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King of the Army

King of the Army



  As a king of special troop, I should still live a cool life after demobilization. Offended a girl during a mission and then be demobilized, I can still make a success without the identity of a soldier, but how can that girl be so narrow-minded. The city is full of beauty and I have encountered a lot. Men envy me, but girls fancy me, and I enjoy supreme happiness in my new life. However, when once again that irritable girl appears, it's time for her to pay the price!
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  River City.

  In late spring and early summer, it was a good time for crops to grow. In the suburbs 20 miles north of River City, the fertile fields were barren. Since last year, they had been requisitioned to prepare a factory. It was a pity that the funds were not available and the factory was not built.

  After the spring rain, half a tall weed grew in the field.

  In the wasteland, a waste grave was piled up alone.

  At dusk.

  Neal Yuan squatted in front of the grave and took out a copy of the China Military News.

  "Grandpa, I've come to see you!"

  "Two years ago, you sent me to the army. I didn't expect it to be miscalculated. You're almost a hundred years old. But you just left me, sending me to the army, I'm leaving You'll be hanging up in less than two years. There's no one beside you ... "

  Neal Yuan said, his face sank.

  "Grandpa, I haven't embarrassed you for the past two years in the military. With the skills you taught me, I've joined the Kirin Group. Originally, it would take another two or three years to have the chance to become the leader of the Kirin Group. Unfortunately, because of an anti—terrorist operation, I misunderstood the boss of the Suzaku Group 'Suzaku' to force a kiss. That girl's father was actually the commander—in—chief of the Southeast China Military Region. Discipline, get me out of the army ... "

  "But don't even say, 'Suzaku', this chick usually looks fierce like a tigress, so it's quite soft and cute when I kissed her."

  Neal Yuan snorted, looking back.

  "I'm going to develop in River City for the time being. I'm the unicorn and the king of the army. When I return to River City, I can't do anything. You're always smart, bless your apprentice. I'm going to show you great things in the future. Don't be like you. You've got a martial arts practice, but you're living in a small village. I'll give you some more paper money ... that ... I'm in a rush this time, I didn't bring any paper money. You'll make use of these newspapers first!"

  "You still have pictures of two beautiful women in the newspaper. You're always so beautiful!"

  As Neal Yuan said, he took out another copy of River City Entertainment News and spread it to the fire.

  After several newspapers were finished, Neal Yuan clapped his hands and got up.

  Looking around the desolate field, Neal Yuan felt at a loss.

  He had lived for nineteen years on his own. Except for the last two years in the army, the first seventeen years had followed Grandpa.

  An old drunkard, an orphan, could be considered dependent on each other.

  Although Grandpa was a drunkard, he had finally raised and raised Neal Yuan and taught him how to practice Chinese martial arts. Although Neal Yuan joined the army, his high school diploma was bought, but at the true level of thesis, Neal Yuan was better than the third—grader, and barely reached the level of "high one".

  After joining the army for two years, he was surprised that Grandpa was already ...

  Even though Neal Yuan looked carefree on the surface, in reality, his heart was a little empty.

  Standing in front of the grave, Neal Yuan was in a daze.

  It was not sure how long had passed. It was already completely dark. Neal Yuan returned to her senses and pulled up a travel bag that she had carried with her and walked towards River City.

  "When I was retired, the Rat said that he had contacted me for a job. It seemed like he was a bodyguard for a senior in River City. Now that Grandpa is dead, I can't rely on it.

  Neal Yuan secretly said.

  There are five special forces groups in China, East Dragon, White Tiger, Suzaku, Basalt, and Kirin.

  The East Dragon team was all of abilities, the White Tiger team was good at assassination, the Suzaku team was all women, and the Basalt team was in charge of the head's defense. As for the members of the Kirin team, they were known as "Almighty Fighters".

  When Neal Yuan was in the army, he was specially recruited to join the Kirin team.

  As a member of the Kirin Group, let Neal Yuan be a bodyguard and work on the Basalt group.

  However, Neal Yuan just went back to River City and Grandpa who had raised him for more than ten years was hanging up again.

  This bodyguard would be good.

  If the young lady wasn't good enough to serve, he couldn't help but leave.

  "In the wilderness, there's no such thing as a black car. Even if I didn't have a black car, couldn't I have to run twenty kilometers to River City on my own?"

  Neal Yuan realized that she had no transportation.

  Here was the wilderness. It was getting dark. Indeed, there was not even a black car. Neal Yuan was about to walk to River City.

  Fortunately, Neal Yuan came out of the army. Taking a deep breath, Neal Yuan prepared to march quickly.

  And did not wait for Neal Yuan to take action ...

  A dazzling car light came over.


  A black, worn—out Santana went into the wild and with a squeak, stopped a dozen meters in front of Neal Yuan, then the lights went out.

  "A Santana? Looks like this, it's probably a black taxi!"

  Neal Yuan's eyes lit up.

  He was really thinking about what he was going to do. He was about to go to River City.

  Neal Yuan was in a good mood and immediately walked towards Santana.

  "Uncle, please, let me go ..."

  "My mother crashed the car in River City. I have to go to the hospital to see her, so let me go ..."

  Before he could reach the car, Neal Yuan heard a girl's pleading in the car.

  "Hehe, little sister, I met my uncle today, that's fate!"

  "To be honest, there are a lot of chicks that Uncle has played with. It's the first time you've met such a pure and tender young man like you.

  "No ... help ..."

  "Hey, hey, it's no use shouting your throat in the wilderness.

  Obscene laughter floated out of the car and passed through Neal Yuan's ears.

  The driver of the beast black car Robbery!

  These two words, subconsciously popped out of Neal Yuan's mind.

  Subconsciously, Neal Yuan remembered the girls in the news report who had been murdered by the black car driver. Neal Yuan did not expect such a thing to happen today.


  Without hesitation, Neal Yuan rushed to the left of Santana and yanked the door.


  The old Santana was so fragile that the plastic door handle was pulled off by Neal Yuan.

  Santana's body flickered and the door did not open.

  Neal Yuan took advantage of his short stature, bent his left elbow and leaned against Santana's body.

  Martial arts eight pole boxing, killing tricks!

  Neal Yuan had followed Grandpa to practice Chinese martial arts since he was a child. This trick, "Leverage" resort, even a tiger could be broken!


  Santana shook violently, and the entire car door sank down. The glass shattered!

  Neal Yuan reached out and grabbed the car door.