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Take me with You

Take me with You

Author:Lian Lim


In life you often struggle to find some place you would fit in especially when you are as teenager. That's the case of Sam and her brother Doug whose family keepy moving from place to place to look for the perfect settling grounds like our ancestors had. Pre-civilization that is. Until they come across their mother's place growing up. Truro, entering intona new school would be difficult for them, or so they thought. Discovering amazing adeventures, finding love, experiencing tragic events and making life decision as a young struggling teenagers shouldn't be having.
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  On the midst of the midnight waking-up would such be a disturbance. It’s like dreaming from a memory of the past, dreaming but realizing it was real, dreaming from an endless situation. And then suddenly feeling awfully tired and went back to sleep. The next morning the windows are moistened and I realize it was raining hard last night and there outside my father is waiting; I am getting ready for again a new school, a new chapter of our lives. My family again transferred from one place to another to find peace, anywhere we go we can’t find peace, for us it’s difficult to settle down. Then my folks decided to settle of one of the hometown of my Mom, in Truro, Massachusetts. It’s been like a tradition to transfer, it’s never new to us to transfer, and it’s difficult to adjust especially when we’re growing up and trying fit-in in the society, and one day I wish that this place would be the right place for us to live and settle down. Grandpa settled in Hawaii together with his new wife and two children that is about my age, they love me a lot treating me as a sister, for the reason that I’m the only Granddaughter and a niece they ever had.

  “Good morning dad” I said together with the exhale that I took seconds to relax myself down.

  “Good morning too Sam”. Dad greeted me with my favorite name and a smile that I really like a smile that warms my day.

  “Dad would it be hard to fit-in here? Well I mean Mom’s been here and I heard every old people here knows her, is that going to cause me to be nervous?” I asked with so much tension in my face.

  “Well, it’s not if you will be just yourself, we both know that you and your Mom are way to different, just be a good girl at school and it will going to be fine” that cuts my nerves a bit, but still getting into a familiar place but never step foot on is kind a weird.

  “Hey! Aqua, have a fun sleep last night?” Doug interrupted the silence, my naughty brother who keeps on filling my day with annoyance.

  “What’s that suppose to mean?” I asked with meeting my eyebrows with confusion.

  “You know, I see you waking-up and it seems you have those dreams again”, he again notices me every night, very difficult if you have a naughty brother just like him, then as I hop to the car door I notice the new stuff Mom put on the back sit, some stuff bears and my favorite mermaid stuff toy which I really like when this one time we hit the mall when I was little.

  On the road to school everything seems quite.

  “Dad why people here are not present?” I ask as I roam my sight to the houses we’ve been passing through.

  “Sam people here don’t go out when it’s still 6:30 in the morning, only students, look at that” as he pointed to a bunch of kids waiting for a bus.

  “Why? How about their work? Some people need to be at work early.” I stated not being convinced.

  “Well people here as I’ve heard go to work at 7:30 am, and also they never ever bother for late stuff because they know their early for some reasons, I don’t know there culture here or their practice, to tell you the truth I really never been in this part of Truro, so remote.” dad said with a very suspicious face.

  “Yah! I’ve noticed that too” Doug saying while having his energy booster drinks in his mouth.

  On the corner of the road there’s a sign that said TO TRURO HIGH SCHOOL, dad turn to the sign, and about ten minutes we reach into a small house that has very thick forest behind it, I couldn’t even see what’s behind those trees.

  “So this is the school?” dad said with a surprise that he seemed never encounter such institution, well me either I never ever encounter a very small and very rare school.

