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You Save the World, I Save you!

You Save the World, I Save you!


Elaine's life was a disaster. She was set up for a one-night stand with a man, and she had no idea who he was! To hide her dirty secret, she signed a marriage contract with Edward who had a boyfriend. But she didn't expect that she was abandoned. While she was shrouded in darkness, a deliberate car accident changed her life. The strange CEO, Nicholas, staged a car crash just for hitting on her! She thought she must be dreaming! After that special encounter, she was protected and accompanied by him, finally, she fell in love with him. They went through the trial of life, work and family together. She was given a warm light! She thought so. Everything was so great, until that day... She found Nicholas' past. It turned out the only reason he stayed with her was that, she looked like the woman he loved...
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It was late at night.

The dark room was eerily quiet.

The suppressed breath of a man who was like a trapped animal seductively brushed past her ear...

Elaine Carlisle was very scared. She grabbed the sheet and tried to escape, but she could not move. The desire came in waves, as if a fire were burning her.

The man's cold fingertips seemed to have temptations, gentle and irresistible...

She opened her eyes wide and wanted to see his face clearly, only to feel coldness.

"Be... Be good!"

He sighed in her ear. Then, the tearing pain was like a knife stabbing at her.

It was hot and wild, as if he wanted to drag her into the abyss...


Elaine opened her eyes in the darkness.

Again, this d*mn dream!

She took a few heavy breaths, lifted the quilt, and walked into the bathroom.

The woman in the mirror, with skin whiter than snow and a pair of bright big eyes, was looking at herself with a little panic.

In her eyes, she saw the familiar pain.

She seemed to be back to that night a month ago... The man with dark eyes looked noble, calm and indifferent.

Elaine closed her eyes in pain.

She clearly knew that it was not a dream at all!

She took a shower, dried her hair, and changed her clothes. Everything was in order as usual.

Seven o'clock in the morning.

Wearing a white coat, Elaine tied her hair up and walked into her office at Medbrough People's Hospital on time.

The stethoscope around her neck looked cold and shiny.

"Doctor Carlisle, one patient is bleeding heavily from the stomach and needs immediate surgery." A nurse ran to her office and said in a hurry.

"Where is the patient from?"

"From the emergency room."

Elaine frowned. "Where is Dalton Nelson?"

"Dalton is already in the operating room."

Elaine frowned. "I have a consultation at ten o'clock. I'm afraid it's too late."

The young nurse smiled and said, "You are so famous that the patient appointed you to perform the operation. Other doctors don't dare to do it."

Elaine was stunned, and then she ordered. "Get ready for the operation now."

There was a pale man lying on the cold operating table, who had fallen into a semi-conscious state.

Elaine frowned and stopped.

How could it be him?

"Doctor Carlisle, can we start?"

After a brief surprise, Elaine quickly calmed down. "Anaesthetize him. Let's get started."

The operation went off without a hitch for an hour. Then, Elaine stopped and pointed to the hole in his stomach.

"This place is completely rotten. One-third of his stomach must be removed. Hurry up and call his family."

"Yes, I'll do it now."

The assistant ran out. A few minutes later, he came in panting. "The patient's family didn't agree. He said he wanted to see the doctor."

"The patient is in danger now. What the hell?"

Elaine took off her gloves and left in a hurry. When she saw the patient's family, she was stunned on the spot and her face turned pale.

Edward Bolton was also looking at her, and his eyes flashed with surprise. "Elaine, you are his doctor?"

Elaine curved her lips and looked at the man in front of her with calmness. She sneered and said, "Edward, I wish it wasn't me."

Hearing this, Edward showed a look of understanding. "No wonder you want to remove his stomach. You are deliberately trying to revenge!"