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Ascur: The Magical Tale Of Earth

Ascur: The Magical Tale Of Earth



Asara has just always imagined that the world was magical, little did she know how true that is. Life is never a walk in the park but sometimes a walk in the park can change your life. Asara is shown a magical world and little does she know what powers she herself possess.
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  It was cold in her room. It was always cold in her room. Asura always hated mornings because of this, still, she sat up in her bed and looked around her room with her blue eyes sparkling. Her eyes glancing over her room, a blue rug on the floor, paintings on the walls, flowers and smudge sticks sitting in the window sill. She sighed and kicked off the remaining covers and set her feet on the floor, shivering slightly. The sun wasn't even up yet, pink swelled in the skyline signaling a new day, today was the day Asura was going to finally buy the oils she needed for a new spell she had read about. Her family all told her that she was grabbled for believing in such things but still, she felt drawn to it.

  She pulled on a pair of shorts and a shirt, shoving her divination cards, some herbs and a tincture she brewed in the full moon last night into her bag. Never know what you'll need. She then strode down the hall and into the kitchen where her mother and sister, Amanda, were sitting at the table- each with a cup of coffee.

  "Good morning, honey" her mom cheerfully squawked.

  Her sister didn't even acknowledge her. She waved as she ran out the door, walked down the porch and down the street. The store was only two blocks away, convienient enough. As she approached the store she could start making out the outlines of things in the window, skulls, herbs jars, a cauldron. She couldn't be more happy.