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My Bad Daddy

My Bad Daddy


In order to pay her mother’s operation fee, she agreed on her father’s selfish requirement to replace her sister to give her first night. It was a dark night of desperation. Overnight, she lost everything and ran away abroad. Five years later, she returned with a pair of adorable babies. Suddenly a noble man appeared and stopped her. "Woman, how dare you give birth to my children?" "You've got the wrong person. It was my sister that night." "Do you think that I don’t know who was at that night?" The man said, pushing her against the wall, "now, let's talk about child custody!" "They are mine." "No, you and they are all mines." The man said domineeringly. He was Long Yejue, the most favored inheritor of the Long family. It’s said that he was cold and malicious and never get close to women. However, he only loves her ardently and makes her feel heavenly happy. Who dares to hurt her would get severe punishments! People all say that Mr. Long has a cute daughter who he dotes on very much. In fact, he dotes on his wife even more!
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Late at night in the early morning, the hospital.

In the corridor, a young girl grabbed the arm of a middle-aged man who was about to leave, crying and pleading, "Dad, please, help my mother, please help her, she is dying."

"Your mother is hopeless." The man pulled her hand with coldness.

"No, the doctor said that one million can be operated on, Dad, please give us one million?" The girl's tears wet a tender face.

The middle-aged man suddenly gritted his teeth and drew the girl closer. Looking at this pear flower with rain and lovely and beautiful face, he bent down his head. "Luoluo, you can save your mother, but you must promise me one thing."

"Tell me, I promise, I promise." The girl nodded hastily. As long as she could save her mother, as if to kill her, it was only a matter of words.

"I know you are a good girl, you've also heard about your sister's marriage to the Prince of the Long's group!"

The girl blinked her big and clear eyes, wondering what her father meant by saying this to her. She choked and nodded, "I know!"

"The prince is obsessed with cleanliness. He likes clean women. Your sister has no first night. I want you to take her place."

The girl's slender body softened for a moment and looked at her father with trembling, "Dad, I don't want it!"

The middle-aged man clenched her hand grimly and said in a low voice, "This is the only way to save your mother. As long as you promise, I will give you money immediately, and your mother may be able to save her life. If she misses the best period of the three-day operation, she will be helpless."

There was a flash of anxiety in the girl's eyes. She breathed a sigh of relief and lowered her beautiful face. "Okay, I promise you."

"Good girl, dress up. Tomorrow night is the time for you to give your body. The other party is Prince of Long's Group. You will not suffer." The man patted her on the shoulder happily.

You know, all the girls in the city want to sleep with this man.

The girl sat on the chair with her weak legs and her eyes were glazed and lifeless. One thing made her happy was that her mother was saved.

The next day in the evening, in luxury hotel.

Presidential suite.

In the dark room, the girl sat on the bed in panic, her arms around her hands, shivering.

Suddenly, the door opened and a tall figure stepped forward from the door. He pressed the switch to the light, only to find that the light seemed broken.

And all this was planned.

The girl on the bed gasped and came down from the bed. She used her trembling arms to hug the man's neck, standed on tiptoe and kiss the man's side face with raw red lips not smooth.

After the kiss, when she didn't know what to do, suddenly, the back of her head was buckled by the domineering big palm.

Before she got out, the man spilled a strong alcohol on his lips and kissed the girl's mouth in the dark.

"Well ..." Lips sealed by hot thin lips.

Su Luoluo's brain was blank.

She was somewhat resistant to the invasion of strange and cool male breath.

The man's strong and violent kiss took away her brain and breath. Her brain was dizzy and heavy, and her body was severely pressed on the bed. His overwhleming was fully occupied her.

The following things can no longer be described in words.

In the darkness, her eyes filled with tears ...