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Kill With Love

Kill With Love



"For better or worse." "For richer, for poorer." "In sickness and in health." "Til' death do us part." What happens if both notorious and most wanted mafias of New York gets married? Will the wedding make other couples drown in envy or will it just be the wedding that everybody wished it never happened? © 2019 by SATANYA™
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  I woke up and slowly opened my eyes, only to get hit by the sunlight from the window making my eyes shut immediately.

  I suddenly felt a movement on my chest. I looked down and saw an ash-blonde haired woman peacefully sleeping. I lift up our blanket and realized we were both naked.

  She suddenly moved and arranged herself from the other side of the bed, still sleeping.

  How hard was I last night to make her sleep this long?

  I then stood up from the bed and wore my boxers and pajama. I went straight to the kitchen to prepare for breakfast.

  What a bright sunny day. The weather looks nice and the ambiance of the kitchen was satisfying to cook at.

  I took some eggs and fried some. But as I do so, I felt a cold metal poking my side waist.

  A gun, to be exact.

  I sighed and muttered, "It's too fucking early for this."

  "How sweet. My husband's preparing a food for me. What are you cooking for me, honey?" she whispered.

  I felt her warm soft breath brushing my earlobe like a satin cloth. She pressed the gun hardly on my waist. I smirked and faced her.

  As soon as I turned around, she immediately took distance and pointed the gun at my face.

  "I like hearing your endearments." I smirked.

  Even though this woman shows no mercy at all and does everything she wants, seeing her wearing her lacy underwear while holding a gun with one hand, will confuse you if she's really the most wanted Female Mafia of NYC.

  "You won't be hearing it anymore if I pull this trigger." She spat.

  Of course, this is how my married life goes every day. We're both the most wanted criminals in the country. And pointing gun at me in broad daylight is pretty much normal.

  "Can you dress properly first so I can cook breakfast for you?" I asked and tilted my head, trying to annoy her. She let out a smirk and looked down at her perfectly proportioned body.

  "Does it bother you?" She teased with her smirk on.

  "Yes. The more I see your body, the more I want to torture it... like last night." I winked at her and smirked.

  She looked at me and her expression changed. She scoffed and bit her already swollen lips out of anger. But she took a deep breath and tried to come up with a counter.

  "You obviously know that I'm going to get my revenge twice worse than what you did to me." She tilted her head and wore a fake sad face. She's really confident saying those words.

  "Really? As far as I'm concerned, you can't even get a hold of my touches to you. I'd like to see you take your revenge, Lalisa." I smirked.

  I saw how her free hand clenched into fist and her teeth gritted with so much anger.

  She aggressively threw the gun on the dining table and broke three displayed vases. She rolled her eyes at me and went back to our bedroom, pissed off.

  She really hates it when she loses. Well, everybody does.

  But it's always the most amusing when it's my wife who's losing.


  I was sitting in the living room of my mansion waiting for my beloved wife.

  I can't wait to beat the shits out of her.

  I'm so impatient that I was holding the gun so tightly and staring at it. It would be great if my bullets made a hole in her head.

  The door opened and I'm watching her entering the mansion wearing her baby pink satin dress.

  What a doll.

  She took a step in front of me and put her Balenciaga mini shoulder baon top of the table. She crossed her arms and tilted her head, still standing in front of me.

  "What? Is it about time to kill me?" She asked.

  I looked at her wondering what to do with this thing I'm holding.

  "You killed two of my henchmen. I think it's only appropriate if I take your life as a payment." I answered smirking.

  I can't wait to pull the trigger and shoot her but that will ruin the fun. I'll make her suffer first.

  "You killed my secretary. Her life is worth twice than your stupid men." She answered.

  I know there's a gun hidden around her body somewhere. I stood up and pointed the gun at her. She took distance and slowly taking a step back.

  "After I make you suffer, I will make you regret you met me and made a deal with me, doll." I gritted my teeth in anger.

  She smirked. "I'd like to see you try."

