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Author:Floating Dust


Chu Ge lived a tough life as a nobody in the bottom of the society. Unemployed at home, he was lucky enough to escape the zombie's infection. It was not until he left the home in which he had lived for more than 20 years did he realize that the end of the world had just begun ... ...Want to live, Then, make every effort!
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The End of the World

Antarctica, somewhere on the vast and white expanse of the earth. Several expeditioners, uniformly wearing an orange coat, were ready to remove some swarthy things out of the ice with ice—breaking tools. That thing did not look big, probably only a bedside cabinet size.

“Oh, this weather is getting hot!” Looking at the thermometer, one of the men could not help sighing.

The greenhouse effect in recent years was getting more serious. From minus 45 degrees at the beginning to the present minus 30, it took only a decade.

Although the ice did not melt, because of the rise in temperature, much had begun to split.

Since last year they had found many animal and plant bodies in these ice crevices. Many of them were old guys which had been frozen for hundreds of thousands of years or even millions of years, such as the 500,000—years old mammoth, 1 million—year penguin fossils and so on.

They had seen too much of these things to feel surprised. Some time ago, they even found a trilobite with the sign of life! It was difficult to imagine how life could survive in such harsh environment.

“Three two one! Three two one!”

The expeditioners in orange coat were pulling the rope hard, trying to pull up a piece of ice wrapping some animal or plant creature’s body.

“Come on, try harder!” The leader of the expedition team encouraged everyone. The piece of ice had almost been pulled up.

A piece of ice, of the size of three vertical air conditioners adding up, was pulled up. A mysterious dark body vaguely revealed.

“What is this thing?” The expeditioners curiously observed this dark thing with their eyes wide open.

“As I say, it will not be our ancestor, will it?”

The thing, with almost black fur, sharp little head, a long tail, looked exactly like a monkey. The expeditioners couldn’t help imagining a monkey jumping up down on the tree hundreds of thousands of years ago.

“Well, that’s it. Today's task is completed. Recruitment!” The leader said and then urged everyone to pack.

It would be better to go back to those professionals to detect than wild guesses.

“That’s right! Let’s go back!” Many people agreed with the leader’s suggestion.

In order to pull up this thing, they had been busy working for two or three days.

They carefully put the “ancestor” into a special backpack, walked in the direction of the expedition.

Room 301, Waterfront Apartment 12, Yaojiang County.

A man with stubble was lying on the bed, eyes staring at the ceiling, at a loss. He was about twenty—six to twenty—seven years old.

The young man’s name is Chu Ge, a college student majored in Computer Science in a third—tier university.

He became a maintenance technician in a computer shop since graduation. In a layman’s term, this is a technical job. But in the view of the real pros, the threshold of maintenance technician is very low.

His work was extremely simple, nothing more than the detection of failure and repair, doesn’t contain much technical content.

This also led to the fact that his salary was no more than three thousand yuan even though he had worked for more than three years. The house he lived in is the largest property of him. It is the only memorial his parents left him.

As a nobody in the bottom of the society, he always felt that the society had long belonged to the rich.

Rich people are getting richer, and poor people are getting poorer. Some people are born with endless family wealth and the most enjoyable life. Some people are born with heavy suffer and extreme poverty.

With the words of the Internet, the poor life is like chronic poison, you will surely be poisoned after a long time!

A week ago, Chu Ge fired his boss because the boss secretly rose the salary of the front desk receptionist, a beautiful girl, while his salary was the same.

If this can be tolerated, what cannot?

Chu Ge lost his job, stayed at home for a whole week, thinking how he could live on his own from now on.

“Here comes the latest news. The rocket launched on 10 this month of Country M, exploded in the clouds because of fuel leakage, three astronauts lost their life with misfortune ... ...”

A sudden news broke the thought of Chu Ge.

“What an impermanent life! Who knows will there be an accidental death for themselves in the next second? When I was 12, I did not expect my parents would both die in the car accident, did I? What the hell, let me fall once!”

At that moment, Chu Ge made a decision which in his opinion was the most correct one in his life————sitting idle and eating until everything was used up. He was ready to spend all the money, staying at home to escape the reality.

With a strict budget of every penny, he bought a car full of things to eat with all the money he had. 30 boxes l of Lucky Brand instant noodles, ten boxes of Shuanghui ham, ten barrels of mineral water, five boxes of biscuits, five boxes of dried tofu, three bags of ten pounds of Rice and a box of mustard.

Lucky Brand instant noodle is very popular for it is cheap and especially delicious when it is dry. Ham sausage, dried tofu are small snacks for rare sumptuous meals. Cookies are perfect substitution when you are tired of instant noodles, and rice and mustard can be the staple food. With these things, he doesn’t have to go out for at least two months!

With a satisfied look at all these things, Chu song lied on the bed, turned on his cellphone and began to read web novels.

This was his favorite thing to do in leisure time. Sleep when tired, eat when hungry and drink when thirsty.

Room 301 was drowsy with the curtain tightly held, hard to tell the day and the night.

Over half a month flashed over!

“Help! Help!”

“Ah ... ah ... ah ... ...”

Screams of men and women mixed with another kind of gloomy voice came in from the window. Chu Ge was awakened by these sustained voices. In curiosity, he struggled to get up from the bed.

He slowly walked to the window, draw back the curtain, rubbed the stumbled eyes, and habitually opened the window. A thick smell of blood floated in from the window, making him clear—minded at once.

The scene in front of his eyes was completely the hell! The road was filled with blood, endless screams and cries formed a feast of blood and tears.

At a shop where Chu Ge often bought drinks, a middle—aged man was lying on the ground, screaming loudly, surrounded by several people who were strangely squatting aside, groping something in that person's stomach.

A big blood pool mouth suddenly turned to the direction where Chu Ge stood, blood dripping to the ground from the mouth.

Wow ... ... as a small figure, Chu Ge had never seen such a bloody scene before. Somersault suddenly burst out in his stomach. He hurriedly covered his mouth with his hand. With this disgusting, he closed the window firmly, and pulled up the curtains.

After five minutes of throw up in the toilet, he completely accepted the reality – zombies, which were usually known in the novel, had appeared in the real world!

The End of the world!