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Magic Doctor Ford

Magic Doctor Ford



  He is the most powerful fairy doctor, he travels around the city with various success.He is the strongest man, he impresses and attracts women with his excellent charming. He is Ford, who just wants to be a quiet handsome man, yet there are many beautiful woman coming towards, for him, it is hard to act as a gentleman……
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  Highlands County, Florida Province.

  Ford rubbed his head and slowly walked out of the clinic with unbelievable.

  He was born again.

  He was a generation of peerless immortals, a first—class powerhouse in the fairy world, and was killed by his best friend and confidante when he wandered through the mysterious monuments in the fairy world.

  He was born full of anger on earth, on a small farmer working in the county.

  He felt that he was just a small farmer, Ford, and that he only got the memory of supernatural beings, who was also called Ford.

  This strange feeling did not last long. Ford was no longer confused.

  Because he was the combination of two souls together! He was supernatural beings, a small farmer, and an excellent man called Ford.

  "I want to practice hard. From now on, I will reach the peak of my life like the protagonists of these novels!"

  "I'm going to step on the rich second generation! Only pursuit those rich beauties! Let the people who looked down on me and dislike me before tremble in my shadow!"

  "I want to become a legend!"

  The previous difficulties, loss, and confusion had vanished at this moment. He saw his extraordinary future and life!

  Go to your mediocrity!

  Get your eyes off!

  Go to your bastard!

  In Ford's eyes, there was a steady light flashing through his decadence. He looked like a man reborn.


  He looked back at the clinic, and thentouched his pockets;there was nothing except for the two crumpled ten dollars, a bank card with a double digit balance, and the key to the country door.

  "This world is too kidding."

  Even though he was very proud, he still had to face the truth ... He was very poor now!

  His parents had died in a car accident in the early years. He could only drop out from high school and do some odd jobs in the county. He had saved nearly 10,000 dollars.

  However, days ago, he acted heroically to get the bag when somebody had been robbed, yet he was hurt by the criminals. And the man who was robbed escaped when he knew Ford was injured.

  It was a good man sent him to the hospital nearby. Ford paid by himself, but had to transfer to this clinic due to his awkwardpocket.

  Dazedly, the supernatural beings reborn on him the night before his temperature was suddenly reached to nearly fifty degree.

  Until today, he was allowed to leave after the doctor checked him with good condition.

  "But that's normal. Many people are like this. The next time you want to be a hero, you have to think clearly."

  Ford smiled indifferently, blessing and misfortune depend on each other, if it was not his injure this time, he would had been reborn as a supernatural beings.

  "From now on, my fate will be under my control!"

  Ford clenched his fists, and his life path had changed.


  At this moment, his stomach was calling for food, he took a look, it was going to be at night. If he was quicker, he could catch the last bus back home.

  There were twenty dollars in his pocket. He looked at a cake stand in the distance, sniffed the smell of it, swallowed his spit and quickly walked over.

  "Two loaves of bread with nothing.” Ford walked over and looked at the price; it needed three dollars for a piece of bread.

  He looked at the hams, chicken fillets and whatever. He wanted to eat, but he didn't have any money in his pocket.


  The boss noticed Ford's distress. Otherwise, normal person would not just sell two loaves of bread and an egg.He cooked the pancake in a muddle and added a ham sausage and an egg to the shredded cake

  "Hey, Boss, I said nothing. I don't have the money." Ford was anxious, but he couldn't stop it.

  "Young man, I think you're so skinny. Eat more and only charge you for the bread."

  As the owner said, he had already packed two fragrant cakes into paper bags, then put them in his pockets and handed them to Ford.

  "I'll give you the egg and the ham. Everybody gets into trouble in this world, it should be you help me, and I help you."

  "Thank you!"

  When Ford heard this, he couldn't help but stare blankly for a moment. He then nodded his head. He got the bread from the boss, took a look at the boss, and then said thanks to him, walking to the station.

  Along the way, after eating these two hands, he suddenly felt that although he had been cheated by his heroically action, however, there was still love in the world.

  After catching the last train, Ford returned to the village with a few dollars except the care fare, then walked a few miles before returning to the village.

  At this moment, the sun had already set in, and there was a red glow rising from the top of the mountain. He was attracted by this beautiful scenery.

  He had also been in the county for a year or two, and this kind of view was almost invisible.

  "Although the scenery is good, the conditions in the village are still too bad. I now have supernatural beings’ memory, but I have to settle down first."

  Ford looked at the hill over there, as if he had seen his parents who had passed away. Tears flashed in his eyes and he wiped out his hand before returning to his old house.

  "Oh, Ford, are you back?"

