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Love You with My Every Heart

Love You with My Every Heart


She leaned against the door and panicked. "Young Master, don't!" He was arrogant and aggressive. He approached her step by step. "Do you want to try it or not?" She pouted and said with a look of grievance, "The medicine is so bitter. You don't have to try to know it..." ... A promise made her cover her eyes every night, let her hug him, kiss him like a doll, and even... Gu Feiyi was frightened. The mysterious man was actually the boss with a cold desire?! He was the First Prince who was feared by everyone in the East International. He was noble and unparalleled, which made women crazy. She was a little thing that accidentally broke into his life. From now on, she would be spoiled to the extreme by him!
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  At nightfall.

  The ball on the cruise was still going on. Amidst the fragrance of clothes and the shadow of the temples, there were the rising and falling sounds of birds and women, and they were flirting and whispering.

  Gu Fei, dressed in a crimson strapless dress, stood at the east door of the cabin with his arms around his chest.

  The anger and anxiety in her heart made her white face flush and she couldn't breathe smoothly.

  "Gu Feiyi, look at these. They are all photos of your shameless mother fooling around with a man. As long as I hand them over, she will have no way to live."

  Gu Yihan's arrogant and vicious voice was still ringing in her ears, which made Gu Feiyi involuntarily shiver. She took a deep breath and walked toward the cabin that Gu Yihan had pointed out.

  However, before they arrived at the cabin, they were stopped by the anxious people waiting in the aisle.

  "Why is it a woman?"

  "What?" Gu Feiyi didn't hear it clearly. Someone dragged her to a cabin and pushed her in.

  She stumbled and fell in.

  A hot hand accurately buckled her slender neck and rudely pressed her against the wall before she let out a scream.

  "Bang..." The door was closed immediately.

  In the darkness, the man's breath was frightening, and the heat seemed to be alive, slowly falling down along her neck, holding her wrist, and pressing her palm between his legs.

  The hot heat made her blush with shame. She wanted to rush over and bite the old man's throat.

  But the disparity between men and women made her unable to break free. She could only cry out in a hurry. "Let me go first. I... I will serve you!"

  She still remembered that she had to take that kind of picture with him.

  However, as soon as she finished her words, she was pressed against the wall. She screamed in pain.

  At the same time, the window on the wall was pushed down, and the whole cabin was suddenly lit up.

  Gu Feiyi suddenly raised her head, and her pupils shrank rapidly when she saw the person in front of her.

  The person in front of him was wearing a mask that covered half of his face. Obviously, he was a guest who attended the costume ball tonight.

  His eyes were deep and bright, hiding the emotions that she couldn't understand.

  At this moment, he was raising his hand to stare at his palm, and his thin lips were tightly pressed into a line.

  Although this man looked noble and mysterious, he was definitely not the fat and big-bellied old man that Gu Yihan had prepared for him.

  Her face instantly turned pale. She had come to the wrong cabin!

  "Yes, I'm sorry, I went to the wrong room." She blushed with anger, turned around and was about to open the door.

  However, an arm quickly came from his side and blocked her between the door and the strong chest. The other hand of the man tried to touch her face, and surprise flashed in his eyes—

  He didn't feel sick at all.


  Gu Feiyi was at a loss and opened his eyes wide. For a moment, he forgot to move, but the man pressed his body closer to him as if he was insatiable. Their bodies were only tightly attached to each other through soft cloth.

  The heat of the man's body continued to spread to her body through the connection, making her feel hot all over her body. She was so shy that she wanted to explain, but the man's fingers also reached over.

  At first, he just wanted to touch the woman's lips to see if his Aiwa Syndrome was effective on this woman. However, he didn't expect that it poked into the woman's mouth and touched her soft tongue.

  Gu Feiyi froze with his fingers, as if his whole person had been burned. She suddenly came to her senses, bit the man's fingers hard, pushed him, opened the door, and ran out crazily.