  I pressed the trigger and shot the gun at her but she immediately dodged it and ran to the kitchen. I continued to shoot everything in the kitchen, not caring whatever I was shooting.

  "Toys like you shouldn't hide when the player wants you!" I spat.

  She then appeared out of nowhere and started firing back at me. Luckily, I noticed her and took a step back, hiding behind the wall.

  "Do you think I wouldn't know you were threatening my secretary and forcing her to say something about me?!" She shouted while shooting.

  I should've known, she's the Mafia Queen and she's not that bad at ganging up herself.

  But also want to remind her that I'm the Mafia Boss of this country, and I'll make her shiver in fear upon hearing my name.

  "I actually thought she was smart. But I guess she's just too loyal to you that it pissed me off and slipped on pulling the trigger." I answered her with a teasing smirk.

  She suddenly stopped shooting, catching her off guard with my words. I immediately took the chance and went to her direction. She was still frozen in her place and isn't noticing me.

  I was about to point the gun and pull the trigger but she caught me and started to use man power. We both knew this was a sign for a close fight.

  So I dropped my gun and so did she.

  "You're fucking dead!" She shouted and started attacking me using our man to man combat.

  When it comes to man power, she's weak. She's more on weaponry and speed. This will be my advantage.

  We exchanged attacks, kicks, and punches until she's lying on the floor and me on top of her pinning both her wrists on the tiled floor.

  My sweat and blood is already dripping. Her lips were also bleeding while her collar bones and shoulders were full of bruises and blood. We were both catching our breath and maintaining eye contact.

  "I'll make sure you'll never walk properly again." I took her blonde hair and dragged her in the bedroom.

  She's tired and I know she doesn't have the energy now to fight. I threw her in the bed and she's still cursing at me while gritting her teeth.

  "You won't get away with this." She murmured while pressing her wound that I gave her using a broken glass.

  I was about to remove everything she was wearing but she kept punching, slapping, and defending herself with all the strength she have left.

  "You fucking moron! Put your motherfucking filthy hands off me!" She exclaimed and still trying to reject me.

  I slapped her, "Shut up!" She was lying on the bed holding her cheeks.

  Serves her right.

  I aggressively pressed my lips against hers, not caring even though she can't keep up with the phase. As I kiss her harshly, I tasted blood between our session. It's the blood from her broken lips.

  I didn't know blood tastes this good. I might want to make her bleed from now on.

  I went down and started kissing her neck, leaving hickeys and kiss marks. She was fragrant and smelled like minty lavander whenever my nose touches the crook of her neck.

  As I suck every spot on her shoulders up to her neck, I started removing every cloth she's wearing, leaving her naked.

  "Ahh..." She moaned as soon as I suck on a random spot in her neck.

  How easy.

  I aggressively kissed the crook of her neck which made her moan even louder. I harshly gave her love bites that nearly made her bleed but she seemed to be too sucked up in the moment, not caring if I was hurting her or not.

  As much as I want to hurt her, I want to fuck her till it hurts.

  She grabbed my nape, desperate for more. I continued to kiss her while I undress myself.

  My hands explored every part of her body. Her perfect curves. Her full breasts. Her soft long legs. And her already wet core.

  "You're already wet for me, Doll?" I teased but moans only came out from Felicity's mouth.

  As my fingers reached her core, I entered two fingers without warning, making her arch back followed by a moan.

  She's perfectly wet and tight.

  Her moan turned me on so much and replace my fingers with my dick inside her. She gasped and met my dark dilated orbs as I entered inside her without permission. I thrusted inside of her, not giving her the chance to adjust to my size.

  "Fucking hell, you're too tight." I thrusted even faster, if that was even possible.

  Moans and skin slapping sounds filled the room.

  "Jul-ian..." she moaned.

  I don't want to cum yet but her, moaning my name made me reach my limit and came inside her. I let out a loud groan as I push inside her for the last time.

  I took a rest and buried my face on her neck. Both of us were catching our breaths and I don't have the strength left to move my body anymore.

  The room was filled with heat and the smell of sex lingered in every corner of our bed.