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A Never-Ever After

A Never-Ever After



A college romance of a girl and boy, which ended with pain and tears because of unbearable betrayal and lies. Why didn’t she realize he was just playing with her? And he was not a poor guy like he mentioned? He did nothing but lie to her for three months of their relationship. He was playing with her but he was obsessed with her. Ever since he saw her, she was his main target. He craved her innocent smile and the pure love she offered him. He didn’t want her but didn’t want others to have her. Because of his selfishness, he lost her. Five years passed, he didn’t know where she was but one day they met again. Seeing her after five years without her warmth and love he was craving, he wanted her back. She became his target again but this time it was not as simple as before. She was intelligent but will she make the same mistake twice?
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“Well, Adrian... It’s your turn, truth or dare?”

Spinning a wine bottle, it stopped facing someone who was sitting on the sofa like a king. Beside him was a hostess who was trying to seduce him but that didn’t affect him. He was like a stone who didn’t even melt to that hostess touch but he didn’t push her away either.

“Truth!” he answered.

His voice was cold, but there was a hint of playfulness in it. placing the flicker of his cigarette between his lips, he raised his eyebrows and looked at the hostess beside him.

“I’ll ask the question!”

A friend of his said as he got up from the sofa, with a whisky bottle in his hands. He was already drunk.

“Do you have something which you did in the past but regret now? If you have, what is it?” the guy asked.

A smile appeared on his face, he looked at his drunk friend and chuckled. For the first time in his life, someone aimed a hard question at him. He lowered his eyes and looked at the silver lighter in his hands and played with it for a while.

“I have!” he replied.

“What? You have? Adrian Harisson has something he regrets?”

Everyone looked at him with surprised faces, Adrian did nothing but stare at his lighter as he played with it. He clenched his sharp jaws and looked at his friends with a small nod.

“What the fuck? What the hell is that? Tell us” one of his friends looked into his eyes and asked him.

“A girl, whom I played for three months knowing that she was innocent”

His answer was dangerously honest, he did it. He did it when he was twenty years old and she was just eighteen at that time. He never had regrets about anything he did but that thing, eating him alive.

His face was serious, the little smile on his lips faded as the darkness suppressed his face. His eyes fell on the back of his right hand. On his hand, there was a unique tattoo that was designed with two orcas.

The tattoo was somewhat small, but it held so many undying memories. Looking at the tattoo, he was pulled into the past five years ago. His mind started to show the pictures of her, she was smiling all the time.

She was beautiful, her beauty was the first thing he got addicted to. Innocent and pure, she had everything a perfect woman would have but she trusted too much and she loved too much, that was her only weakness.

He liked her smile, so he wanted to possess it. He successfully possessed it but when time passed he got bored of it. Even though she loved deeply, he was just playing with her all the time.

“Adrian, is it okay if I designed the tattoo for you?” she asked with a pretty smile on her face.

“Yes, do it!” he whispered against her ear playfully as he kissed her earlobe.

“Move away, I can’t concentrate when you’re here and touching me”

Pushing him away, she looked at him and smiled. That smile was filled with love and affection she held for him. He was her everything and she gave him everything she had without even thinking about her own future. Then she came to him after some time.

“Orcas? Why them?” he asked.

He was curious seeing the tattoo she had designed for him. He knew she likes spending time in the aquariums and watching it but never expected this kind of design for his tattoo.

“Well, there are so many reasons. Just like you, they are smart, strong, elegant, and deadly at the same time. But most importantly it’s devotion and faithfulness.”

“Aren’t they similar to my boyfriend?”

She was smiling at him with the answer, he looked at the paper in his hands, she had perfectly designed it. He can be sure that he will be the only one who wears that tattoo.

Even though she was correct about Orcas, she was just wrong about him. He had no devotion and faithfulness in him.

“Where is she now?”

Adrian was pulled back from his memories hearing one of his friends' voices. Letting out a deep sigh, he got up from the sofa and looked at his friend.

“I don’t know..” he replied.

“I’m leaving,”

He said walking out of the door of the presidential suite he and his friends were drinking. Entering the elevator, he looked at the time. It was almost ten in the night. He left the hotel and got into his car.

Then he drove away. While he was driving, his mind was a mess. He couldn’t stop himself from thinking about her. Her smiling face was still inside of his mind and never faded away even after everything was over.

“Elaisha, when would I be able to forget you?” he asked.

He was guilty of what he did and he regretted it for five years, but his heart was cruel and brutal. His heart always wants to do the same thing again. If he ever gets a chance to see her in this lifetime, he would definitely get her and still do the same thing.

He didn’t know why he didn’t want her to smile, even if he was obsessed with her smile, he didn’t want her to smile because that smile made his heart skip a beat with unknown feelings. So he gave her pain and made her cry in front of every colleague in their college.

He embarrassed her in front of everyone and successfully wiped out the beautiful smile she had on her face and replaced it with pain and tears.

“I was such a bastard!” He chuckled looking out of the window as he sped the car.

Entering the courtyard of his house, he stopped the car and got out of it as he walked towards his house. As soon as he entered the house, he saw his mother was reading a magazine while sitting on the sofa.

“Why are you here mom?” He asked.

Stopping what she was doing, his mother got up from the sofa and walked towards him with an angry expression on her face.

“Can’t I visit my son?” she asked.

“You can,”

Adrian replied as he walked away from her and sat on the sofa. He looked at his mother and sighed. Because he doesn’t go home, here she is.

“Adrian, when are you coming home? Just for dinner?”

His mother’s voice was broken, walking towards him she asked. Rubbing his forehead with his fingertips, he let out a deep sigh.

“Even though you controlled father’s every company well and became a brilliant CEO, you’re a failure if you can never have a good family life”

“I know you’re not interested in getting married because you have so many women around you but if you ever lost this wealth and your handsome looks, would you think those women would still be with you? The answer is no!”

“So I’m telling you to quit being a playboy and start to think about your life seriously, just come home and live with us, then you can begin a new life because we are there to support you”

“Just find a woman with good qualities to be a wife and get married, you’re getting old!”

Adrian pressed his lips together and stared at his mother, she was both angry and upset. Even if she talked about marriage, she just wanted nothing but to take him back home and make him live with her and his father.

“I don’t want to get married, mom.” he sighed and replied.

“Well, of course, don’t marry because no woman can stay with a man like you!”

She threw the magazine at his face and stared at him with a fire of rage-filled eyes. Then calming down herself she spoke again.

“I don’t know and I don’t care about anything, just come home,” she said as she walked out of the house with anger.

Leaning against the sofa, he grabbed a cigarette out of the box and took the flicker between his lips as he lit it. He closed his eyes and peacefully took puffs of the cigarette. All of a sudden, his mind repeated something his mother said.

No one will be there for him if he is poor. His heart tightened remembering something and his eyes turned red.

“It doesn’t matter Adrian, you know my family is also not rich. We are just a normal family and there were so many hard times for us but my parents stayed together and overcame it. They loved each other.”

“So I also believe in that, I actually don’t want to be a lady of a rich family marrying a rich man. both of us are poor so we will get rich together in the future.”

Her voice was echoing inside of his head, he acted like a guy from a poor family in front of her but she gladly accepted him even after telling him he had no money to buy things she liked.

Clenching his jaws along with his muscles because of anger, he just got up from the sofa and walked upstairs.

“Fucking annoying,”