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I Look Like Her

I Look Like Her


After getting drunk, Emery Sabarth slept a man. When she woke up, she left him 102 dollars and fled away. What? This man she slept was actually her fiancé's eldest brother! A tremendous gamble, she was the stake of their competition, fiancé lost her to his elder brother, Aiden Moris. He was the master of this city, cold and dangerous, but he married a little-known woman, enjoying his lustful private lives. It is speculated that he fell into a honey trap. Emery asked, "Why did you marry me?" "You are a good match for me in all aspects." "Which aspect? Character? Look? Figure?" "Except for your figure." "..." Later she heard a rumor that she looks like someone, a woman in heaven. It was also rumored that Emery gave up on the baby in the belly, Aiden pinched her neck, "Emery Sabarth, how dare you!"
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The streetlights were lit up at night in M Town.

Emery Sabarth drank a lot of wine at the graduation party that evening. She felt dizzy and was quite drunk. For some reason, she felt that her body was heating up from the inside, which made her inexplicably uncomfortable.

She had to find an excuse to leave in advance.

She returned to the hotel, took out the room card from her bag, pushed the door open and went into her room.

Emery Sabarth walked towards the bed and fell asleep immediately. There was the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer to her, and finally stopped beside her.

Emery Sabarth raised her head and narrowed her beautiful eyes. She saw a towering stranger looking down at her.

"Who... who are you..." She asked. "Are you the hotel waiter? Or..." She added.

Before she could finish her sentence, Emery Sabarth paused for a moment. Then she giggled and said, "Your service nowadays is so superior that you even offer room delivery, but I did not request for a young master, and I am engaged to be married."

Young Master? Did this woman regard him as a gigolo?

The man was smirking. He bent down, pinched her chin, and said in a low voice, "Even if I were a gigolo, I'm afraid you can't afford me."

He sensed the smell of alcohol on her body and frowned in disgust.

Emery Sabarth felt a little pain, being pinched by him. "Be gentle. It hurts. I'm going to sleep, please go out and close the door..." She said.

The man snorted and loosened his grip. When he was about to turn around and leave, Emery Sabarth suddenly pulled his sleeve.

"It's hot, it's so hot... Why is your hand so cold? It's so comfortable. I'd better not let go..." Emery Sabarth said.

The man stopped, he didn't even look at her, and flung her hand away mercilessly.

Unexpectedly, Emery Sabarth came up to him, her hands were holding the man's muscular waist tightly. "Hot, I'm hot..." She muttered unconsciously.

She raised her head and rubbed her chin against the man's chest, which numbed his body.

The man lowered his head. Through the dim light in the room, he could see the appearance of the woman in his arms clearly.

His emotionless face suddenly softened, and the end of his eyebrows rose. "It's you..."

Emery Sabarth lost her consciousness. She followed her instinct and stuck her body to the man. She kept pulling off her clothes and revealed her smooth shoulders. "Oh, it's so hot. Why can't I take it off... Woo..." She cried.

"Who drugged you?" The man asked.

Emery Sabarth couldn't pay attention to what he said at all. She felt hot and uncomfortable all over her body, which made her feel numb and distressed.

The only thing she knew was that the man in front of her could save her.

"Please help me. Why is it so difficult to take off this dress? I'm so hot... lower down the temperature of the air conditioner..." Emery Sabarth's voice was as soft as a kitten.

No man would be able to resist her current enthusiasm.

The man chuckled, and his voice was magnetic. He reached out his slender hand, touched the zipper of her dress, and unzipped it slowly.

Her graceful body was exposed before him, and his dark eyes enlarged all of a sudden.

He turned over and pressed her body firmly under him. "Little sl*t, I'll take it since you offer yourself to me." He said.

As a response to him, Emery Sabarth's long fair legs climbed on his muscular waist...

It was a long night of hanky-panky and tricks.

Emery Sabarth fell asleep in exhaustion, but the man was still running his hand through her hair. His handsome face was icy-cold, but his eyes were shining with glitter.

The next day.

Emery Sabarth woke up with her hands holding her almost blown up head. As soon as she turned over, she saw someone lying next to her...

A naked man.

The muscles on his shoulders were so solid that she wanted to reach out and poke them.

She sat up quickly, opened the quilt in front of her, then covered it again shockingly.

"Oh my God, what... what's going on? Did I have a one night stand with a stranger?" Emery Sabarth exclaimed.

Emery Sabarth turned her head and looked at the man next to her. Not only did he had a good figure, but he was also good looking.

The man could be a portrait from the way he was sleeping soundly.

Emery Sabarth bit her lower lip and tried hard to recall what happened last night. Unfortunately, she was completely drunk last night.

Did she go into the wrong room and forced him to have sex with her when she was drunk?

That was impossible! Her room card could only give her access to her own room, it would never get her into another room.

After thinking about it for a while, Emery Sabarth realized that this man might be a gigolo... also known as young master or Male Escort.

Well, yes, that was it.

Emery Sabarth got out of bed secretly, picked up her undergarments from the ground, and put them on one by one. The man's eyes were open but she did not notice it as he was behind her.

After getting dressed, Emery Sabarth turned to look at the man on the bed. She breathed a sigh of relief after checking that the man was still sleeping soundly.

She carefully opened her bag and rummaged through it while mumbling to herself, "No matter who started it last night, I still have to pay you the money. I have a thousand dollars... Wait, where's my money?"

Emery Sabarth looked at her purse and was dumbfounded.

In addition to a hundred-dollar bill, she only had two coins left. They were the change from the subway station a few days ago.

"I don't have a thousand dollars anymore. Hey, forget about it. I'll pay you whatever I have, keep the change." She mumbled.

Emery Sabarth put the hundred and two dollars beside the man's pillow. She did not even dare to breathe as she feared that she would wake him up.

What if the man woke up and saw that she only gave him such a small amount of money? What if he troubled her further? She couldn't afford to lose her prestige.

Emery Sabarth did not even dare to look back and escaped out of the room.

The man opened his eyes once again and sat up lazily upon hearing the doors shut behind him.

He stretched out his fingers and picked up the hundred and two dollars next to him. The man smiled and said, "Such a small reward after having a night with me."

His deep-set eyes swept over the crumpled shirt under the bed. The man picked up his cell phone and dialed a string of numbers. "Send a suit to the hotel right away." The man ordered.

The other party replied respectfully, "Yes, Director Aiden."

A tailor-made high-quality suit was sent over quickly. The man dressed up carefully and was ready to leave. He turned back and picked the money up when he saw them. He raised his eyes and said in a low and deep voice, "Please delay the meeting this morning. I have to go to the Moris family home."

"Yes, Director Aiden." The other party replied.

The man turned around and walked out. His steps were steady, and his figure was tall and straight. The aura around him was extravagant.