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 DIVORCED: My Ex-husband Wants Me Back!

DIVORCED: My Ex-husband Wants Me Back!



TRIGGER WARNING: EMOTIONAL DISTRESS Maeve Foster's rebellion after being betrayed by her boyfriend and sister leads to a one-night stand with the famous CEO, Noah Anderson, which causes a media frenzy. They can't let their reputation in the industry be a laughingstock as they are part of a powerful and wealthy family. As a result, they decided to marry. However, things will not go as smoothly as they should during their marriage. Nonetheless, they continue to try to work things out. Despite this, patience always has a limit. Will Maeve fight to keep her title as the CEO's legal wife, or will she relinquish it?
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It was raining. Dark clouds covered the sky, making the day seem like night. The neon lights of the city fell from the sky for thousands of miles, lighting up the clouds, and the night returned to day.

In the spacious corridor of the hospital, the sound of high heels hitting the marble floor was crisp and clear. Maeve Foster tied her black hair to the back of her head and wore her medical gown. The stethoscope hanging from her neck emitted a cold, metallic luster.

"Doctor Foster, all three operations are scheduled for the afternoon. There will be an academic exchange at 6 PM …" The intern followed closely behind her, methodically explaining the schedule for the day.

"Doctor Foster, the emergency department just sent a patient over. She bled a lot, so you should quickly go take a look," said the young nurse, hurriedly as she ran in.

"Yes." Maeve nodded and quickly walked toward the emergency room.

Lying on the bed was a pale-faced woman with disheveled hair. She was crying out in pain.

Beside the sickbed, the man's handmade suit tailored to fit him was wrinkled and dyed bright red, without a trace of embarrassment. He stood there with a calm and composed expression. The outline of his face was as clear as a knife's edge. His thin lips were pursed, and his expression was indifferent to the point that it was almost cold.

Maeve hurried over, but when she clearly saw the man's face, she was instantly stunned on the spot, her face turning deathly pale. At this time, the man was also looking at her. After a brief moment of shock, a faint smile appeared in her eyes.

It seemed unfortunate that she was working in this hospital and crossed paths with him.

Maeve quickly shifted her gaze and looked at the patient on the bed. When she lifted the corner of the blanket, she saw that the woman's lower body was covered in blood, and her skirt was dyed a bright red.

"The child can no longer be preserved. Prepare for the operation,” Maeve said to the nurse. Even she couldn't help but admire her calmness at this moment.

The nurse handed the confirmation of the operation over to the man. He received it and quickly signed the name ‘Noah Anderson’ with the golden pen in his hands.

The operation went on for more than two hours, and the child was drained before she could get to the hospital. All Maeve could do was clean the womb and minimize the damage.

After finishing, she walked out of the operating room. She took off her mask and threw it into the treatment box along with her blue surgical gown. She stood there washing her hands when suddenly a deep, magnetic male voice came from behind her. It was a charming voice, but it was mixed with a hint of coldness.

"Aren’t you going to ask me?"

She did not turn her head back because she knew who it was. She had heard this voice for a whole three years.

She washed her hands, dried them under the sterilizer, and turned slowly.

Noah was standing at the door, his tall and straight posture was mostly covered in shadows, his slender fingers were holding onto the cigarette butt, and he was casually exhaling smoke. His handsome face was hidden behind the fog, and the feeling was so hazy that it was almost unreal.

"What about you? Aren’t you gonna explain?" Maeve met his deep gaze, easy to be indifferent, and her tone was surprisingly calm. However, the hand hiding behind her back was trembling uncontrollably. She was waiting for his answer. As long as he said he hadn't done anything wrong, she believed him, even if it was a lie.

However, he didn't. His cold silence completely disappointed her.

Noah carried a small-time woman in his arms and openly stepped into the territory of her legal wife. This action was no different from a slap to her face. However, he was even stingy in giving her an explanation.

At the same time, Noah was currently looking at her with narrowed eyes. He really wanted to tear off the indifferent mask on her face. Married for three years, no matter what he did, no matter how much he provoked, her response would always be cold and unfazed. He really doubted if this woman had a heart.

"Maeve, do you know what it means if a woman doesn't even have the most basic of jealousy? I really don't know what you think of our marriage. " He threw the cigarette butt that had yet to be completely burnt off onto the ground, stamped it out, and then coldly turned around.

As Maeve watched his retreating back, her vision gradually turned blurry with tears. The smile on her lips was bitter as well as sarcastic. Her marriage was to be left alone in a big empty house. Her marriage lasted from hope until despair.

She smiled bitterly, it turned out she was still crying because of this man.

After a while, at her office, a person outside the door symbolically knocked on it a few times. Before she could say 'please enter', the door had already been pushed open and Dina who was dressed in the nurse's uniform walked in, throwing a magazine on the table. It was another boring gossip magazine.

In the recent few issues, the headlines were all about the romantic affairs between the President of Anderson Corporation, Noah Anderson, and the popular model and actress, Feliz Cruz. In this regard, Maeve was already used to it.

"Hey, what’s wrong? Are you crying?” Dina saw that Maeve’s eyes were red, and there were still some tears on her face that she had not wiped away in time.

"No, it was dust.” Maeve lowered her head and vaguely answered.

Dinna shrugged her shoulders, looking disappointed. “Yeah, right. Just continue lying. However, it's easy to deceive others, but it’s difficult to deceive me.”

Maeve laughed bitterly and did not say a word. The dull pain in her heart was so clear.

"I heard your man brought you a problem again. That woman just went to the high trunk ward, and it was you who had performed the abortion! Seriously, Maeve, are you out of your mind? Why would you help her?” Dina taunted.

Maeve picked up the stethoscope and stood up, her gaze as calm as water, "She was brought into the hospital, and I only had a doctor-patient relationship with her. Anything else, you want to say? If none, go check the room for tonight’s operation."

"Wait a moment!" Dina called out to her and passed a test tube to her, "this is Feliz’s embryo specimen."

Maeve painfully turned around, tightly biting her lips, and coldly threw out words, "Throw it away." That thing made her feel nauseous just by looking at it.

"Maeve, you have to understand this as a married person. If you use this to make DNA, even if you will divorce your husband, you still hold his blood.”

Maeve smashed the patient’s case onto the table, and lost control of herself, "I said to throw it away, do you not understand? So, what? Married or divorced, it was never up to me. Even if I got a divorce, even if I was compensated, would money make up for the feelings and youth I'd spent in three years? The more I understand it, the more painful it will be for me.”