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I Can Be The Deity

I Can Be The Deity


The fallen- downtrodden second generation, Lin Yi, was oppressed by others, but unexpectedly got the inheritance of the Immortal Realm and returned to the city strongly, stirring up a bloody storm again! He asked who was the master of the vast land, and how the strongest master could dominate the city and continue his legendary life. He continued to carry on his hot-blooded style. (The group of mind-blowing beautiful novels: 12128686
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  In 2005, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China,

  In the morning of the Midsummer, he let out an annoyed scream on the branch, as if he was cheering for the hot summer.

  It was summer vacation now. Normally, the school should be very popular at this time, but today, the No. 1 Middle School in the guest town was absolutely lively.

  Because this day was the day when the senior students could get the admission notice.

  "Wasn't the twelve years of hard reading just for the moment of the title of the Gold Board?"

  Among the crowd, there were groups of people laughing and laughing, because the first batch of people who received the admission notice was the students who had entered the bachelor's degree.

  At the moment when they received the admission notice, almost everyone shed tears of excitement.

  However, at this festive moment, a harsh siren rang through the whole school, which shocked almost everyone.

  He was in Class Three or Four of Senior High.

  "Come with us!"

  Two plainclothes took out a pair of bright handcuffs to handcuff a young man and then took him away. However, no matter how hard the young man struggled, it was in vain.

  "Why should I be caught? Why? What kind of law did I commit? You..."

  The young man who was taken away was dressed simply and tall. He didn't look brilliant. If it weren't for his star-like eyes, which were full of strength and determination, no one would take a look at him among the crowd.

  He was called Lin Yi. Today, he came here to get the admission notice. The moment he received the letter, he found that the university he applied for was different from the university he had been admitted into.

  The two plainclothes officers said in a deep voice, "Your name is Lin Yi, isn't it? Someone has reported that you are suspected of selling shaking your head. Come with us!"

  When he felt that something was wrong, he chose to call the police at the first time, but when they came, he was taken away!

  Shock, disbelief, and bewilderment!

  "Hum, do you want to fight with me? I knew he was going to call the police!"

  Among the crowd, a handsome man stared coldly at Lin Yi, who had been taken away. His eyes were full of coldness.

  This young man was called Song Zhe, and Lin Yi, who was caught, was a classmate of the same class.

  He and Lin Yi had always been competitors from high school to high school. This time, Lin Yi had become the top student of No. 1 in the guest town, while he could only be No. 3!

  If that was the case, then it would not be a big deal. First, third, it didn't have much influence on their future.

  However, in the whole Bentley No.1 Middle School, there were only two admission places in the city that were assigned to Earth Capital University this time.

  "Brother Zhe, this guy is too young to fight with you. He is the head of the County education system in our county. This brat is just a country bumpkin from a remote and poor place. How dare he fight with you? Who does he think he is?"

  Next to Song Zhe, a young man with a fat body and a wretched look sneered disdainfully.

  "Fat pig, have you done what I told you?" Song Zhe raised his eyebrows and asked the fat man beside him in a low voice.

  "Brother Zhe, how can I not finish what you have told me? Don't worry, I have told you everything. Let's go directly!"

  The man called fat pig looked at Song Zhe with a smile.

  Song Zhe snickered and nodded with satisfaction, "Piggy pig, I've already told my father that the project of the expansion of No. 1 Middle School in No. 1 Guest County belongs to your family."

  "Really? Thank you, Brother Zhe, thank you, Brother Zhe!" The fat pig laughed excitedly and said, "By the way, my dad heard that Brother Zhe was admitted to the university in Jingcheng City this time. He said that he would set up a few tables for you in the four seasons of wealth. What do you think..."

  "You brat, why are you so polite to me?" Song Zhe revealed a calm smile.

  "That's what I should do. You're my big brother, aren't you?"

  The fat pig looked rough on the surface, but in fact, it was quite meticulous and cruel.

