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Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast

Author:Bella D'Luca


Bella Knight is 18 year old girl. Her parents died when she was young and was brought up in an orphanage till she turned 18. she had worked hard saved up money to buy a house of her own house. she is very shy, sweet, caring and kind soul. she works at café down the street. Xavier Romano is 24 years old. He is the Alpha of the silver moon pack. it is the most strongest, largest and wittiest pack around the world. he is a ruthless man. he shows little to no mercy. He do have a beautiful family. He has a mother and father who were the previous Alpha and Luna. He has been searching for his mate for 6 years now and has failed. ___ I saw his eyes changing from blue to pitch black. The sobs that left me became quiet fearing of him. More tears started to leave my eyes. In a matter of seconds he was standing in front of me. He nuzzled his head where my shoulder and neck meets. He starts sniffing me. The tears have yet to stop. "I have just found you and I am never letting you go. Not now. Not ever." he stated as he growled at the last. I started to cry more. Soon darkness engulfed me.
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    I woke up as the sun starts to shine through the curtain. I guess I forgot to close the curtains yesterday. Just then my alarm clock starts to ring. I shut off my alarm and grabbed my towels and undergarments to take a shower. As I was in the shower I started to wet my hair, hum ' into you' by Ariana Grande. I took the vanilla scented shampoo from the body shop and squeezed it into my hand and start massaging it around my head. Soon after I applied the vanilla scented conditioner and strawberry body wash and I was done.

             After finishing other morning routines with a liner and mascara, I grabbed a granola bar and put on my sneaker and left for college. It was my final year. I was capable to skip a few years, hence I was doing my last year. I cannot wait to finish school - which would be in a two months- and get out to work. I loved the freedom I have. Since I was brought up in the orphanage I experienced little freedom.

             I start to walk down the street as my college was just walking distance. I plugged on my earpiece and start listening to heart attack by Enrique Iglesias. I still had time so I did not rush to get to school. I always admired silence yet I hated it sometime. Silence gives me time to think. Yet it reminds me of the lonely life I live without my parents. The thought of that awful memory never fails to bring tears. I tried to push those memories back. 'thousand years' by Christina Perri came. a smile came up to my lips soon. I always imagined dancing to this song with the person I love.

          Soon I reached my college. Once I was there, I went straight to my locker to grab some books and put the books away I would not be needing. "Boo" a voice was suddenly heard out of nowhere. I yelped as I turned around to see the reason behind the sound only to come face to face with my two best friends, Alec and Avery. They were trying their best not to laugh out at me but completely failing as they burst out loud. "your face tho. It was priceless. ha ha ha." Alec said out loud. "Ya. you should have seen your face." Avery said as she continue laughing. I start to pout when Alec and Avery start to pinch my cheeks stating how cute I was as I swat their hands away, soon the bell rang for us to get to our classes.

            I was majoring computer science while Avery was majoring in fashion and Alec was majoring in Business. As I entered the class, the few people that was sitting around, turned to me. I turned crimson red due the attention i had gathered. People just smiled at me and returned to whatever they were doing. I never like being the centre of attention. There was not really a person who dislikes me or hate me. Yet I was always shy and insecure. I quickly went to sit at the back left-hand side of the class. The teacher had yet to come hence I start staring at the forest that was a few metres away from the school

           I always liked the forests. It was like alluring me. I just stared at the trees and leaves as the morning mist drop. Soon the teacher came and start the class. I was carefully listening as I really wanted to do well and graduate. Sooner or later the bell rang for lunch. I gathered my things and headed to the cafeteria.

            It was loud and crowded. I spotted my friends I rushed to them. After waving them a Hi we went to buy our food. I payed for my bacon and ham with cheese sandwich and after all of us buying, we grabbed a table and sat to eat. After a few minutes Alec's mum called stating they had a family gathering to attend. Although I was happy for him, I was jealous. I hid that and smiled at them. Soon the lunch was over and we went for our classes

  After few more hours-----

           Classes was over and I had the idea of going to the library. As I entered the library, I went to grab some material for the upcoming assignment. Later on I decided that I would like to read a book and had the right book in my mind. I went to one of the shelf and reached for 'love story' by Erich Segal. It was my favourite. I borrowed the book, and went to one corner and sat down to read. Soon I was engulfed by the book. Without realising I drifting of to sleep.

             I was awoke by the droplet sound that was hitting the window. When I peeked outside, I was shocked. It was night already. I quickly grabbed the book and my bag pack and headed out. I had no other choice but to get wet. I decided to go pass the forest which was shorter than the normal route I would take. I start to slow jog as I did not want to fall. I entered the forest but felt something different. I ignored it and start to jog slowly.

  What I heard in a few minutes later made me regret coming this way.

  I heard a loud HOWL coming from the forest.