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In Arms of My Evil Husband

In Arms of My Evil Husband



  Overnight, she was awake. She found herself lying on her ex-boyfriend’s bed. “Women, you are tactful. You can get there so as to sleep with me.” He was really handsome and really disgusted her. He was dressed and decided to take a leave. He was an honored CEO, but took a bill from five years ago to make her have sex. All kinds of postures he requests need to be satisfied. She felt softened and gritted her teeth in anger: “You are such a monster. Get away from me!” The man laughed, “Want U”, and ravished a kiss on her.
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The sky was bright.

Joyce Garcia was woken up by the pain. Her temples jumped so hard. She seemed to have drunk a lot of wine last night. She lifted her right hand from the bed and pressed it hard. It hurt so much.

It had been a long time since she last drank so much. She knew that she would have a headache when she drank.

It's all Chelsea's fault.

Joyce Garcia sat up from the bed in confusion and realized that she was not at her own home. Looking at the decoration, she was in a hotel!

"You're awake."

The baritone sounded without any ups and downs. Joyce Garcia's body trembled and her instinctive reaction backed off.

She hurriedly clung to the side of the bed and casually grabbed a pillow from the bed, "Wa…Warren?"

What was going on?

Wasn't she celebrating Chelsea's birthday last night? Why did she lie on Warren Lewis's bed now?

Warren Lewis leaned on the bed with his handsome face. He looked at Joyce Garcia with deep and dark eyes, and smirked at her, " Joyce, you are really capable. You can even find here to sleep me. Ha ha... "

"I have slept with you?" Joyce Garcia's brain instantly messed up.

She had not interacted with this man for four years. Apart from seeing him on the news from time to time, in private, they had never seen each other at all. No, it should be said that as long as it was where Warren Lewis appeared, Joyce Garcia definitely tried her best to detour, so how could she go to sleep with him?

She was not ill again.

"Tell me, what do you want to do this time?" Warren Lewis suddenly said coldly.

Joyce Garcia, who was already having a headache, was so asked by him. Her brain was even more ache, she didn't want to do anything, nor did she want to do anything with Warren Lewis. What was going on? But now, apart from remembering that she had been drinking with Chelsea last night, she had a mess in her head and couldn't remember what had happened after that.

Before she could say anything, Warren Lewis's voice sounded again, "Joyce Garcia, I haven't seen you for so many years. You are still the same. You can do anything for money! "

Warren Lewis's words were thorny, and he rigorously stuck in Joyce Garcia's heart.

"Warren Lewis, do you have a paranoia? Are rich second generations like you guys thinking about countless women crawling on your bed anytime, anywhere? You really think you're a sweetheart!".

"You don't have to lie to me. It's not certain who has the advantage!""

Warren Lewis laughed coldly, and sat up suddenly from the bed, So what do you mean is that I am so short of women that I have to turn back to you?"

Joyce Garcia was about to fight back. There was a rush of kicking at the door.

The door slammed open and Joyce Garcia's heart tightened. She never thought that the person standing outside was actually her boyfriend, Powell Bell.

Powell Bell gasped, standing in front of Joyce Garcia in anger, staring at Joyce and Warren ferociously.

"Joyce Garcia!"

Looking at the toilet paper scattered on the ground, Powell Bell completely lost his previous senses and saw Joyce Garcia and roared.