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Mr. Right or Not

Mr. Right or Not



When she woke up, her boyfriend had become her brother-in-law, and she had become the b*tch who seduced her brother-in-law. Her little sister had framed her, her mother had insulted her, and her father had even directly expelled her from the family. After losing everything and feeling helpless, that man appeared and from then on, she mistakenly entered the Wealthy Class. However, a woman like a white lotus with an ulterior motive, a fiancée with malicious intentions, a granny who despised her with ill intentions, and a father who was biased against by the Feudal Lords, could she really stay in this Wealthy Class? Threats, evictions, beatings, kidnappings, murders, tearing of votes, countless other means. She had enough of everything and wanted to withdraw, but to her surprise, she discovered that she was pregnant! When she was about to run away, the man said to her, "Jane, the child isn't born yet. Don't even think about getting a divorce!" When the baby was born, the man said to her, "We'll split the baby up after we have one more!" It wasn't easy for her to conceive a second child, but she had twins. The man looked at her, "Three, it's not easy to differentiate …" Jane became angry, "You want to be reborn? What do you think this old lady is? You won't be able to separate from her …"
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After finally sending off the last batch of customers, Jane Sterling went over to wipe the table. However, she had suddenly bent over and felt a bit dizzy, her small face was pale and on the verge of collapse.

"Jane, are you okay? "her face is deathly pale." Just as her little face was about to touch the ground, Harper looked at her beautiful face and spoke with fear lingering in heart.

Jane frowned, after a while, she returned back to normal, then shook her head and threw away all the bad things. Finally, Jane Sterling revealed a faint smile and said: "Thank you, Harper, I'm fine."

As long as she could endure for another half a month and gather all the tuition fees, she would be able to leave the Jane family and graduate. Then, she would be able to go with her beloved man—— Dylan …

Thinking about her fictitious future, Jane Sterling could not help but reveal a sweet and bashful smile.

Harper was naturally stunned. Even though she and her best friend had grown up together, Jane’s extremely beautiful face still constantly stunned her to the depths of her soul.

She could not help but feel indignant and could not hide her excitement as she mumbled, "You are both daughters of the Jane family, yet she spends her daily famous sports car cheques while you work four part—time jobs a day for college tuition!"

"That's fine, but you still have to be like bullies when you return home. You should do whatever they want you to do. Can that group of people even be a bit more decent?" As she spoke, her delicate and pretty face turned red with anger, she felt that her best friend wasn't worth it.

Jane's heart did not waver when she heard this. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw the glass door being pushed open, and immediately pulled at the corner of Harper's clothes.

"Welcome." Although it was time to get off work, they still had to be respectful to their guests.

"Sorry, customer, we're closed." Harper, who was so angry that her eyes were red and her neck was thick, was still fuming. She spoke in a hoarse voice and raised her head.

However, when she saw the other party's face, she was shocked. Then, as if she had been bitten by a cat, she opened her mouth in a daze, unable to speak.

Too handsome.

His light chestnut hair covered long and narrow peach blossom eyes. It was deep and had a hint of light blue in it. His sharp gaze seemed to be able to pierce through people's hearts. His eyebrows were proud and calm.

The complex adjective was perfectly combined together. His exquisite facial features did not seem to have a single blemish. A suit that had been cut to perfection outlined his perfect slim figure.

He was much more dazzling than the male actors in the various portraits on television.

Harper, who was naturally fond of handsome men, was so excited that her saliva almost flowed out. Just as she was about to surround him, a pair of slender jade arms grabbed onto the man's arms, revealing a hot and beautiful woman.

"Matthew, although the steaks are unknown, but the steaks are authentic. You have to work so hard, so you must eat more."

Her tone was flirtatious as she rubbed the man's arm, her body tilting to the side like she had no bones. The people beside her were all covered in cold sweat from the nine inches high heels she wore.

Matthew’s eyes flashed with a trace of disgust, and heartlessly pushed her away. He elegantly and indifferently walked to the table and sat down.

"What are you looking at? You don't know how to use the menu." The beautiful woman staggered and supported herself on the threshold before she finally steadied herself. She couldn't help but yell out.

"My apologies, but our shop has closed for the day." Why does the handsome guy have a girlfriend when he doesn't have a boyfriend? Harper pouted and asked dryly.

"What?" If you don't cook, why would you open a restaurant? " Anna, who had gone through so much trouble to get Matthew Quentina to call him out, was enraged and scolded loudly. Her stained fingers moved, almost stabbing into Harper's face.

"Hey, it's 11 PM now. Everyone working in the restaurant has to rest. Who knew that you would come out in the middle of the night to find food." Harper was so angry that she would explode if she had just a little temper.

"I want to have something, you must have." Without any intention to argue, the woman looked at the two of them with a twisted expression. She then clapped her hands, and men in black, who had slipped away like a wisp of smoke, entered the room.

With their imposing appearance, any one of them could crush them to death.

Jane and Harper's faces instantly turned pale white.

"I want you to teach them a lesson." Anna, who had been a beloved daughter since she was young, had always been this way. How could she allow others to disobey her, so she opened her mouth, gritting her teeth with a sinister look on her face.

"Enough, go back." Jane Sterling sucked in a breath of cold air. Just as she was about to speak, a cold and hazy voice sounded out, and then, that domineering wild man stood up and left.

A bunch of blind people wouldn't do it? He, Matthew Quentina, did not even care about eating it.

"Matthew, you still haven't eaten even after working overtime." Seeing that the man who had waited a whole day was about to leave, Anna was dumbstruck and anxiously urged to stay.

She had to succeed tonight. After all, family smith was going to marry her out soon. If she did not take Matthew Quentina down now, she would run out of time.

However, no matter how much she shouted, the man's calm figure showed no signs of stopping. He was just about to push open the door and walk out.

"Wait." Her elegant and graceful voice sounded out, instantly attracting everyone's gaze.

Jane's words contained all of her courage.

There was no helping it, if the man left, then this woman would definitely destroy their restaurant. With so many people around, the two of them would definitely be affected!

She couldn't afford to offend such a big character. She only wanted to be safe, so she would do her best to serve him!

The man actually stopped, looking at her in surprise.

Jane swallowed her saliva, and carefully said: "I will make a simple meal for you, if you don't mind, you can stay." The last few words were spoken in a nasal voice.

Anna's eyes lit up, and looked over pleadingly.

Matthew Quentina looked at her indifferently, then turned and walked back.

Thank God, Jane was the best.

Harper, who was able to look at the handsome guy for a few more seconds, became excited, ran over with the menu in hand, like a wisp of smoke.

"Hello, mister. Jane's specialty is Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs with Fish and Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs."

This fellow was truly one to not know the worries of the world!

Jane sighed, turned and walked towards the kitchen, she did not know what was left over, enmm, pray to satisfy that Mister!

Anna looked at Jane Sterling and frowned, then a look of disdain flashed past her eyes. A waiter who cooked, no matter how good—looking she was, what use did it have?

Anna glanced at the man, but the man didn't look over. She merely took out an exquisite bottle from her pocket and sprayed the contents onto her body with a mysterious smile.

She had spent a large amount of money to buy it in the black market. It was said that it could allow all men to return to their wild nature and indulge in whatever they wanted!

After tonight, Matthew Quentina would be hers.