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Lagun Ein

Lagun Ein



After the fall of a powerful dynasty called Sagaing dynasty . There has been wars throughout the nation for the call of powers. And two great kings came along to unify the nation under their control. Hence the war started that lasted for 40 years. So many heros,strategists,warriors and princes rise and fall .So was i one of them.
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  Since War broke out, our nation has never been the same. Many served kings, warlords and princes for powers, wealth and luxuries. So was i one of them. I'm a sergeant under the commander and minister Byat za whose gorvernship post is at Donwun city. I'm the chief among the soilders after him. We serve King Razadarit of Hanthawaddy. Our kingdom biggest rival is Ava

burmese Kingdom

. They knew me as matanlon. It's been 10 days since the burmese armies surrounded our walls. Their army was huge so we decided to defend from behind of the walls.

  "My lord, it's been days since you've left me alone"

  My head turns around to the place where the voice was coming from. Yes, she is standing there like a lotus in the midst of a lake. Since our castle is surrounded, i didn't have time to go back home. I selpt on the walls and in military tents.

  "My lady, it is dangerous to come around here.i'm sorry i can't come home right now. Go back home " i can say nothing more than those words.

  "I'll be always with you ,my lord" she said that and left quietly. I look at her back and so many thoughts fly into my head.

  "Chief we have a situation , burmese army is approaching to our gates!"

  As soon as i heard these information from my soilder. I rushed onto the walls. Arrows from burmese army were coming upon the wall like it is raining. Our calvary from outside are holding hard. Suddenly

  "Chief my lady !"

  That day my world was all gone. I hold my beloved in my arms who is like sleeping soundly. A cannon fired from the burmese army hit my house and my wife was a victim of it. I didn't see anything anymore nor care anything.

  The last thing i remember was I rode onto my horse with a spear in my hand . When i woke up i can feel the pain all over my body. My commander came into my tent and he sat by me gently saying, '' matanlo, we buried your wife yesterday. We're sorry we didn't wait for you and you know the tradition "

  I replied slowly" thanks, i would like to be alone for sometimes". He looks at me and say " your majesty wants to meet you, we are riding to capital in a week. Be prepare my son " And then he left me.

  "My lady i'm right here with you, i'm sorry i couldn't protect you .i'll accompany you in next life" and i was whispering alone infront of her graveyard and slowy pull the blade. The sun is already rising. I've been here for three days.