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On My Wedding Night

On My Wedding Night


She was framed by her brother and was sent to the bed of a stranger man. One night, she lost her body, her father accidentally fell from the building, her mother's heart attacked... She lost everything. When she was in a hopeless situation, he came to her like a god. He said, "I need an obedient wife." She said, "I admire vanity, as long as it is money!" In this way, Jian Mo became the wife of Childe Chen in Luo City. After two years of marriage, she would be his wife. From time to time, she would have to deal with his gossip, to let him wife be revealed in front of three years. He said, "I needed to get married. Didn' Didn' Didn' Didn' Didn' Didn' Didn' He say that was to let her get divorced and let her get married?
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  In the evening, the heavy rain was pouring down, and the thunder was deafening. The whole world was shrouded in a strange atmosphere.

  There was no light in the room. The heavy curtains blocked the light on Weibo in the rainy night. Only the occasional lightning split the darkness of the room, lighting up the two people on the king-size bed with their necks intertwined...

  Jian Mo felt as if her whole body was on fire. She had no way to think. What she could do was to follow the physical stimulation and sink into the man's attack again and again... She could not extricate herself from it.

  The man's breath mingled with her prana power. This night, it became the biggest turn of Jian Mo's life...

  As a result, in the end, she used too much to pay her respects to all of this.

  When she woke up after the drug effect, she felt sore all over her body, as if her whole body had been crushed, as if she would fall apart at any moment.

  She slowly clenched her hands and clenched her lips.

  His nose twitched and he could not control himself. His eyes were already wet.

  Because of panic and fear, Jian Mo did not have time to look at who the man sleeping soundly with his back to her was. She bit her teeth and got out of bed. She picked up the clothes on the ground one by one and put them on... Then she left in a hurry.

  "Boom" a thunder passed, and Jian Mo walked in Luo City under the heavy rain like a lost soul, but in a short while, she was already wet.

  At the moment when the tears came out...

  She didn't know how to go back. Looking at the lights at home, she lost her mind for a moment...

  "It's already so late. Why is there a light still on at home?"

  All of a sudden, the door was opened.

  "Miss?" The one who came out was the Wang's mother who helped the Jian family. When she saw her, Wang's mother was stunned at first, and then hurried forward. "Miss, where have you been? I called you all night, but you couldn't get through..." Her voice was urgent. "Something's wrong!"

  Jian Mo's heart was "thud" and she gently flapped her eyelids, feeling a little confused.

  "He fell off the building at the construction site... He is being treated in the hospital. The young master's phone couldn't get through, and you couldn't get through... The wife was alone in the hospital, and her heart disease relapsed again."

  In an instant, there was an "buzz" in Jian Mo's head. Her mind just went blank!

  Wang Mah didn't care about anything else. She took her hand and walked to the car on the side of the road... It was not until Jian Mo was stuffed into the car that her thoughts came back to her mind.

  "Wang Mah... you, you..." Jian Mo's voice trembled. "What did you just say?"

  Uncle Hai looked at Jian Mo from the rearview mirror and carefully drove to the hospital with a heavy face.

  Wang Mah's face became more serious. "Something happened on the construction site. It was said that Mr. Shen fell off the building accidentally... He was being treated. Mrs. Wang rushed to the hospital. I heard that the situation was not optimistic, so..."

  Wang Mah's words did not go on, and Jianan closed her eyes... Her mother had a heart attack, under such circumstances, she would definitely not be able to bear the burden.

  When the car arrived at the hospital, her father Jian Zhanfeng and her mother Su Mo were being treated.

  The empty corridor was particularly weird in the rainy night, as if it was full of the smell of death.

  Jian Mo stood wetly at the door of the operating room, looking at the light in the " surgery room" without any expression...

  Uncle Hai stepped forward and took off his coat. He draped it over Jian Mo's body. "Miss, Mr. and Mrs. Shen are so nice. They will be fine."

  "Where's Jian Luo?" Jian Mo's eyes didn't move, and she just asked coldly.

  Uncle Hai sighed softly, and his face was full of helplessness and heavy. "The young master didn't come back... He couldn't get through to me."

  There was a sneer at the corner of Jian Mo's mouth, and her eyes were full of hatred.

  Why did she believe that Jian Luo was going to give her that sum of money tonight?

  She clearly knew that there was no hope for a gambler to be saved... But she still believed that even though the first time she was framed by him she had lost her precious virginity.

  Jian Mo clenched her fists more and more tightly. It seemed that as long as she used a little bit less strength, she would not be able to hold on.

  Time seemed to have passed so slowly, and Jian Mo just stood there, waiting... until the rain stopped outside, the sky gradually became bright.

  However, when it was bright that day, Jian Mo felt that... this world had completely abandoned her.

  "Sorry, we've tried our best..."

  Jian Mo thought that she would collapse, but when the doctor said these words mechanically, she was unusually quiet. "Doctor, where is my mother?"

  "Madam Jian's illness is temporarily under control, but..." The doctor wanted to say something but stopped on second thought. He looked at the poor girl in front of him.

  "It's okay, I can bear it." Jian Mo said quietly, but the tension in her eyes had betrayed her.

  The doctor sighed softly and said, "Mrs. Jian's heart suffered too much, and her heart stopped beating several times during the operation... Although she has been controlled, it may not be possible for her to wake up."

  Jian Mo felt weak in her legs and feet, and she had no strength to support herself. Her vision went black and she almost fainted.

  "Miss, Miss..." Uncle Hai and Wang Mah hurriedly held on to Jian Mo from both sides, and their tired faces were full of worry.

  After closing her eyes and opening them, Jian Mo said in a husky voice, "I'm fine..."

  The hospital bed was pushed out, and Jian Mo's trembling hands pulled open the covered white cloth... Looking at her father who had no sign of life, she could no longer control herself and burst into tears.

  "A good home, why did you suddenly..." Wang Mah was choked with sobs. "What's wrong with you?"

  The doctor looked at this scene and sighed. He took the death report and turned to leave... He had seen too much life and death, but every time he saw such a death scene, he was still worried.

  However, before the doctor could go far away, suddenly, a horrified voice came from behind him.

  "Miss, Miss..."

  When the doctor turned around, he saw that Jian Mo's whole body was paralyzed on the ground and fainted.