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A Pretense

A Pretense



When we get too involved in the act of pretending, we lose the idea of knowing the pretense of others. Isn’t that how it works? We don’t know the acts we do thinking good for the others even to the extent of hurting them to save them from major hurt will cause them to go through much more than we can think of. Sometimes it is not too late to correct the pretenses but sometimes it is late to amend them. Let’s see whether it is too late or just in time.
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  *Rekha Pov*

  “Are you looking for someone?” I turned to see my three best friends looking at me curiously as I am looking at the opposite direction to the one they are glancing at.

  “Where is your girlfriend?” I asked staring at Rakesh and he immediately gestured behind me.

  “You are here?” I asked finding Kavitha behind me but she is looking disturbed just like me.

  I can understand her completely as she is closer to her than all of us. So she will also have the same thoughts as me but at a major level.

  “What happened to both of you? We are supposed to show happy expressions, remember? He must already be feeling sad to not be in the same year as us. So, just change your expressions.” Vikesh commented frowning at us.

  “Don’t worry! We will be meeting as usual. And Kavitha will be in the same class. There will be no problem.” Rakesh comforted him and all I could is sigh in defeat.

  “You both must be thinking about her, right?” Kalyan asked finally giving a sense of relief that there is still hope for men to not be completely clueless.

  “Yes! Did she come to college?” I asked glancing at Kavitha who is her best friend and also a classmate.

  “Of course! She never missed a class last semester and she is attending the lecture right now even though it’s the first day.” She replied and cleared her throat to say something which none of us are going to like for sure.

  “I informed her that he will be returning to college today. But… but she didn’t say anything or even gave a slight reaction.” I kind of expected but it is still disheartening to hear that.

  “I don’t know what are you guys worrying about. When we tell her the truth everything will go back to normal.” Rakesh assured us.

  “Why are you so clueless?” his girlfriend scolded and I smiled looking at the person getting out of his Dad’s car.

  We all rushed towards him without saying another word before hugging him. It’s been so long since we met him and to top of that, he can finally start his classes.

  “Let me breathe!” he complained smiling and we finally let him go but his eyes started looking around and that smile slipped his face for sure.

  “It’s lunchtime, right? Let’s go and have some food before you go and get the remaining details regarding your classes.” I mumbled pulling him towards the canteen side while gesturing Kavitha who immediately understood before walking away towards her class.

  “Where is she…” Rakesh started but Kalyan stopped him from saying anything else before whispering our intention.

  It is still not lunch break but it’s going to be so we were able to get our regular table without much effort.

  “We will get your favorites.” Saying that Vikesh and Kalyan left while I was feeling more than nervous thinking how everything will get settled.

  I can’t believe I am the one feeling worried about their relationship. Who am I? What have I become? I thought shaking my head.

  Everyone started pouring in and the whole canteen filled with the students. However, all of us are just waiting for just one person.

  “There she is!” Rakesh said waving his hand at his girlfriend who is walking towards the counter instead of coming here before shaking her head at his gesture.

  “Let them get food, Rakesh.” I mumbled stopping him from calling her again.

  I glanced at the one beside me and found his eyes following her every moment ignoring Rakesh and Kavitha’s interaction completely as if he can’t see any of us.

  I turned back towards the two of them finally walking towards our table with their lunch trays and it feels like a déjà vu as the same thing happened two years back. Will everything be like that time too?

  “Mihira! He is back in college.” Rakesh commented smiling at her while arranging the seats to get his girlfriend to sit beside him while leaving an empty chair opposite the person who is still just staring at her.

  I can’t believe even the seating arrangement is the same as that time. After that, we all held our breaths when she calmly sat down without showing any hesitance before nodding at Rakesh.

  “Welcome back, Abhilash.” Saying that she started having her food while we just stared at her.

  That’s it? That’s all she is going to say? Not going to shout at him or show any kind of anger or sadness? Nothing? She is that disinterested in him? Is it… is it really late to turn everything into normal?