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When I met you

When I met you



On the plane, an unprofessional air hostess is crazily hitting on an extremely handsome man. In order to get a restful sleep, she tried to pretend to be his girlfriend and saved him from the air hostess' harassment. Coincidentally, later, she was harassed by her ex-boyfriend at the airport. This time, the handsome man showed up and saved her by pretending to be her boyfriend. She thought they got even now, not realizing that this was only the beginning of their destined relationship. Seven years later, he saw her with her pair of six-year-old boy-girl-twins, looking at the irrefutable resemblance between him and the boy, how should she explain to him?
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At this moment, the plane from London to Baltimore was floating through the clear sky. Despite being tens of thousands of feet above the ground, it was still flying steadily.

In recent years, people's living standards had steadily improved. Traveling by plane was no longer a luxury that only the wealthy could afford. As a result, the service and environment in the cabin worsened. Middle-aged women's loud voice could often be heard in the economy class, making people unable to relax.

Eva Quinn had grown in a wealthy family since she was a child. Her father regarded her as the apple of his eye wholeheartedly. He always held her in his arms so that her feet never touched the ground until she was ten. Her father was like another David Backham, who adored his daughter to the point that he would agree to her every whim and spoil her lavishly.

Eva couldn't help but sigh as she remembered her former self. Her heart felt as if it were being pressed down by a heavy stone, so heavy that she couldn't breathe.

She hadn't been in the first-class cabin in quite some time mainly because she hadn't to travel to some faraway places in the past few years.

She would not have been so extravagant as to take the first-class cabin if it had not been for the phone call from that person and the money that was suddenly added to her bank account.

Of course, Eva had no intention of returning to her homeland. Previously, she despised the noble and graceful London with all her heart because it brought her endless fear and coldness. She had, however, lived in this city for a few years and swallowed all of her loneliness and sadness. Gradually she came to terms with her past wounds.

Baltimore was now a painful city for her. There were people she hated deeply, and others she could not stop herself from loving. Those familiar faces could easily dispel the illusion of those bloody scabs in her heart and heal the severe wounds that had previously existed.

But that person told her she had to return.

The plane had been flying for several hours. Eva's heart was still filled with rage and reluctance.

Except for the man who had been reading the financial newspaper and the enthusiastic stewardesses who had surrounded him all the time, everyone else in the cabin had already fallen asleep peacefully.

Everyone admired good looking people. So even though she was upset in returning to her homeland, her attention was still caught by the man sitting next to her when she laid her eyes on him.

She used to be a socialite who hung out with celebrities and politicians. She had seen many handsome and elegant men, but the side of his face still astounded her. Even though he appeared cold, whoever saw him would be in awe of his charisma. There was no need to check his entire face. Eva could picture out what an elegant and gorgeous man he was.

Eva guessed that when this man turned his face around, his facial features would be stunning but cold, like blossoms blooming in winter, enthralling people around. It would be like the white snow in the mountains of the Himalayas... such a cool color with a pure luster.

But in reality...

This man was cold and silent. He had been reading the newspaper with his head down since he boarded the plane. His slender fingers gripped the newspaper, his gaze deep and leisurely.

However, it was no surprise that a stewardess' enthusiasm was on par with the burning hot summer in Baltimore. Her happy face was so radiant that she smiled from ear to ear.

Eva was looking forward to watching a good show for a while. The flight attendant's righteous harassment to this man grew dull and tasteless over time that Eva gradually lost interest and just wanted to sleep.

She had a strong belief that she, like the other passengers, would be able to sleep peacefully. She had forgotten, however, that she was a light sleeper. Even the slightest gust of wind could jolt her awake from her deep dream, not to mention the fact that the source of the noise was right next to her. It was simply impossible for her to sleep at all.

However, disturbing her flirting with that handsome man seemed a little unkind as well. Why would she, a woman, give a hard time to another woman then?

As a result, Eva closed her eyes once more, intending to give it another try and force herself to sleep.

She did not want to ruin the stewardess' plan, but the latter continued to make noises. Her tender and coquettish voice kept lingering in the cabin and became even louder.

"Sir, can I help you put the tray table down for you?" the stewardess asked.

Is he devoid of hands that he cannot even put down the table on his own? Eva said to herself inwardly.

"It is not necessary, I can just read newspaper this way," stated the man.

Since he boarded the plane, the flight attendants had been harassing him. He had been quiet all the time, like an tranquil mountain. He answered her for the first time. It was as if a tremendous bomb had been dropped into the flight attendant's fluttering heart. As a result, she felt empowered by his answer and became increasingly active and noisy.

Eva had to admit that this man's voice sounded similar to that of a romantic poet, whose voice had the power to pacify the masses. It was soft and low, like a cool breeze.

But it didn't mean she could put up with this lady who was not reserved at all and who seemed like she wanted to flaunt herself as she clung to the man.