  “Good morning Sir Simon Snitch, welcome to Truro High School, this must be your son and daughter, Douggle Arthur Snitch and Samantha Snitch, well, well, from the day I’ve heard such wonderful names I’m so eager to meet them, by the way I am Madam Alexis Stone, but call me Madam Stone, for intense of manner purposes.” the woman with I very sophisticated look, she looks like really a Madam and very elegant in a way that she spoke almost English, I’m really surprise that such a maiden handled a very small institution. Then afterwards she leads us inside, inside was a typical house, with furniture and a kitchen and everything you could see in a simple house, then to my surprise she leads us into a backdoor, is this lady going to let us study outside? I ask to myself without even looking what’s behind those big door, then behind the door are trees which first catch my eyes and thick trees it could pass as a forest, and then she lead towards those trees, slowly I could hear students chatting, playing, and then suddenly I humongous building block my site, it is a very huge campus with big fields and to my surprise many students as well.

  “Now this is a school!” Doug said with sparkles in his eyes.

  “Dad, I’m really nervous this time can we transfer to another place?” I said with worries in my insights.

  “Sam, Honey there’s no way to be nervous, people seems nice and Madam Stone will take care of you, this is great isn’t it?!! A very big school! I didn’t see that coming!” dad said, with surprise in his face, that I could almost say that he wishes he studied in this institution before.

  “Well Samantha and Arthur you will be attending this classes right after some papers your Dad would fill-up and you to sign okay!, don’t be nervous dear, no worries!” Madam Stone talks to me while lending me our schedule and tapping my back with her hard hands that would definitely chickened-out some bad boys in the corner.

  As I went to my first class, I was shock of the class I went to it’s a subject called Eclipse.

  “Now I’m going to study about the moon?, what surprises do I have for this day?” wondering about the school and the type of subjects they have to offer,

  “Ms. Snitch?” a man with beard all over his face and a huge hat on his head and also he is tall and slender looking.

  “Yes it’s me” I responded with an awkward face, knowing that my new classmates are staring at me, waiting or maybe wishing that I’ve been mistaken,

  “Well! Don’t just stand there; go find some sit that is available! Time is precious young lady, don’t just waste it, and oh! By the way welcome to Eclipse, and I’m Professor McAdam” he introduces himself to me and welcomed me with a warm smile. As the discussion is going, talking about the time when as Eclipse happened, theories about why there is an Eclipse and creatures that would come out when that happened. I couldn’t control myself so I raise my hand and ask.

  “Professor? why we have to learn about the moon and sun reuniting? I mean well we all know about it, why this school have specific subject for this topic? we students could research about it, why entering it in this curriculum?” I ask hoping they will laugh, but they don’t instead they wait for Prof. McAdam to answer.

  “Well Sam, can I call you Sam?” he asked, then I nodded because that’s exactly I wanted, to call me Sam, because I’m sick with the Aqua name, my brother only calls me by that name because he knew when I was still a kid I am really obsessed with mermaids .

  “Well...” as he continued “Well, Madam Stone’s family founded this institution so many decades ago and passed down towards children to children along with the members of the board, and she don’t like some typical subjects to be taught to the kids just like the other schools, she likes different, because in life some of the teachings in our typical school will never be useful, so she figured out why not teach this kids some new ones, so she added some other new subjects, just like Eclipse and after this you will be dealing with Harbology which means that you will be studying on how to make herbal foods, medication, supplements and other alternatives that could made out of plants, and Filming and Dancing weather Ballet, Hip-hop dancing, Salsa, Tango, Flamingo, ethnic dancing and also you will be dealing with sports, any kind of sports that you prefer!” as he introduced those subjects to me I’m thinking if they could even teach me how to be confident in myself.

  “Professor? if you permit may I ask you something else?” I ask with some words came out into my mouth. “Sure, sure what’s that Sam?” he said,

  “Well are we going to do those things every day? Well not being rude here, but are those things for recreation?” I can feel the intense look from my other classmates gazing steadily at me, “Well it’s none of my business but are we still have time for typical subjects to be discussed?” I asked with redness in my face, knowing that I ask such very wrong questions! “Well Sam I appreciated your concerns, but this institution is been teaching students for so many decades, and if you questioned our ability to teach better transfer to another school." maybe annoed at me.