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Once Upon A Night Stand

Once Upon A Night Stand



~If Love is a drug, then I want to be high on you forever. If Love is a crime then I wanna be your victim but if Love is an Addiction then I wanna get insanely Addicted To You. I chuckled as he removed my robe. "You are honest, Liam but sometimes immature". "I thought you said you couldn't cope with me". He said trailing kisses in between my breasts. I pulled him closer to me. "Everyone has an addiction, mine just happens to be you". . . Brianna Anderson hasn't met anyone that caught her interest. Well, all that is about to change in the course of one sexy night. Meet Liam Paige, wealthy and cute are his characteristics coupled with fact that he's great in bed making him a sex freak. They meet in a very unusual way involving a one night stand. Will she flip his world making him realize that there is more to just sex or will he flip her on his bed instead? He's desperately Needs A Fuck while She's Bad At Love. What's gonna happen next in this suspense filled novel? .
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"Come on, Brie. Lets go do something fun".

"I had so promised Nick that I'll stay by his place this weekend".

"Your boyfriend is an Asshole".

I glared at her. "Don't call him that".

"Its the truth. What kind of boyfriend tries to kiss his girlfriend's sister?".Chloe scoffed.

"Step sister, actually". I corrected her.

She shrugged. "So? The fact is that he had kissed her and you should break up with him".

"Why do you hate him so much? It was Lauren that kissed him, got that?".

"I get the fact that you are dumb".

"Chloe, please just drive".

"No need for that, we are here already". She stopped by the gates.

I unlocked the doors. "Come on, lets go".

"No way". She shook her head. "I'm not going with you to meet that dickhead".

I opened the door and stepped out. "Suit yourself".

"Girl, i'm telling you. That guy is no good and you gonna see it for yourself soon".

I rolled my eyes. "Just shut up, will you?".

"Go on in". She said smiling mischievously.

"Bye Chloe, off to my caring boyfriend who you are wrong about".

She gave me the 'fuck you' finger and I stuck my tongue out at her before going off to the gates.

Nick's gatekeeper let me in and I walked in going straight to the main entrance so I could meet up with him.

I shrugged off what Chloe said earlier, i don't think that Jasper can cheat on me at all, Chloe is just wrong.

Although, Nick is my fifth boyfriend since this Summer that past. I don't know why its that way but I'm sure that nick is the one for me now.

I opened the main door and walked in. Its weekend so his maids and servants are all absent. I guess he dismissed them for me.

"Babe?". I called looking around.

No response. But I noticed someone's else shirt was lying on the couch and the T.V was on as well. Whats going on?

I took the stairs hurriedly heading to his room to find out whats going on and whose shirt is lying down there right now.

As I drew closer, i heard grunting sounds coming from his room. I paused for a while trying to contemplate whats going on ...

"Ah!! Ugh ... ". I heard a girl's voice moan.

I got to his door and opened it stepping in immediately. I gasp seeing him on the bed with another lady having sex.

"N-Nick .. ?". I stuttered surprised.

He turned to me hearing my voice and his eyes widened. "Brianna? Oh Shit, i was__".

"Cheating on me". I completed the sentence for him.

He scrambled out of bed. "Brianna, its not what you are thinking".

"Damn you!!". I cussed walking out of the room as I slammed the door against him.

I quickly ran down the stairs and headed out of his house going towards the gates. It was opened and I left immediately.

"Brie? Whats wrong?". Chloe asked as she saw my teary face.

I sniffed back my tears. "I hate him".

"Your caring boyfriend that I was so wrong about cheated on you?".

I looked at her. "How did you ... ?".

"Told you he was a cheat".

I wiped my cheeks. "I'm never dating guys ever again".

"Oh Brie, don't give up like that. At least, lets give our dear Nick a gift".

"Chloe, what are you ... ?". I trailed off.

She winked at me. "Its a surprise".

"Please don't kill him".

