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His Domineering Love

His Domineering Love


On Tracey's coming-to-age ceremony, she found her boyfriend was having an affair with her bestie. Soon, her stepmother drugged her and planned to trap her in a nude photo scandal. Meanwhile, a handsome man passed by and saved Tracey but he required Tracey to repay him physically. Tracey had no choice but to agree. After that, Tracey went abroad. Three years later, Tracey went back. She was about to revenge her ex-bf through an editor. While waiting for the editor in a nightclub, Tracey's addiction to cigarettes had gone crazy. Therefore, she entered the male toilet to knock the door, "Buddy, can I get a lighter?" However, there came a familiar voice, "I don't have a lighter, but you lit my fire, babe." Tracey wanted to leave, but the man stopped her. "I want you, right now!"
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"Rachel, what's the matter. I heard you're looking for..." Tracey Xia who dressed in an evening dress opened the door. Before she finished her words, she saw two people entangled on the bed.

"Oh... be gentle... It hurts... Sean." A woman was groaning. Such a charming voice was even from Rachel Nan?

Tracey stood there still, stunned by what she was seeing.

Her boyfriend, Sean Sheng, was having sex with her best friend, Rachel Nan! Rachel's long legs were around his waist, and Sean's face was covered with sweat.

"Tracey..." Rachel put her hand against the man's strong chest as if she wanted to push him away. However, in such a situation, it looked rather hypocritical.

"Tracey?" Sean's eyes seemed to be a little distracted. He looked at the woman below him and then looked at Rachel.

"Sean Sheng. Is this a surprise from you? Wow, quite a big surprise!" Tracey felt so sick, then raised her hand and slapped him.

That day was her coming-of-age ceremony. Last night, Sean even promised to give her a big surprise. This was indeed a big surprise!

"Tracey, I, I'm sorry. He insisted on that... I, I couldn't reject..." Rachel's eyes were full of tears. It was clear that she had done something that seriously hurt Tracey, but she pretended to be the victim.

Tracey had never been so disgusted. "He is not my man any longer. Take him if you want." She endured her sorrow and said coldly, then rushed out of the room.

"Tracey!" She heard Sean's shout behind her, but she ran away.

Tracey didn't see a hint of elation flashed in Rachel's eyes, she did not realize that this was just the beginning of the show either.

At the moment she was out of that room, tears flowed out. She ran desperately, trying to get rid of the dirty picture.

Before Tracey had time to feel heartbroken, two men rushed toward her and dragged her to a room.

The sudden hijacking made Tracey at a loss. "Let go of me! who are you? How dare you be so presumptuous in my home!" She said.

The man had an evil smile on his face and covered her mouth. "Miss Xia, I suggest you be silent. I'll take pity on you, otherwise, you'll suffer."

"Where are the people in the corridor?" Tracey thought. She struggled with her strength and glanced at Renee Xia, the girl standing at the corner.

Her eyes suddenly burst into hope. She tried to call for help.

But Renee walked towards Tracey, "My sister, enjoy yourself." said the young lady who was in a pink dress, with a sweet smile on her face.

Tracey felt like she had been hit on the head. Her body became weaker and weaker. She even felt hot. She was drugged!

From the champagne for her, the text message from Rachel, to the two men she encountered a moment ago.

It turned out to be a trap. She was dragged into the room, hearing a disgusting voice of a man, "Take off her clothes and take some pictures of her before we play with her." Then the man used a phone and took some pictures of this half-naked untidy girl.

"You play with her, I'll close the door," one of the men walked towards the door.

Tracey knew that she would be ruined if all this continued. She desperately picked up the lamp and knocked it on the person in front of her.

She noticed that the window was open and this was the first floor, she jumped down without thinking.

But her body was getting weaker and weaker. She did not know how long she could persist. All she could do was running forward.

It was a back garden of the castle, barely any visitors. Right at the moment that she was feeling extremely helpless, she threw herself into a person's arms.

"Help, help me!"