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Shh, He Is Here

Shh, He Is Here


Uncle said that my fate was a good material for dealing with dead people. It would be a waste if I didn't fight with him. I didn't expect that he was right. I accidentally formed a hard-to-handle bad luck. "When I was alive, many women admired me like fish in the river. If you are sure that you don't marry me, you won't have this shop after this village." Of course, I shook my head resolutely, but I didn't expect what he would do to me...
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  My name is Su Miao'er, an ordinary junior dog. But at the same time, I have another identity, Evil Master. Yes, you are right. I am a modern culture, a perfect combination with the ancient profession.

  A modern master who drove the evil spirits.

  As an Evil Master, I've bumped into evil spirits recently.

  The source of the incident started a week ago.

  My parents left because of a car accident when I was very young. I was brought up by my uncle. My uncle was an expert at driving away evil spirits.

  In the early years, it was just a bucket of water that was not as good as half a bucket of water and wandered in Jianghu. However, with the accumulation of these years and the help of the noble, they gradually became this little famous master.

  A week ago, his uncle received a big business. It was a real estate development zone in the local area. When they moved the land, they encountered a lot of barriers, and several migrant workers jumped off the building for no reason.

  This caused the developer to suffer a great loss. Not only was the difficulty costly, but there were also several lawsuit. The tomatoes were thrown to pieces every day in his family.

  Before that, the developer also looked for several people who knew about this field, but did not say anything. In the end, he found my uncle, and the deposit alone was 100,000 yuan.

  After the success of the matter, there were more and more benefits.

  "What kind of person is my uncle? He is the boss who never drops his eagle before seeing a hare. No matter how stingy the customers are, they can be killed by him. What's more, he is such a fat man."

  She thought he was going to do a big job, but she didn't expect that in the evening, her uncle came back in a hurry. It was said that because he went upstairs too fast, he even lost a pair of shoes.

  On the phone, what he said seemed to be a death sentence, which scared me so much that I hurried to take the 13th bus back to see him.

  Fortunately, his uncle didn't have a big deal, so he just felt sorry for the deposit of 100,000 yuan. After a long time, the business went bankrupt. Not only did it go bankrupt, but even the developer had lost one leg.

  According to his years of experience, he couldn't get involved in this matter in any case. Otherwise, something big would happen.

  Fortunately, the deposit had been withdrawn.

  I thought this matter was so easy to deal with, but I didn't expect that it was just the beginning.

  After comforting my uncle's heart, I began to clean his clothes quickly, but I didn't want to take out a crescent-shaped pendant from his pocket.

  That kind of mutton-fat white jade, and its shape was so simple and beautiful, which made people's eyes blaze with envy.

  I immediately pursed my lips and said, "Uncle, even if I received a big deal before, I can't afford to spend money. Look at the jade pendant. It's not cheap."

  What's more, it was a jade pendant that only women would wear. Immediately, I was excited to compete with it in front of my chest.

  Unexpectedly, my uncle jumped up from the bed and came to me in two or three steps. His face was so pale, and his red eyes were glaring at the crescent-shaped pendant in front of my chest.

  Then he ripped off the jade pendant and threw it out of the window on the third floor. At that time, I thought, the jade pendant must be smashed.

  "Miao'er, that thing is not auspicious. I want you to buy it for me in the future." Uncle comforted him like this, but at that time, I always felt a little nervous.

  But what really freaked me out was two days later.

  The jade pendant, which was thrown out from the third floor by my uncle, strangely appeared in the drawer of my dormitory. Then, I began to have the same dream for three consecutive days.

  In my dream, I was wearing a red traditional wedding gown and sitting in a bridal sedan chair. But when I sat there, the bridal sedan chair turned upside down and there were all kinds of changes. When I came to my senses,

  I found that I had already fallen into the bridal sedan chair, even my neck was broken, and blood was flowing everywhere. I was so scared that I woke up from my dream.

  At this time, I also vaguely knew that the reason for all this may be related to the crescent-shaped jade pendant.

  Before I could ask about my uncle's origin of the jade pendant, I hurriedly put it on a thick plastic bag and threw it into the trash bin downstairs. Then I watched helplessly as the trash bin was dragged onto the garbage truck and dragged away far away.

  Only then did I let out a sigh of relief.

  However, I didn't expect that when I pulled open the drawer of my dormitory that night, the crescent jade pendant I threw away came back again and was lying peacefully on the book.

  As a result, I, as an Evil Master, officially opened the curtain, because that night, I was pressed by a ghost.

  In the past 20 years, although I often heard people talk about this kind of thing, only if I went through it myself, I could understand how terrible it was.

  Just like a soul coming out of the body, he was numb all over and couldn't move. His brain was clearer than anyone else, but he couldn't open his eyes. He wanted to shout, but he couldn't. He could only pray that dawn would come soon.

  But at this time, I suddenly felt a pair of cold hands stuck into my dark and thick hair, and then half of the wet tongue began licking my neck.

  "The sense of touch is so real that it makes me timid. I know that I must be entangled by something."

  "You... Who are you... What, what do you want..."

  I almost gritted my teeth and spat out this sentence with great difficulty. My uncle once said that although the ghost was not human, it was also very extreme, but it was not impossible to communicate with it.