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My Boyfriend is Immortal

My Boyfriend is Immortal



Wants to pounce on a man and eat him alive! Do it! Wipe! Clean! What kind of experience was this? Ever since Yue Fan met this man, he could no longer hold back the wild power surging through his body, and launched his thirty-six bewitchment moves against this man, as well as his unparalleled, whirlwind of life! However, this man's mental fortitude was extremely high! He actually managed to escape time and time again! Uncle can bear it, Aunt can't! Yue Yan only had one sentence for the man she wanted to sleep with: "Lie down!"
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Yue Long felt that she was leching.

In her heart, if she wanted to fuck another man, she simply couldn't control her strength.

She didn't know why, since she was clearly a proper lady in the past!

Well, maybe it was a woman.

But now, she looked at the man in front of her. His brows were deep, and his nose was high. He had a thin face and thin lips. She didn't know why, but she really wanted to get close to him.

She really want to.

All the cells in her body were boiling and hooting. She felt like a female cat in heat, but there was nothing she could do.

Calm down! Calm down!

She tried her best to control herself, repeatedly admonishing herself that there was a bar. Had she been drugged? But she hadn't eaten or drank since she'd come in.

The man opposite her had obviously noticed her staring at him. He turned his face to her and smiled. "Miss, are you alone?"

These words were like sparks flying everywhere, directly landing on Yue Long's heart that was already rippling, and with a "Pa" sound, it ignited her.

"I came with a friend," she said, her voice tinged with charm that she did not know. "I dropped something and came to look for."

"Oh?" The man seemed very interested. "What did you drop? I'll help you find it. "

She leaned close to him and smiled. "There's no need to look for. It's dropped on you."

The man's eyes looked even more playful. "Oh? "What is it?" He leaned over and even gently put his arm around her waist. "Is it your heart?"

She lightly laughed and said, "How could my heart fall on you so easily?"

The man's tone was even more amused. "What did you drop?"

"Interest." He was staring into her eyes, glowing seductively. "Interesting."

He laughed softly, a soft tremor in her voice. "What a coincidence, I dropped the same thing on you."

He bent down and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

She did not refuse, and the smile turned into a grin. The man took her in his arms and led her out of the bar. She still didn't refuse, but the word "crush" flashed through her mind.

After being provoked by the cold wind, Yue Long's mind became a little clearer. She started to be baffled, could it be that she had allowed someone to get her so easily? While she was hesitating, the man had already taken off his jacket and put it on her. She gently asked, "To the hotel?"

Yue Long instinctively wanted to reject, but as she slightly raised her head, she saw the man's arrogant eyes, causing her heart to surge again.


There were a lot of taxis waiting for customers in front of the bar. The man casually waved his hand and a taxi came over. The man opened the door of the car and showed her in. She had only taken a step forward when her wrist was seized and jerked back.

Yue Long staggered a little and fell into a person's arms.

A warm, warm embrace.

The man quickly let go of her hand, but the tall figure was already standing in front of her, saying to the man with the taxi door, " Go fuck off."

Ther request sounded especially calm.

His voice was steady, powerful and slightly hoarse, like a low pitched cannon. It actually made Yue Long's body feel like electricity getting through.

Yue Long looked at the figure in front of her in astonishment. She felt extremely comfortable no matter how she looked at him, and did not know what he looked like. The man who invited him to the hotel was obviously annoyed and sneered disdainfully: "You are so arrogant ,aren't you? Who are you? Why are you pulling my girlfriend? "And tell me to scram, fuck off!"

As the man spoke, he reached out his hand to pull Yue Long, but before her hand could even touch her, it was grabbed by the person behind him. Yue Long saw that he did not use much strength, but the man had already started to wail, "It hurts, it hurts! "Let me go!"

"F * ck off." He calmly spat out the word once more and released his hand.