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I love you Bestfriend.

I love you Bestfriend.

Author:Miss Explorer


James Wright and Franchesca McCartney are childhood bestfriend who never leave each other side. Little did they know as time flies, they are falling in love with each other but time never permits them to be together. Will they find the right timing to admit what they really feel for each other despite the hindrances and have a happily ever after?
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  "Mom, I'm finished cleaning my room. Can I go out now please?" A 14-year old girl, Franchesca McCartney, was begging for her Mom because she really wants to stroll around their new place.

  "Okay, just don't go too far and be back before lunch." It was nine in the morning and a beautiful sunny day.

  "I'll promise to be back before lunch Mom. Thank you." Franchesca kissed her Mom and run to open the door with excitement in her eyes. She walked slowly wondering around. In front of their house is a street where few cars were passing by. Then Franchesca went to a park and no one was there until she saw a boy sitting on the stone facing the river while throwing pebbles.

  "Excuse me, do you also lived nearby?" She was standing facing the back of the boy.

  The boy stop throwing pebbles when he heard the voice and didn't looked at her. After a second, he started throwing pebbles again without saying anything.

  "Are you deaf? Excuse me I'm talking to you, well apparently no one is here except just the two of us!" Franchesca doesn't want to be ignored that's why she felt irritated when he didn't talk to her.

  "What if he is really deaf? I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you." She was talking to herself and was about to walked beside him but she didn't see the banana peel then slipped passed him and was about to splash in the river.

  "Noooo..." the boy hold her wrist and pulled her into his arms.

  "T-thank you." Franchesca was panting heavily due to the panic and caught the twinkling eyes of the boy looking at her while still holding her.

  They were startled for a moment and the boy help her to stand still. He put his hand on the pockets and looked at her now without expression.

  Franchesca looked at him familiarizing every detail of his body. He was wearing a black V-neck t-shirt and nike shorts with a pair of white rubber shoes and was about 182.88cm tall, his skin was white and smooth, thin lips, pointed noise, long eyelashes, thick eyebrows, and messy brown hair.

  "Are you done examining me?" He was looking at her with a smirked on his lips.

  "I'm not drooling at you, it's just familiarizing your features so that...." She can't think of any reason because he was too perfect and too handsome.

  "I didn't say that you're drooling over me." He was on the bridge of laughing but trying to suppressed it.

  "Well, it's like that by the way you looked at me without even saying it." She was blushing and sweating at the same time wanting to just run and wished to stay at home instead of being here in an awkward situation.

  "Interesting, you're also a mind reader huh aside from good at pestering people." He was still looking at her with a smirk on his lips.

  "Who the hell are you to talk to me like that! I'm sorry Sir to disturbed you. I'm just trying to be friendly but it seems like people here are not friendly! Thank you for saving me anyway." She turned her back to him and started to walk.

  "My name is James Wright and you are?"

  She stop for a moment and abruptly said "Franchesca McCartney." Then she left him without looking.

  "What a beautiful name, it suits her." He thought and smiled brightly that can also be seen to his eyes.