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Away From Your Grip

Away From Your Grip


Before the wedding, Bella’s boyfriend changed his mind and married Bella’s young aunt. Bella was in a despaired sadness. As an illegitimate daughter, Bella knew she has no power to confront or compete with her aunt and her whole family. After a fierce argument, Bella got a car accident. Instead of being sent to a hospital or any treatment, Bella had been dragged into the car and got an indenture with a stranger man... As the consequence, a month later, she was beaten half to death by her step-mother because of an unexpected pregnancy. And the father of the child is Ryan Gu? The richest and most mysterious legend at the top position of this country? “Twice a week, come to my house.” Ryan coldly ordered.
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Lights were flickering on both sides of the long overpass.

On the overpass, pedestrians were in a hurry. Only a long-hair woman with a good figure stood by the fence, and several bottles were scattered at her feet.

However, no one stopped caring about her. The raindrops wetted her clothes and stuck to her body. It was cold and bone-chilling enough. She recalled the words she heard in the afternoon automatically, "I'm sorry, Bella. I have no choice. When I officially enter the provincial government, I will divorce Cara Qi. Believe me!"

Oh, divorce. "Damn you liar, William Jiang, why don't you go to hell? I will be an idiot if I believe you again!" Bella Qi threw the wine bottles down the overpass just like a madman, ignoring the sound of brakes and curses. She climbed down the overpass and crossed the road in face of the drizzle.

"Creak—" The car brake broke the shallow water into pieces.

Bella's body was lifted up like rags and then fell down heavily again.

"Sir, I hit someone," the driver said in a panic. A black Rolls-Royce was forced to stop halfway, and the dull voice of a man came from the unlighted back seat. "Time is running out. Bring her in the car!"

"Yes, Sir!"

Dark, Dim, Painful.

She knew that she had been hit by a car, but she didn't even have the strength to lift her eyelids.

The hoarse and low male voice appeared, "so ugly."

Ugly? Don't look at me. Thought Bella. But she couldn't move at all. She only felt that her body was torn apart again and again. B*stard, how could he hit her so many times...

Limousine just casually stopped on the side of the road, and on the left side of the car, there was a small silver skull flashing a strange cold light.

A tall, black figure stood silently beside the car like a sculpture, waiting quietly.

The rain slowly stopped. The wet road reflected off the lights and all sounds are still.

Two hours later, the car window slightly rolled down, and a unique scent immediately dissipated in the wind. The man's low and tired voice came. "Tom, let's go."

"Yes, Sir."

At hospital.

The disinfectant went into Bella's nostrils and her finger moved. Then Alice Ye jumped up from the sofa and asked, "Bella, are you awake?"

Bella's body ached all over, and it was painful for her to move. She even could not think of anything. "Alice, what's wrong with me?"

"You were hit by a car. Do you forget that? what happened to you? Why did you drink so much wine?"

"A car accident. Oh, yes, a car accident, why did me drink so much wine?" Bella smiled sadly. "William Jiang has become my uncle-in-law today. Forget it, my head aches. I'll sleep for a while."

"What?" Alice exclaimed, but Bella had fallen asleep again.

Bella had a dream: she had a car accident, but there was still someone who dragged her into the car after the accident. The inhuman guy kept having sex with her continually, b*stard!

After staying in the hospital for three days, Bella was not seriously injured. The only pain was... in the middle of her legs, maybe a psychological effect. Bella comforted herself while folding her clothes.

Alice came to pick her up from the hospital and sent her home. On the way home, she was worried. "Bella, are you really all right?"

"I'm fine." Bella was calmed down. "In fact, William Jiang's choice is right. If he marries Cara, he can stop struggling for at least 20 years. If he marries me... an unpopular illegitimate daughter, then he is an idiot. Forget it, I'm home. Thank you for sending me back. Be careful on the way."

Looking at the thick carved iron door in front of her, Alice nodded and said, "Then we will meet tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow."

After passing through a long passage, Bella went directly to a two-story building next to the passage. In fact, this was the place where servants lived, but her room was here. After all, she was an illegitimate daughter of her father.

No one treated her as a lady here. She was like a servant. Her father was very busy, and her stepmother held the economic power. Except for tuition, she even had no pocket money. She depended on working for others in the summer and winter vacation to make a living.

Her aunt Cara was different. She was the youngest daughter of Bella's grandfather and was completely pampered. Cara was only a few years older than Bella. But different people had different fates. It could only be said that William Jiang was not blind.

With a wry smile, Bella drew another four crosses on the calendar book. Another four days passed. If she bore it for more than 300 days, everything would be over.


William Jiang and Cara went on a honeymoon and would be back in a month.

Bella breathed a sigh of relief after hearing the news. She went to work with Alice, sending leaflets, carrying plates, making coffee and cakes, and doing anything she could do to make money.

It was not until one month later that the school started.

Everything slowly returned to the right track. "William Jiang" had already been pressed deep down in her heart.

School open, physical examination, just as usual.

However, the unexpected thing always caught her off guard!