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Love and Lust (-18)

Love and Lust (-18)



A BOOK FOR THE PERVERTED SOULS... *KIKIKI* At a young age, Paula Scott took up the job as a mother. When she was 14, an Orphan and not wanting to mix up with other kids, she ran away from the orphanage home and lived on the streets, moving from one place to the other. She met a young boy, Jaime White, 9 who had also ran away from an orphanage and because she understood him and his predicament, she took him with her. Since he was quite young, she took care of him with the little she had and practically became his mother. Sixteen years later, she is 30 while he is 25 and things slowly began to change between them. How did Jaime ever think to fall in love with his 'mother'. She became the object of his fantasy and he wanted more than just being her 'son'. It all started one night... Paula went home with a man and didn't know Jaime was in. By the time things got steamy, he came out, bumping into his 'mother' who looked as hot as hell making out with a man. From that moment, he couldn't get that image of her out of his head and he feared it was going to ruin things if ever she found out about it. WARNING: THIS NOVEL IS GOING TO FEATURE STRONG MATURE CONTENT. IF YOU ARE UNDERAGED OR UNCOMFORTABLE WITH READING EXPLICIT SEXUAL SCENES, STAY AWAY!
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  Paula had a smile on her face as she shopped for groceries. She checked the time for the hundredth time that hour. It was past 6pm. She began to hurry with her shopping. Jaime was coming home today. He had been busy working in another city and they hadn't spoken much in the past 2 years. Thank goodness it was the Christmas Season. He had a break from work to go spend Christmas with his family which happened to be just her.

  She couldn't wait to see her son. Okay, maybe that was absurd calling him her son since she was just 5 years his senior but it was too late to change things.

  From when they were young, because she did a lot of difficult work, she looked more mature for her age. As a fourteen year old, people often thought she was 20 and so they naturally assumed the young looking and adorable little boy who always followed her about was her son.

  Jaime looked really young back then. At 9, he looked like he was 5. He was so little, charming and adorable and he was always scared.

  Growing in the Orphanage had really been miserable for him because he was always bullied by bigger boys.

  The first time she met him, he had been scared to talk to her also. She had been going to one of the old and abandoned buildings where she slept at nights and bumped into a little boy crouched on the ground with red eyes from crying too much.

  He had been scared when she saw her because she looked haggard, dirty and wore big clothes. Her short hair back then made her look like a man.

  "I won't hurt you." She said as she stooped low to meet his height. She touched his forehead and he flinched in shock but she noticed he was running temperature.

  "Where are you from? What's your name? Where is your mommy?" She asked in her tiny feminine voice.

  He must have figured she was a lady and looked up at her.

  "I don't have a mummy." He said to her and burst into tears.

  She felt her heart break for him. She took him home, asked him all she needed to know about him and promised she was going to be his mummy.

  He always liked her to cuddle him to sleep back then. He never slept until she was home and lying on the same bed with her.

  Now, she anticipated seeing him. He had been gone for two years. Two good years!

  She was busy with work and so was he so they only spoke once in a while on the phone and there was rarely time for them to speak on video.

  About a year ago, he noticed his voice had deepened. He had a fine baritone and the last time she saw him, he already had beards.

  It was funny how guys grew overnight. Now, he looked far bigger than her.

  Thank God for good life, she now lived well— well, after getting herself involved in a lot of illegal things to earn money.

  She was able to take care of herself and now she looked good. Maybe she wasn't the overly gorgeous type that would make all heads whip around when they saw her, but she was beautiful. A lot of people had told her that and she knew that also. And now, she looked even younger than 30. Thanks to having money, eating well, exercising well and using good cosmetics.

  Anyone who saw herself and Jaime would think he was her older brother. Some people even assumed they were a couple much to their embarrassment but they usually laughed it off.

  She really couldn't wait to see him. She couldn't wait for him to tell her all he had been up to. His work, love life and everything she needed to know about him that she had missed these past 2 years.

  She paid for the groceries and hurriedly drove down to her flat to prepare something he could eat when he returned.

  An hour later, she heard the doorbell.

  She ran to the door excitedly and opened it. The excitement in her eyes dwindled when she saw it was a postal man.

  "Paula Scott?" He asked.

  "Yes. That's me." She answered with a nod trying not to show her disappointment.

  "A mail for you ma'am" He said before handing it to her and showed her where to sign.

  She looked at the mail in hand with a frown. Who was sending her a mail?

  She checked the body of the envelop, it was plain. Nothing was written there.

  She closed the door and was about to open the envelop when the doorbell rang again.

  She quickly dropped the envelop on the table and ran to the door.

  She knew it was Jaime. She could smell him.

  She opened the door and gasped in surprise.

  "Jaime!" She said with wide eyes.

  He was grinning right back at her.

  She would have doubted it was Jaime in front of her if she didn't know him well.

  This man before her was a stud or what was it called? An adonis?

  She was amazed at how a lot changed with him in two years.

  He was far more good looking and it seemed like he worked on his abs.

  His face was smooth except for the sideburns he had. He always said he hated beards and always made sure to take care of it every morning.

  He usually kept his hair long and messy but now it was a bit short and styled to the back making him look like one of those aloof CEOs in the Kdramas she usually watched.

  He wore a fine shirt and tucked it in his plain black pants and wore a nice office shoe.

  "You don't have to look so surprised. It's me." He said with an amused laugh before he pulled her into a hug totally burying her small body in his.

  "Oh God I missed you mom." He said as he hugged her tightly.

  "I missed you too. And Jesus! What did you do with my Jaime. This guy here looks like a real fashion model." She teased and laughed.

  "Did you get shorter?" He asked pulling away from the hug to look at her.

  She wore a short house gown and her hair was in a messy bun. Her face was plain and she looked even prettier than the last time he remembered.

  "You grew taller you snitch! I thought you said you were not going to grow taller anymore?" She said faking a pout.

  "Haha! I just couldn't help it." He laughed before hugging her again.

  "I missed you so so much" He declared.