  Carol, the Taylorswife, who lived next door to Ford, was a few meters tall and had 156 grams of flesh, with her harsh face looking much more funny as she wants.

  She was famous for her tart in the village;she would say something uncomfortable when she saw anyone. Ford was the most poorest in the village. Every time she met For, she would use bitter sarcasm.

  She did not wait for Ford's reply. She said in a strange tone: "There's no father, no mother and no wife at home. What are you doing here? Why don’t you continue to be a security guard outside but come back home?”

  "Its none of your business!" Ford's good mood was destroyed by this woman. He snorted and turned to walk into his house.

  At the entrance, he realized that his own small courtyard had been put up with a chicken circle.

  You don't have to think about it. It was obviously this lady done it.

  He didn't say anything either. He knew that it was useless to talk to this woman. He walked up and shattered the fence, shouting, "Who the hell ... is so unethical to raise hens in others home. I'll even trample him to death if he comes again! "

  "Ford, you little punk, what are you doing?"

  When Carol heard this, she brought her wolf dog and ran over. She looked at the chickens running around; her face was trembling with anger.

  How dare this punk with no parents too beat her chicken? Everyone knew that her first child was the boss and her second child was an university student in famous school.

  Only she was the one who bullied Ford not Ford bullied her.

  She yelled at her hands and pointed at Ford. "Ford, you son of bitch, get the chicken back for your mother, and then apologize to her!"

  Her voice was immediately attracted her neighbors over. When they saw this battle, they all squeezed a cold sweat for Ford.

  The neighbors knew that this damsel could do everything. Last time, she had put the dog to bite Yankee with his leg with a big piece of meat.

  Later, Carol was able to clean the matter, relying on her family's wealth.

  This time, Ford would either admit it or in a bad luck!

  That dog is fierce!

  "You say that again?" Fordhated people scold his parents. Especially after his parents died, he suddenly turned around with tears in his eyes and moved forward.

  "Wow ..." The wolf dog was really fierce. When Ford approached, he pulled the dog's leash and roared loudly.

  "So what if I said that?" Carolrelied on the wolf dog. She was never afraid of Ford. She was holding the leash in one hand and her hands on her waists: “You son of bitch! Today you don’t get my hens back and not apologize to me; I will let the dog bite you to death!”

  "Ford, forget it!"

  "Ford, apologize to her, let it go!"

  Everyone watched Ford grow up too. They knew that this child had a good heart and was polite. They all worried that Ford was bit by this dog.

  If Ford was bit as disable, he would not get a wife in future.

  "You're looking for death!" Ford's eyes flashed of rage. Although not practice, a supernatural being would never get insulted by a shrew.

  He stepped forward and wanted to slap Carol.

  "You dare!" Carol wasnot afraid and she loosened the leash and shouted, "Jacky, kill him!"


  The loosened big wolf dog was so ferocious and screamed, running towards Ford.

  Everyone was frightened. Some people even closed their eyes and did not dare to see this bloody scene.


  Ford was not afraid at all with a surge of fairy energy. The ferocious wolf—dog was screaming and trembling, ran like a crazy man.

  This immortal's momentum was not something that a wolf dog could bear. It turned around and knocked Carol to the ground.

  The dog leash caught her ankle at that time. No matter how Carol yelled, the wolf dog did not stop.

  The wolf—dog had been shit and pissing all the way, all putting onCarol behind him. After dragged on for a long time, the leash on Carol's feet fell.

  What a big difference that now she was full of shit, blood and the one who was quite shrewish.

  "God damn it ..." Carol was so mad that she crying and rolling on the ground, everyone laughed happily.

  "Oh, what are you doing again?" When hearing the news, David ran over and looked at the scene. He was angry and distressed.

  He looked at Ford in the distance, he was also angry, but he didn't want to make trouble with someone like Ford who wasn't live in a complete family.

  He quickly pulled his wife and said, "Carol, whatyou want to do with this young man? Get up, don't be ashamed here!"

  "David, you son of bitch. People are bullying your wife. If you don't kill him, why you piss off on me?"

  David listened and looked back at Ford. He saw Ford's murderous face and scared him out of his body. He was timid, so he did not have the courage to compete with Ford.

  "Well talk about it later, go home!” David pulled his wife and walked towards the house.

  Far away, people could still hear the curse of Carol.

  When they saw this, everyone was surprised. The evil dog was afraid of Ford. Did there any strange from the God to Ford?

  "It's time to learn some skills, otherwise everyone can bully me. How can I stand in this society?"

  Ford ignored the mysterious villager, shook his head, and then returned to the room, sitting cross—legged and practicing supernatural beings’ special exercises.