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Sorry, I Love You

Sorry, I Love You


Vivian Cheng accidentally had one-night stand with Antony Ku and then gave birth to a daughter. But they were totally strangers to each other back then. Five years later, when they met again, Vivian Cheng has already been married.
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Vivian Cheng's husband and a woman wrapped in quilts were carried by doctors on stretchers and sent to the hospital for first aid.

Vivian Cheng heard the explosive news as soon as she entered the community.

"Gee, it is said that both of them are naked in bed and ... "Neighbor aunt A shook her head and sighed.

"The doctor said it was a fracture of the penis. It's the first time I've heard of such a thing." Neighbor aunt B looked suspicious of it.

"How crazy they are!Unexpectedly,the penis is broken! Oh, how vigorous young people! " Neighbor aunt C was envious of them.

Vivian Cheng's face turned livid with rage.

Her sister gave birth to a child, and she accompanied her for a few days. She didn't expect this kind of biblical shit would happen to her when she came home.

When Vivian Cheng arrived at the hospital, Gene Ku had already come out of the emergency room, lying on a bed for IV. Sitting next to his bed was a quite young, beautiful woman, dressed in the patient's gown.

Upon seeing Vivian Cheng, Gene Ku's face suddenly turned pale, "Vivian, why are you here?"

Vivian Cheng said lightly, "My husband was injured by his lover. He was rushed to hospital in the middle of the night. Of course, I came to visit him."

Hearing Vivian Cheng's words, the young woman smiled scornfully.

Gene Ku got a fright and quickly gave the woman a wink to go out.

The woman sat with her legs crossed, "Gene Ku, what an act of fucking courage you have now! You said you didn't love your wife! You said your wife was frigid and looked like a dead fish in your bed! Now you are pretending to be an extremely good husband again? "

Gene ku was in a hurry. "Peggy Chou!"

"Why are you freaking out?" A young woman named Peggy Chou stood up and gave Vivian Cheng a frivolous blow. "Those who have a love sex drive should not get married. You are a real pest! "

Vivian Cheng smiled, "Then those who feel horny should have the gonads removed in case you have sex with married men. "

Peggy Chou blushed and stared at Vivian Cheng. "How arrogant you are! You are such a bitch who gave birth to a child at the age of 17! No wonder Gene doesn't want you. No man wants to raise an illegitimate child!”

“Peggy Chou!” Gene Ku snapped.

He looked at Vivian Cheng with an embarrassment and guilt.

With a smile,Vivian Cheng walked step by step to Gene Ku's bedside, staring at his face,then raising her hand slapped his face.


Gene ku was so blinded by the fans that he looked puzzled. "You, you hit me?"

He did not expect Vivian Cheng who has always been cold, to be so tough.

Peggy Chou was also shocked. When she scolded Vivian Cheng just now, she was ready to tear her up. Unexpectedly, Vivian Cheng didn't hit her but hit Gene Ku.

"Do you know why I hit you?" Vivian Cheng looked at Gene Ku with a bland expression and pulled the sheets to wipe her hands.

"First, the mistress you looked for is too low-level and vulgar, who makes me sick;"

"Second, it was not my fault to be raped and have a child at the age of 17. You showed others my old scar. You are very cheap. "

"Third, you can't get out of your bed now. Hit you, but you can't fight back. That's a good deal."

Vivian Cheng said calmly and added, "I'll go at first, and when you get well, we'll go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for divorce."

“Vivian!Vivian!Listen to me! "

Ignoring Gene Ku's shouts behind her, Vivian Cheng turned and left.

The moment the ward door was closed, Vivian Cheng's eyes were red.

At the age of 17, she was drugged by her classmates, raped by strange men, and gave birth to her daughter Anna.

In order to conceal this matter, her sister helped her, and claimed that Anna is her daughter.

So, before she married Gene Ku, she already had a five-year-old daughter.

When Gene ku proposed to her, she confessed to him. But he said that he loved her and he didn't care if she had given birth.

However, after six months of their marriage, Gene Ku's eyes were complicated when she offered to take Anna home.

Vivian Cheng knew that he was not happy to raise anyone's children.

However, she did not expect him to cheat.

Vivian Cheng gave a bitter smile and was filled with desolation.

Gene Ku was not happy to marry her. After the initial passion and love subsided, he faced his wife and her illegitimate child before marriage.

The thorn in his heart would grow longer and longer.

Vivian Cheng had nothing to say. She didn't hate Gene Ku too much. It's not easy for anyone to live.

She had her dilemma, and Gene Ku had his pain.