, Ann took out a mirror and slowly removed her makeup in the taxi. She was going to call Xin to explain.

Before the call was made, another call came in.

"Madam!" It was the housekeeper of the Koo.

"Uncle Chen, I've just finished my homework at my classmate's home and will be home soon." Ann lied calmly.

"Mr Koo will come back in half an hour. He asked you to get ready!"