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Cure you for love

Cure you for love

Author:Murong Lanlan


"Legend has it that Ninth Duke Xian was unparalleled in martial arts, and he possessed a handsome visage resembled Pan An (the most handsome man in ancient China). It is said that Ninth Duke Xian was born to be a talented and erudite star shinning in the world. But we are only talking about legend now! A conflagration consumed his stunningly attractive appearance, deprived him of his legs and even the talented woman who was engaged to him was swapped by someone else secretly. Ye Liuli, the pathetic replacement, was waiting to marry him as his Duchess. She clawed her way to the graduation from Medical University, and was suffering an internship with enjoyment. However, who could know that when she fell from the building only for saving a suicidal patient, she went through time-travelling and replaced her sister to marry the disabled Duke. On the wedding night, others would have a wonderful and unforgettable night with their lovers, but she experienced only frights. Never mind, it was never too late for a man to take revenge even after 10 years. Those perpetrators who set her up or harmed her, she would never let them go, and she pledged to revenge on them on by one! "
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Ye Liuli seemed to have a dream, in which she was wearing a red wedding dress and marrying someone.

Because of the bridal veil, she could not see the surroundings clearly, and was finally sent to the bridal chamber.

With a chill, Ye Liuli woke up, and was startled to find herself really sitting on the marital bed.

What happened? The dream was too real!

Just as Ye Liuli was going to take off the red silk veil, a rumble sound of wooden wheels came from the noises of crowds. The chaperon was going to say some auspicious words for rewards. She was just shouting the word "congratulations", then, with a loud noise, she was not talking any more.

"Get out."

A frosty voice of a man came out, and the voice seemed to be frozen, with a kind of chill and rigorousness.

Then, there were messy sounds of footsteps, and suddenly the room was silent, only had a suffocating aura.

Eh? What was happening here?

Although Ye Liuli was smart, she couldn’t react for a while. Her hands which was going to take off the veil was stopped in mid-air.

Suddenly she felt her scalp tight for a while. Without her efforts, the red veil had been lifted aside, and her phoenix coronet was also pulled off.

The phoenix coronet was stuck on her chignon, so when the neat chignon was pulled down, her scalp hurt as well.

"The seventh daughter of the Minister? Ah, I'd like to see what she likes."

When she was too dizzy to get her mind around this, she felt that her chin was grabbed by a big cramp-like hand and was forced to move forward.

The man's eyes were beautiful. His dashing eyebrows slanted up, and his eyes were profound. Between thick eyelashes, his black eyes were like a pool of ice water, whose cold temperature could almost frostbite someone.

This was Ye Liuli’s first impression of him. But then, the burnt scar on his face shocked her.

My dear, how did he get burnt like this? Even skin grafting couldn’t help it.

Dongfang Lie squinted, “You're more beautiful than I thought. Then I'll make a war drum of your skin and give it to the front-line soldiers.”

Ye Liuli was shocked. "What? You are going to make a drum out of my skin? Did I provoke you? Let go of me!"

After that, she knocked off the hand holding her chin and turned over to run.

The fiery red nine-tier wedding dress made her petite frame like a ball. How could it be easy to escape?

Before she jumped out of the bed, her arm was pinched. "How bold you are. Dare you run away from me?"

Ye Liuli glowered at him. "Crap. If I do not escape from a madman, I’ll be a fool. Madmen can even kill people and don't need to pay for it. I’ll tell you, what does matter is not an ugly appearance, but a deformed heart." Then, she aimed at the man’s wrist, bowing and biting it.

Dongfang Lie didn't expect that the woman in front of him would bite him like a dog, so he subconsciously let go of her.

If you thought that Ye Liuli would escape in such a case, then you were wrong. In order to deal with the violence against doctors, Ye Liuli was specialized in self-defense and various life-protecting skills. After all, she needed her life to contribute to her country's medical cause, didn’t she?

If she ran away the first time after she got rid of him, it would be very easy to be caught up. The most sensible way was... attacking him severely while he was not prepared.

When Ye Liuli saw this disfigured man sitting in a wooden wheelchair, she smiled. "You turned out to be a cripple. You deserve it for your malice! If you weren't a cripple, there would be no justice in the course of nature."

Saying that, she turned over the wooden wheelchair sideways, and naturally the man in the wheelchair fell to the ground.

"How dare you!" Dongfang Lie shouted subconsciously, but his body rushed out uncontrollably.

"Bang!" the back of his head hit the wall.

The man who was arrogant just now suddenly lost his voice.

Ye Liuli looked down at her flaming wedding dress and looked at the antique buildings and ornaments around her. For the first time of her life, she had the urge to commit suicide. "Did I travel through time? Damn it! I am a materialist and a successor of socialism. So many people want to travel through time, thus do not let it to be me!"

She pushed the door open and suddenly found many people kneeling outside.

The leader of the guards saw her and yelled, "Duchess, why are you coming out? Where is Duke?"

Ye Liuli was dumbfounded for a while, and calmed down immediately. "Duke let me to tell you that today is the wedding day, so don't kneel here. Just perform your duties elsewhere, or you’ll make the day unlucky." She fiercely snorted, then slammed the door.

The people kneeling outside looked at each other: was this... possible?

Inside the room, Ye Liuli was weakly leaning against the closed door, with her wide-open eyes and pale face.

Good gracious! Was God going to kill her? If the memory was right, she had already been dead in her previous existence, for she saved an incurable patient who wanted to die. By rights, good people would be rewarded. Even if traveling through time, she deserved a wealthy and carefree life.

But what the hell was this?

To escape? There were countless loyal servants outside, preparing to catch her at any time.

Not to escape? The disabled bastard in the wheelchair was going to peel her skin to make a drum.

What could she do? She was so desperate!