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Rosa is the main character and she bumps into a stranger at school later she finds out that he's moving into next door and she really hates him alot his bedroomwindow goes straight into Rosa'sbedroom window which is weird. Later on they become friends. My name is Cherish Campbell and this is the story I'm making
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  Rosa was walking to school in her red dress and pretty red shoes. Rosa looked at her phone not paying attention were she was walking and bumped into someone then she looked up from my phone and noticed that whoever she bumped was tall so she looked up and said "I'm sorry. So sorry" then the person grabbed her hand and shaked it and said I'm Jackson. Rosa blushes slightly and then walked into the school for class. "AFTER CLASS" after class Rosa went to lunch and sat with all her friends. When Rosa got up and walked to the trash a guy grabbed her and dragged her to the boys bathroom as Rosa was being dragged she yelled help but no one heard her because it was loud in the lunch room. The guy pushed Rosa against the wall and put his hand on the wall. At that moment Rosa was shaking in her shoes. There was a shadow figure behind the man and then Rosa saw a fist and the guy on top of her fell. Rosa hugged Jackson and started crying. jackson patted her head and took her to the nurse's office to rest. Jackson sat next to Rosa the whole day and then woke her up when she had to go home. Jackson said " do you want me to walk you home" Rosa said "no I'm fine anyway how did you know I was traped in there" Jackson said " it was a lucky accident, what else do boys or girls go to the bathroom for" Rosa giggled and got up from the bed. She thanked Jackson and walked out the room. After Jackson couldn't see her she ducked down and screeched. After that Rosa walked home and was welcomed by her little brother Andrew. Andrew asked "why did you take so long Rosa" Rosa rubbed her head and giggled "I'm sorry I was kinda busy but I'm here now" Andrew walked away and Rosa went to her room and started to think about Jackson. That's when Linda and Dave walked in. Rosa says " mom, dad what are you doing in here. Linda says "I think you should move out now" and Dave says " you have enough money for a one room house and you have a job" Rosa was so shocked she couldn't say anything. Dave said "you have a good paying job and your already 18" Rosa looked at them shocked and Dave and Linda left the room. Rosa feels like that isn't all they wanted to say. Rosa grabbed her computer and started looking for places until she found the perfect place and her room was giant and already had stuff in it so all she needed was her clothes and electronics and to do food shopping. "A WEEK LATER" Rosa had her bags and started to go threw the living room to get to the door until her mom stoped her and said....