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My Rich Baby

My Rich Baby


When president Bing Shan became passionate, beautiful colleagues kept getting close to her, and all kinds of beautiful women admired her... Let's see how Chu Wenxing, the genius, spun among the beautiful women, used his extraordinary wisdom to solve the crisis again and again, step by step to the new peak, and became a city legend.
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  Chu Wenxing stared at Su Mingyue in front of him with a pair of black eyes. There was a flash of surprise in his eyes again. She was really beautiful.

  Her eyebrows were like distant mountains and her eyes were like autumn water. No flaw could be found on her delicate face. With her perfect and enchanting figure, no words could describe her beauty and nobility.

  "Let's test our marriage!" Su Mingyue took a deep breath and said coldly.

  "A test of marriage?"

  "Yes, although you are really bad, it doesn't prevent me from trying with you." When Su Mingyue said this, her mind could not help but think of the man's performance yesterday, and her eyes were full of contempt.

  She was dressed in old clothes, and her mouth was full of stubble. She looked languid and idle. However, she was so shameless to praise herself as if there was nothing on the ground.

  How dare he say that he was too young and didn't want to have children? He wanted her to stop thinking about doing that thing with him or putting on a set.

  He even said that his own company was his and refused to give up no matter how much money he gave.

  In short, there was no shamelessness, but shamelessness.

  Later, because she drove the other party away, she was severely reprimanded by her grandmother, who had always regarded her as a precious treasure, and asked her to call the bastard immediately to find him. She could ignore anyone's words, but she couldn't disobey her grandmother's words, so she asked him to meet her this morning.

  Chu Wenxing still had a smile on his face and did not mind at all. He just asked curiously, "How to try?"

  "It's very simple. I'll marry you and get along with you. However, there must be a one-year deadline. If I'm not satisfied with you within a year, then we must divorce."

  Not to mention a year, even if she gave her opponent ten years, she could not fall in love with him. As long as the deadline of the year was up, and then the divorce, she believed that her grandmother could not say anything at that time. This was the only way she could think of to solve the problem.

  "Interesting, but what if one year later, I'm not satisfied with you, but you're shamelessly pestering me..."

  "You're the shameless one." Su Mingyue's qi and blood surged and she almost exploded. How could such a thing happen? But she quickly restrained herself and said, "If that's the case, the initiative will naturally be in your hands."

  Chu Wenxing was silent. He didn't expect that this little girl would come up with such an idea. She was really quite thoughtful. Even he didn't expect that.

  Seeing that he didn't say anything, Su Mingyue's heart beat fast and she added, "Even if we break up because it's not appropriate in the end, I can give you a start-up fund. A hundred million yuan, what do you think? A hundred million yuan, you can do a lot of things, find a lot of women, and do whatever you want."

  "Well, it's not about money."

  "200 million!"

  "Well, it's really not money..."

  "Three hundred million, don't go too far..."

  "Why don't you understand? Are you really not..."

  "500 million!" Su Ming Yue gritted her teeth and said the bottom line in her heart.

  "Deal!" Chu Wenxing, who had been refusing all the time, lit up his eyes and agreed immediately.

  Su Mingyue's whole body was choked. It turned out that the so-called persistence only wanted more money. But it didn't matter, as long as it was done, she said, "Okay, it's settled."

  "Okay!" Chu Wenxing agreed without hesitation.

  After receiving an affirmative answer, Su Mingyue quickly took out two contracts she had already drawn up and handed them over with her pen. She said while the iron was hot, "Since you've agreed, let's sign the contract now."

  Chu Wenxing took the contract and paused for a moment. Then he said with a smile, "You are really straightforward and quick in your work."

  "Of course! Since you have nothing to do, you can spend your time at will. But for me, every minute and every second is very important."

  Chu Wenxing was puzzled and asked, "Why are you so sure that I have nothing to do?"

  Su Mingyue rolled her eyes at him and asked, "You don't need to ask that. You're a good-for-nothing who doesn't want to make any progress and has no great ambition."

  "Okay." Chu Wenxing was unable to refute.

  From his look, Su Mingyue knew that she was right and her eyes were full of contempt. She snorted in her heart. Such a man wanted to be her husband, so it was better to let her hit the wall and die.

  Chu Wenxing took the contract. After a few seconds of quick scan, he did not hesitate to sign his name directly on it. He said with a smile, "Okay."

  Su Mingyue saw him sign it with her own eyes, and a flash of joy flashed in her eyes. She asked lightly, "Did you sign it without reading the content?"

  "It's okay. Even if you sell me out, I'm willing to do the contract you promised me. After all, I love you so much." Chu Wenxing sounded quite sincere.

  It was a pity that not only did Su Mingyue not believe him, but she even thought that he was definitely a shameless man who didn't mean what he said and was full of sweet words.

  Luckily, Chu Wenxing did not know how to read minds. Otherwise, if he knew her thoughts, he must die of depression.

  "Although you don't look at it, there are a few points that I think I must focus on telling you so that you won't violate the rules," Su Mingyue said.

  "Alright, go ahead."

  "First, we'll get married in the future. Although we'll live together, you can't touch me, and I won't interfere with your business."

  "Sure!" Chu Wenxing agreed without hesitation. He never thought that this cold woman would let him touch her so easily. It was already very good to be free and unfettered, and it could be said that he had fulfilled the grandfather's request.

  "Second, you can't reveal our relationship to outsiders, especially the people in the company."

  "Don't worry, I'll keep my mouth shut and won't talk nonsense. And it's no big deal. I won't go to your company and I won't leak it."

  "That's not good. You have to go to work in the company and go to work in two days." Su Mingyue said directly. This was not her request, but what her grandmother said. She must let Chu Wenxing go to the company and study hard so that she could improve her ability as soon as possible.

  Of course, in her opinion, with this man's ability and attitude, he couldn't help her at all. It was impossible for him to help the company.

  "Ah, can't you not go?" Chu Wenxing was depressed. He didn't want to lock himself up in one place all day.

  "No, you haven't read the contract. You have to pay attention to your identity when you work in the company. This sentence shows that you must work in my company."

  "Is it still possible to explain like this?" Chu Wenxing was shocked.

  "Of course, the following is written, and all the final explanations belong to Su Mingyue." Su Mingyue pointed at the contract and said gracefully.

  Chu Wenxing had no choice but to say, "Well, it's up to you. I accept it." But soon he added seriously, "But I first stated that I am good at eating, drinking and playing. I am not good at work."

  Su Mingyue snorted coldly. Seeing that he didn't feel ashamed to say that, she said coldly, "It's okay. I don't dare to expect to have any working ability like you. In the company, as long as you are calm and don't get yourself in trouble, no one will expel you."

  "Okay, anyway, with your protection, what else should I be afraid of?" Chu Wenxing had no objection.

  "That's good!" Su Mingyue asked again, "Why don't you bring your registered permanent residence register?"

  "What do you mean?"

  "We're getting married. It's just half past eight now. When we get to the gate of the Civil Affairs Bureau, it should be the time to open the door and go to work."

  "..." Chu Wenxing was completely stunned.