And this man was no better than the lady either. He didn't stop her nor reply to her flirtation, but toyed with her emotions instead. How could a woman like that not lose herself and remain cool when faced with a handsome man like him?

"You have finished your coffee, sir. Is there anything more you need to drink?"

Please, he already had three cups of coffee. If he drunk more, he would definitely have a stomachache. Eva pulled the thin blanket up a little and rolled her eyes hard.

"No, thanks."

"Do you want anything else?"

"Nothing else. No more anything."

The man's voice became increasingly steely. Even Eva, who was sitting next to him, felt that he became impatient with the stewardess. But the woman seemed unaware of this or perhaps they did but still pretended not to notice his impatience because they did not want to give up on such a precious chance to serve someone like him.

Eva couldn't help but curse quietly, "Damn, these stewardesses are so unprofessional. Did this man buy the whole flight? Is he the only passenger that needs services from them? Other passengers must be served well too."

Eva cocked her head up. Even though most of the passengers had already fallen asleep and no one seemed to care about the noise here, she was still awake and she cared about it, okay?

"Sir, our airline has recently promoted a new eel meal package. It's fresh and delicious. Would you like some?"

Could these ladies stop it?

Eva frowned and she couldn't take it any longer.

She sat up straight after lifting her thin quilt. She carefully sized up this troublesome little devil, turning her face sideways. The flight attendant stood tall and had a stunning countenance. Her misty eyes were extremely charming. Her pink lips were delicate and attractive, like flower petals in spring.

Eva pondered something inwardly. This stewardess was very pretty. Even a woman like Eva, let alone a man, could not help but be attracted when seeing such a beauty. It was clear that this man had extraordinary abstention.

Eva had already leaned on the man's shoulder before he could speak. Her fingers pressed against his arm, encroaching on it. Her tone was soft and pleasant. "Darling, I know you enjoy fish, but the doctor has advised you not to eat it. I will cook for you once your wounds have healed."

She'd never had such close touch with a man before, except the young man hidden in her heart. So close to this man, she realized that he was just what she had expected. His eyelashes were curvy and long, like a miniature cattail fan, throwing a deep shadow under his eyelids. He had a gorgeous face whose side revealed a resolute arc, similar to that of the sculptures in ancient Greece. His thin lips were compressed into a straight line, highlighting his noble and chilly demeanor.

Suddenly, a faint minty scent filled up her nostrils. It was a perfect, soft, and refreshing scent that could help ease down anyone's worries.

Eva even gulped down a deep breath, his coolness cutting directly to the core of her being.

But that stewardess, unyielding, truly enraged Eva, so the latter came up with a brilliant idea. She had always been a risk-taker so whatever the good idea was, she'd do it, not considering whether this man would coordinate with her on this acting or not.

However, when things developed to this point, she looked at him uncomfortably, unsure how he would react.

Would he push her away and say something to make her feel humiliated, or would he work with her to put on a nice, romantic show?

Of course, it might not be a great show. Eva had already concluded that her idea was naive. If she had directly informed the stewardess that her behavior had disturbed her, things would have been resolved. But why would she bother to take such a lame action? Especially it was not like something a smart person like her should do.

It was all attributed to the charming face of the man!

The flight attendant was so shocked and disappointed that she didn't see Eva's unnatural expression.

"You're his girlfriend..." The flight attendant's pink face darkened, with a ghost of disbelief appearing on her face.

She chose to work as a stewardess after graduating from university because she wanted to meet some upper-class elites. She'd had her eyes on this cute man for quite some time. He had already flown back and forth seven or eight times this month, so she knew he must be some rich guy. Plus, he was extremely handsome and attractive. She'd previously boasted to her sisters about her desire and determination to win this man's heart.

She didn't want to believe it that his girlfriend had popped out of nowhere. This, however, was the reality. The woman next to him was attractive, with bright eyes and gleaming teeth. Her face had delicate features. She didn't wear make-up, but she was so pretty that she resembled a elegant lady in a famous painting. Only this type of woman could match such a stunning and unearthly man.

The man's narrowed eyes glowed with a sense of danger. But when he turned to look at Eva, his stern look suddenly faded away.

There was no denying that she was a pretty woman.

Dexter Lynn was always surrounded by numerous ladies, but he had never thought of them as beautiful. He thought they were boring. Of course, he was Mr. Lynn. He might be known for bedding women with the likes of the movie star, S. Johansson, and the supermodel, MACO, whose beauty most people liked to praise, but he never really found those women beautiful.

So it could be seen that the woman who attracted Dexter's eyes must be breathtakingly beautiful.

Dexter locked his gaze on Eva. She could still gaze at him casually at first, but her eyes began to flutter. His gaze was as sharp as an eagle's, precisely like a hook that securely fastened onto her Achilles' Heel, exerting an irresistibly strong pressure on her.

But how come she was being like this? He plainly stared at her without moving or saying anything.

'What the hell is going on with me?'