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Her Second Chance Triplet Alphas

Her Second Chance Triplet Alphas



“If you hadn't had a mate, you might have been the mate of the triplets.” “You’re so lucky. The things I'd to those triplets if I lived with them like you.” All the women are jealous that I am friends with the sexy triplet mate. But they don't know that we are no longer ordinary friends. Believe me, they are so hot that no woman can resist their temptation. But it won't last long. They are going to shift soon. Goddess will give them their own mate, and that will never be me, a woman who once had a mate.
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"Let me pass!" Henry said, pushing the door and jumping out of his brother's car. He holds Rose in his arms.

She seems like a flea in his muscular arms, but he is not holding her because of some romantic activity, he is holding her because she is not able to sustain not even her own weight.

“Do you need help with her?” Mike asked while he was following Rose, but he kept some distance not wanting to look too involved, but at the same time with a total lack of interest about what was going on. In the end Rose is the daughter of Eclipse Pack’s beta. Nate Maloney was his father's right hand for more than twenty years, he can’t just stay and do nothing.

“Let me hold her!” Nate said and almost burst in tears seeing Rose in this state. It was clear that she cried. Her face was saddened and she looked thinner.

“ My baby girl” Kate, Rose’s mother whispered and came closer too, trying to touch her daughter, but Henry didn’t stop and he commanded them to make room and let him walk with Rose.

It is hard to explain what is going on, from the beginning I should say that Rose is not an Eclipse Pack member anymore. She was raised here but she followed her fated mate to Orion Pack. Henry and his brothers know her too well, because she was always close to them, even if she was one year older than them, but it was interesting to have her around.

For them , as Alpha Triplets and future Alphas of Eclipse Pack, it was interesting to have a girl around. They grew up watching her and learning everything about girls from her.

Rose Maloney was a bad-ass girl. Always trying to overcome her limits and to be stronger and stronger every day. Until one day, when she found her fated mate and just left, leaving everything just to follow her dream. To be with her fated mate.

Finding her today , in this state, shocked Henry, and even Mike and Jesse but they couldn't help her more. Taking her back to Eclipse Pack, alive, is already a lot.

“What the hell happened with her, son?” Alpha Greg asked and came closer, while Luna Rebecca ran to Kate Maloney and held her in her arms, whispering that everything will be alright.

“ Some fucking rogues happened, dad” Henry said as he placed Rose on the sofa in the packhouse living room. “Orion Pack was attacked. I never saw something like that!”

“What do you mean that Orion Pack was attacked?” Greg Craig asked. “ I talked with Alpha Stevenson in the morning!” but Mike stops him and said:

“And now he is dead. Everything was destroyed. We were coming back from the town and we smelled the rogues close to Orion Pack. Following them we just arrived in the middle of that shit. There is nothing left, dad” Mike said and he is pissed off, just thinking about what happened.

“I found Rose mistakenly and I saved her.” Henry said. “We were at a disadvantage and we could not fight them. Three against a horde of wolves, it was too risky, but I found her fainted and I took her with me.”

“Please” Nate said. “Let me see her, Henry.”

“She is not injured, uncle Nate” Henry said , because even though he was his father’s beta, for Henry , Nate was family. “She is just in shock, but she is not seriously wounded. I would have brought her to the hospital, but there is not a bit of blood around her.”

“Let me carry her to her former room” Nate said again, as he was eager to help his daughter but Henry said:

“I will carry her!” making Mike look at him, and follow him with his eyes.

“What are you doing?” Mike asked using his mindlink.

“I am helping Rose, that’s all” and took her in his arms , in bridal style and walked away with her, holding her at his chest.

Poor Rose looked like crap. But what is sad is the fact that all her emotions can be seen on her face. it is a sadness that is deeply imprinted in her being. What the hell happened with the sweet girl that was laughing and making the triplets have wet dreams when they were young? She was the most beautiful girl in Eclipse Pack, and not only there, but right now she is not even able to look in someone's eyes.

“Rose” Jesse, the third son of Alpha Greg and Luna Rebecca said . “What the hell happened in your pack?”