"I just want to find out why he would cheat on my best friend, thats all".

I watched her as she went through the gate entering inside. Something's gonna happen for sure, Chloe beats anyone who tries to mess with me.

I went back to the car and rested waiting for her. I can't still believe that Nick cheats on me which means Chloe was right all this one.

I sat still for minutes but Chloe wasn't even back yet. What the hell is she up to now?

I stood up straight as she ran out through the gates breathing heavily.

"Hey. Whats happened?".

"I taught him a lesson". She said raspy.

"And by that you mean ... ?".

She smirked. "I don't think he would ever have the dick to cheat on any girl again".





I watched her as she slowly undressed in front of me.

I relaxed on the chair. "You do know that I am busy with work right now".

"So?". She asked taking off her underwear seductively.

I crossed my arms. "Which means I have to work, Lauren".

"Do you baby? Do you have to?". She purrs seductively.

"I guess I can save all this for later".

I shut down my laptop closing and quickly walked over to her pulling in for a hot kiss immediately.

"Oh baby".

She wrapped her hands around me and I pushed her on the bed getting on top.

"Baby, when am I going to meet Lili?".


"Thats what you keep telling me but don't you think__".

I quickly shut her up with a steaming hot kiss. There's no way I'm talking about this subject with her. She unzipped my trousers and brought out my d**k.

"So do you still have work to do?". She ask as she stroked it.

I groaned slightly. "Just get on with it".

She took it in her mouth immediately but not all as I was too big for her. I held her hair tight as she bobbed on my d**k like a professional.

She moaned as she sucked off it. I could get used to this everyday but I really don't have time for fore play right now though.

I pull away from her and pushed her to the bed raising her left leg over my shoulder so I could get a good fuck.

I slid my cock into her immediately as she moaned making me to increase the tempo.

Then in a swift motion, she changed to another style as I continued with the fuck.

The more Lauren moaned, the more that I put in my all. She held on to the bedsheets as I was f**king her from behind.

She moved along with the tempo. "Fuck!! Liam!!".

I hate when she does that. I'm not doing this because we are dating or all that. I'm only doing this so to let her think that she means something to me but she doesn't.

I felt my cum building up and quickly pulled out releasing everything on the bedsheets.

"Come on, baby". She pouted. "Why do you always do that?".

"Do what?". I ask pretending not to know what she's talking about.

She sat up. "Whats wrong with releasing it in me? I'm not complaining, am I now?".

"We are not talking about this, Lauren".

"I am your girlfriend, Liam and don't you want something between us?".

"Something like what?".

"I don't know. Maybe a baby to strengthen our relationship".

I stood up from the bed immediately and reached for my shirt putting it on.

"Oh so what now? You gonna leave?".

I ignored her zipping up my pants before grabbing my car keys.

"Liam, i'm talking to you".

"What?!!". I snapped at her.

"Didn't you just hear what I said just now, huh?".

"I heard you correctly, Lauren".

"Then why aren't you replying me?".

"I'm not having a baby with you and you know that. I have Lili to take care of".

She huffed angrily. "Seriously? Then what is our relationship all about then?".

"Like I told you earlier, i'm not having this conversation with you now. When you are done then you can leave my penthouse".

I put my car key on my fingers and stepped out of the room heading outside the living room.

I grabbed my coat and wore it going out of the main entrance shutting it behind me.

My phone rang immediately making to stop in my tracks and answer the call.

"Yo. Buddy"

"Yeah. Lucas." I sighed, not in fustration or tiredness

"You still with her?

"Nah. She's really getting annoying every second" I confessed to him

"Wanna drop by the bar to talk later? "

"Call Nick up and I'll be on my way"

"I don't think Nick's gonna come this time"

"Why is that?"

"He got beaten up by some girl and now he's in the hospital"

"Wait, what?" I wanted to laugh but I couldn't. A girl really beat up Nick.

"He really got beaten up pretty bad" Lucas sighed, shaking his head.