  In the entire No. 1 guest town, almost everyone was talking about Lin Yi being caught.

  It should be noted that the No.1 in No. 1 of the guest town was taken away by plainclothes, which naturally caused a lot of sensation. Moreover, it was suspected that the champion was selling shaking head pills.

  The Interrogation Room of the Foreign County Police Station, the Foreign Official Branch!

  After Lin Yi was caught, he was as if he had been abandoned and no one cared about him. He carefully recalled what had happened before.

  He didn't know why he had been called the police and caught. Did he commit a crime? How could it be possible?

  Lin Yi hoped that someone could come out and explain to him, even if it was an interrogation. But after such a long time, there was no one.


  Just as Lin Yi was at a loss, the door of the interrogation room finally opened.

  He never thought that the first person he saw was his classmate Song Zhe.

  Beside Song Zhe, the fat pig looked at Lin Yi with a mocking smile.

  "Song Zhe, it's you!"

  Lin Yi was not stupid. When he took the admission notice this time, he heard that Song Zhe had been admitted to the Jingcheng University, but he had been admitted to the same university. How could there be no ghost?

  He knew that Song Zhe's father was the head of the education system in Qiao County. He looked at the fat pig next to him. It was said that his uncle was a leader of the branch of Qiao County.

  These two people suddenly appeared in this place, Lin Yi immediately figured out the cause and effect of the matter.

  "What's me?" Song Zhe pretended to be silly looking at Lin Yi and said with a smile, "I heard that you were caught. I came to see you with the fat pig. After all, it's a classmate!"

  "Hey, Lin Yi, you're also here today..." The fat pig sneered.

  Song Zhe coughed softly and said, "Fat pig, how can you speak? This is our classmate!"

  "Yeah, yeah, classmates, they are classmates! Haha..."

  The fat pig also laughed wildly. The people who were interrogating didn't come, but the two people came. Who would believe it if there was no fishy thing in it?

  "Did you change my willingness?"

  Lin Yi shouted angrily. He was like a furious lion. If he hadn't been handcuffed on the chair, he would have punched the faces of these two guys.

  "Hey hey, so what if he is? So what if he is not? Isn't it good for him to be in the same university?" Song Zhe, however, looked at Lin Yi with an indifferent look and sneered.

  Lin Yi's eyes were red. At this moment, he couldn't wait to tear them into pieces. "I'm going to kill you!"

  Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

  The fat pig directly put its foot on Lin Yi's belly. He fell directly from the original stool and fell heavily on the ground.

  He said eerily to Lin Yi, "Damn it. Brother Zhe, do you want me to lock him up for a period of time before I say anything?"

  Song Zhe looked at Lin Yi, and he waved his hand and said, "Lin Yi, if you can go to Tongzhou University with peace of mind, I will walk on my sunny road, and you will live on a single bridge. Now I can let people let you go..."

  "Song Zhe, don't think that I'm afraid of you because you're the Dean of Education. If this matter is not over, I don't believe that you can lock me up for the rest of your life. What kind of law have I done?"

  Although Lin Yi usually didn't talk much, no one could stop him when he had a bad temper.

  The fat pig stepped forward and kicked Lin Yi again, then said, "Brother Zhe, you are so shameless, aren't you? Do you think you are qualified to go to Jingcheng University with such a coward like you?"

  There was a trace of blood at the corner of Lin Yi's mouth. He looked at the two guys in front of him with some grief and indignation. He was not convinced that his dream of college in Jingcheng City was ruined by them!

  Song Zhe said with a sinister smile, "Lin Yi, do you know how big the crime of drug trafficking is? When I came in just now, I heard that there are a lot of people in your backpack..."

  "You're the ones who let it go. You... you two bastards, don't die a good death!"

  They framed and framed him!

  This was definitely a frame-up!

  Lin Yi never thought that these two guys would frame him up. No wonder the plainclothes police had taken him away. The crime of drug trafficking was too big.