“We were attacked, that’s all…” she answered but she sat on her bed and held her knees to her chest.

“I know that. But why?” Jesse asked again , in a very commanding way, but his alpha command has no effect on Rose, as she is not an Eclipse Pack member right now.

“I don’t know,” she said, avoiding his cold face. She hasn't even looked at him since Henry brought her here, but from his voice she already knows that he is a tough man. If his brothers are not rude with her, Jesse is from another story. He always seems to play a game like ” I hate you but I like you” and he is confusing her. So she prefers to ignore him. He is always pissed off in her presence, so she would better make him stop asking her things and leave her alone.

“You don’t know?” Jesse asked, laughing. “How the hell you don’t know? What were you doing while you were attacked? You were picking flowers?”

“Yeah…” Rose said and this time looked in his eyes, but her heart was bleeding in pain, just remembering what happened. “That’s what I was doing”

She fought with all her heart and tried to be brave but she was just knocked out.

“What a jerk,” She whispered in her mind.

“Thank you for helping and saving me, Alpha '' she said looking at Henry and bowed her head.

“Why don’t you speak with them?” Angel , her wolf said in her mind.

“Because I can't,” Rose said in a whisperer, as if someone could hear her thoughts.

“We are safe here” Angel said again, but this time she tried to help Rose to calm herself.

“can you leave me alone, please?” Rose said, looking at her trembling hands. “I need to shower and change my clothes. I feel the smell of blood on me and I can’t stand it. I just need a little bit alone, please”

“Sweetie, you are home now” Kate, Rose’s mom said. “You have us.” and she immediately took Rose in an embrace , making her startle. She is her mom, why the fuck is she scared about touching her. As soon as she touched her back, Rose flinched.

“I am sorry, “ Rose said .” I didn’t expect that. I am just to stressed about everything”

Nate came closer and took Kate’s hand in his hand.

“Let her sleep a little. You heard the girl. She is fine, Kate.” and he took his mate out of Rose’s room, leaving with Greg and Rebecca, and also with the triplets.

“I can’t do this, Angel,” Rose said and burst in tears. “If I stay here I will need to explain a lot of things.”

“But we need to be here, Rose,” her wolf said. “Here no one will going to hurt us again”

Rose just sigh. She walked to her old closet, and opening she saw that some clothes were still there waiting for her.

She chose one of her loose shirts and some leggings and walked to the shower.

She takes off her dirty clothes and takes a step in front of the mirror. She was a beauty and she still is, but right now, she is far from the shiny star she once was, and she is happy because everyone thinks that she looks like this because of that unhappy attack.

She is somewhere around 5.8 ft tall, looks a lot like Alexandra Daddario and she is twenty years old. She was born in the year when Nate became the beta of Eclipse Pack.

Her hair in chocolate is shoulder length and her eyes are so blue that sometimes she is scary, especially when she is angry, and her wolf looks like a giant Alaskan husky. But right now she is destroyed.

Rose lets her shirt fall on the bathroom floor and turns around, just a little bit so she could look at her back.

“Shit” she said. “They are still bleeding. Why the hell I am not healing, Angel?”

“Because that jerk almost chopped you, that’s why!” Angel said growling, while Rose started to cry just seeing her naked body.

There are lots of signs from bruises to lacerations. For humans bruises can take 6 weeks to heal but are generally considered less severe than a laceration which can take 2-4 weeks to heal. A werewolf normally should take a day or two but when you are beaten, the psychological trauma will likely never heal no matter if you are a human or a werewolf. There is no reason anyone should ever be whipped.

She tries to touch her wounds but the pain is unbearable.

“Shit!” she said and tried to compose herself.

But as she was trying to step inside the shower she was so focused on her wounds that she didn’t even realize that the bathroom door was not completely closed.

Henry came back.

He was a good triplet. The one who always cares about others. He was the one who insisted to see what was going on with Orion Pack, just because he knew that Rose was there.

So when he saw her he pushed the bathroom door , stepping inside and full of range he growls at her uncontrollably :

“Who dared to touch you?”