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Something About Evette

Something About Evette



Theophilus Baron, a tall and handsome young man is always buried and drowning in the load of his work as the founder and CEO of a very successful company in the city and the breadwinner of his family. He is an architectural engineer and has proved to be a very successful man. Admired by all women and envied by men for his success. He has a deep seated dislike for women which none knows where it is coming from. He has never been in a sexual relationship, he doesn’t know how to deal with any other woman who isn’t his family member. His family is worried and keep questioning his sexuality. An elegant, yet so carefree woman by the name of Evette came waltzing into his life as his executive employee. They were not up to a good start when she noticed his ‘foul’ attitude towards women and vows to force him into change. Mr CEO experiences a turmoil of emotions as he interacts with this woman. Will his attitude change or will he remain rude and hateful towards women?
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“Hi there Ms, can I see your boss” Evette said to the receptionist in front of her. The receptionist looked at her, giggled and said “do you have an appointment Ms?”

“No, but it’s important” Evette said her voice sounding exasperated already. She knows she came earlier than anticipated but she needed to come early anyways. The receptionist took a few seconds glaring at Evette her eyes looking over the top of her eyeglasses while she annoyingly chew her gum.

“Like I said, you can only see the boss if you had prior appointment Ms. I’m sorry I can’t help. The boss is extremely busy” the receptionist called Maya said while her eyes were glued to the computer screen infront of her as she lightly tapped on the keyboard.

“Hello, do you even know who I am? You never even asked me yet you are dismissing me. I could be your next boss for all you care to know. Is this how you usually behave with clients? Well, if you ask me, that could send the potential investors parking” Evette asked clearly appalled at this young lady’s behavior. Meanwhile, Ms Chewing gum here didn’t show that she was bothered that much. Maya was very reluctant and did not look fazed in any way. She kept fiddling with the keys of her laptop while annoyingly chewing her gum.

She couldn’t believe she is going to work in this place, alongside such an indifferent person. “What is your name Ms?” asked Evette checking for the receptionist’s name tag.

“mmh, call me Ms Long please, and please excuse my words ma'am but I’m definitely doing my job exactly how I’m supposed to here. I cannot sneak people in without appointment just simply because they look pretty like you” Maya responded with a giggle still looking at Evette through the bridge of her eyeglasses, the thing that annoyed Evette along with the irritating sound of chewing. Behind that look, Maya Long secretly admired Evette’s style and prowess. She somehow pictured Evette as some fierce heroine. She thought Evette was very gorgeous and confident and she wished she could have even a little of this woman’s charm. Meanwhile, Evette didn’t know she was being secretly admired, she was totally pissed off by this receptionist if anything!

“I understand you are doing your work but you are doing it terribly. Aren’t you supposed to have atleast asked who I am because if you did then you would find out who I am and that I don’t need any appointment to see your boss?” howled Evette her patience slowly reaching it’s limit.

“Ok I get your point, I’m sorry ma’am, may I know your name?” asked Maya the tone of her voice somewhat lighter. “Evette Scott” responded Evette.

Maya hummed along the name in a sing song as she typed it on the computer infront of her and soon her eye balls were literally popping out of their sockets. “M.. Ms, I, I’m so s..sorry, I-I didn’t know. Welcome. Please take a seat I’ll quickly make a phone call” stuttered Maya as she grabbed the receiver to make a call.

‘Suddenly she stutters, Pfft!’ Evette silently scoffed as she went to sit down wondering what IQ this receptionist has that it took her a whole thirty minutes of lecture to finally knock it in her thick skull. Well, it wasn’t really thirty minutes, with Ms Evette, things are always exaggerated. It wasn’t even five minutes yet.

After making the phone call, Maya approached Evette who was now paging through a magazine on her lap. “The boss's secretary will soon be with you, he is finishing up something quickly. What can I get you? Tea, coffee, juice or water?” asked a now humbled Maya. “Water is fine thanks” responded Evette.