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Never let me go

Never let me go



Jack, a country boy starts working for the Miles family where he meets Anna, who is married to an old man. She has never been in love, and her marriage was arranged. Their love will be tested after they decide to run away together. A story full of love, hatred, sorrow and adventure.
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  Time was passing really fast. It seemed like yesterday when his father died, leaving behind only debts. Jack had to sell everything in order to pay it all, and was forced to leave his hometown and have a fresh start. A year ago life was better, but nothing could be done now. He never cried, not even once. Sometimes he was afraid that his eyes will dry. He was on the verge of depression, but the decission of starting over kept him alive.

  Jack never left his hometown, but now everything related to it was linked to pain and sorrow. He needed to leave all behind and started searching for a job. He recieved only 3 offers, and picked the Miles' family. The Miles' offer wasn't the best one, but they included food and a place to sleep. He never worked for anybody except himself. He knew the second he left that he will be forever heartbroken and homesick. He was in love with the ranch and the infinite fields and mountains. But now, everything was over. Even Olivia, his fiancee, abandoned him. He was just a loser without a hope in this world, and was just trying not to think so much ... Surviving was enough for now.

  The bus was driving slowly, approaching the big city of Nuryshan while Jack was sleeping soundly by the window. His blonde hair was already long but he didn't bother to cut or comb it and was freely falling, covering half of his face. He was wearing the light blue shirt that his neighbour gave him last year, and was already wrinkled from the 10 hours in the bus. His old jeans and trainers were dirty because he had to walk 3 miles from his old house to the bus station. Everything was easier with the old truck but Jack was never afraid of the hardship of life. An anonimus buyer was now the owner of the ranch, the truck and even Moon, his favourite horse, a black one, the fastest in the whole area. He won a lot of local competitions with Moon, but now the past was the past, it didn't really matter anymore.

  The bus arrived in the big station of Nuryshan city, and the buzzing of the crowded place woke Jake up. He picked the white plastic bag with his belongings: his father's old watch, another shirt, some photographs and letters and a lot of expectations.

  He got down from the bus, breathing in his new home.. He sighted. It was a new begining. His new life, a lonely one.