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Chosen For Pleasure Billionaires Like It Rough

Chosen For Pleasure Billionaires Like It Rough

Author:Bebo Elnadi


Warning...R-18. Mature content. When I ran away from my abusive boyfriend with my papá’s help, I thought I was finally free. But the man who should help me to get out of that problem was worse. He manhandles me, ignites my body on fire and calls me a slave. I thought he was going to help me to leave the country, but what he wants was way sinister. “I like it when you fear me, esclava. It makes my head spin and body soar. It is like my personal drug now. Even though it has been a week since I knew you, but finally I have found it. You give me what no other woman did.” These were the words that changed my life forever and sealed my fate.
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I want to start this book with a small disclaimer.

This is not a 100% BDSM book!! Even though I will touch some aspects of the life style, still I’m not the one to talk about it professionally.

Yes this book will touch issues like Master/Slave relationship, but sometimes it will be on the rough side.

I want to say that consent is everything. There is no gray zones here. It is either yes or a definite no.

Rape is still rape, it doesn’t matter if the person who did it was a lover or a loved one.

This book is about sex, ownership, possession, and maybe survival in an ugly world, and how far would you go to be safe.

This is a DARK ROMANCE where the lines get blurry.

All I can promise you is that you will enjoy reading this book and love the storyline that will be full of surprises, heartache and twisted love.

Chapter 1

I cowered away from him and pressed myself into the wall’s corner. Franco glared at me and spat in my face.

“You think that you can escape me, Puta? I will get you each time you run away. Don’t you ever think that this thing between us would be over because you wanted it to?”

I whimpered when he advanced menacingly toward me and dragged me on the floor by my hair.

“Please Franco. I won’t do it again. Forgive me.”

I pleaded, and he chuckled, then threw me on the bed. I crawled backward until my ass hit the bed’s headboard.

“It is too late now, doll. Not after trying to run away with my baby. A baby I knew nothing about. A bastard I didn’t want.”

He said and crawled towards me and I closed my eyes and hid my head in my lap and tried to protect my belly in fatal position.

Wrong hit and I would lose the fetus. It isn’t their fault that they were the fruit of this unhealthy relationship.

He kneeled in front of me and slapped me upside the head and I moaned in pain without moving.

“What are you doing, Violeta? That thing inside you can’t see the light. Father would kill you both if he knew. And you are too precious for me to lose you, bebé.”

I shook my head, not believing him. Love? What kind of love is that?

“No Please let me go and I will leave the country. You will never hear about us ever again. Just let us go, Franco. I swear on my mother’s grave that I will never show up in your life again.”

He growled and pulled my hair again, but this time I felt the strands give up and my scalp burned.

“Qué chingados!” ‘What the fuck!’

“Did you hear what I just said? I will never let you go. Leta. You are mine. The only way to escape me is death and even that you won’t be able to get it.”

I gasped when he slapped my face hard that my lips got busted and bled out.

Then he pushed me on my back and started punching my stomach.

I screamed for help several times, but of course, no one rushed to help me. I was all by myself.

I tried to push him away, but I was exhausted and my head started to spin.

“This thing must die.”

He punctuated each word with a punch, then stopped and panted. I used that small opening and went on all four to the floor again.

I didn’t go far. The last ounce of strength inside of me was drained and I gasped for breath a few feet away from the bedroom door.

“You know?”

He said and stood, then took off his leather jacket and lit a cigarette.

“I was planning to introduce you to my padre. I was going to tell him this is the princess who stole your son’s heart, but look what you have done, Leta. You have ruined everything, with this pregnancy shit.”

I whimpered when he stood in front of me, taking big drags on his cigarette, and kicked me twice in my stomach.

I gasped when a massive convulsion rocked my body. I cried out when it happened again and I felt my body seize.

I screamed when I felt the warm blood drench my thighs. I have lost the fetus. It is gone now.

“Finally, that fucker was hanging on for dear life.”

My boyfriend said, chuckling, then crouched beside me and held my bruised face in his hand, and made me look at him.

“Baby, I’m doing this for your own good. We can’t have kids now, they complicate things. Not to mention that we are still students.”

He kissed my forehead lovingly and smiled at me.

“Now, we can continue our lives without worrying about anything. I will introduce you to my father still, but when you get better. Just look at the mess that you have made.”

He held me easily in his arms and walked to the bed again.

“Tomas, come here.”

He called for his bodyguard, and the man walked into the bedroom. He looked around him and then his eyes fixated on me.

It was the first time any of Franco’s men entered our room. He was a jealous man and always thought that I might seduce them.

“Go to the pharmacy and buy something for that bleeding. Tell them that your wife had a miscarriage. Be quick.”

The big man looked at me with cold, unblinking eyes and I cried harder because of shame, not pain.

Even though there was not a single speck of pity in the man’s eye, I can see that he felt sorry for me.

Like when you kick a dog and then regret it.

“What the fuck are you looking at, Tomas? Stop looking at my puta or I will kill you. Now Cabron.”

Tomas nodded and left, but not before he gave me a single calculating frown.

“Shush, sugar. You will be ok. I’m sorry for what happened, but you made me do it, baby. You know how much I Love You right?”

Franco said while caressing my face soothingly and I kept on sobbing without answering him.

I looked at his handsome face and my heart beat violently. How come I didn’t see behind that façade?

In the beginning, I was blinded by how handsome he was and how he treated me like a queen.

All of our friends envied me, they all said that Franco was smitten and I believed them at the time.

He always bought me flowers and gifts. He was attentive and looking after me.

He would stay for hours waiting for me to finish my classes so we can spend the night together.

At the moment I thought that he loved me. But a year later, I have learned the truth.

He just loved possessing me. Loved having the cute, shy girl between his arms. He liked the image we portrayed as a perfect couple.

The moment I had told him that we were done, was when everything in my life changed. The abuse and humiliation started.

He pushed my friends away, put someone on my tail, and was always watching me.

I tried to run, god knows how much I have tried, but he was a move ahead of me each time.

He didn’t stop me; he liked the chase and how I would shatter into pieces each time he caught me.

But this last time was different. When I found out that I was pregnant, I had to try again.

I can’t bring a baby into this world to suffer.

That’s when I decided I would run away for them and me. And I almost made it.

I was this close to escaping that hell, but he had found me.

And now I had lost everything. I have lost myself, my future, and my unborn baby.