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True friendship

True friendship



Two young and lovely people fell in love at a tender age with strong passion,but this lovely relationship has to pass through difficult times,will Godfred and Emerald stand for love till the end,or they will remain soul mates but seperate?this two pals may face forces on the earth and demons but with strong will power ,passion and determination,their enemies both physical and spiritual were destroyed.
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  It was lovely Monday morning as the golden sun set with it rays in emeralds room only as she tried to turn and sleep again ,her mum ,mrs Gold called her loudly Emi! Emi! Wake up,wake up is time for morning devotion and don't forget today is your reporting day at school.Emera who was tied from yesternight preparation to school yawned in bed lazily for sometime before responding to mrs gold.Mama, I will come out in a minute but she knew that mrs Gold will never leave the door till is opened. Mrs Gold bang emerald door several times which alarmed Mr Gold who came out from his room shouting emerald spoilt child you are very disrespectful didn't you hear your mum's calling...hearing the sound of mr gold's voice emerald rushed out with only her night wear on which exposed her nice and attractive curves but Mr gold didn't even notice her nakedness and Emi was not shy since in the gold family everyone was not shy to intentionally or unintentionally expose themselves to each other. After the devotion,mama gold and Emerald prepared and left to her new school while papa gold left for work that morning. Papa gold is a medical practioner at country J and therefore he always come home every weekend and leave early every Monday mornings but today papa gold was not feeling well he had strange dreams and looked quiet feverish so he was not able to leave early. Last midnight emerald heard her parents praying seriously,emerald was not surprise because her parents do pray every midnight bug she wondered why this time mama gold was the one whose prayers was head louder as compared to previous days where Mr gold was the one who was louder. Emerald wanted to asked what happened to his dad but her mum was pressuring her to be faster so that they don't get late since it was a two hour journey to reach Capecastle where emerald's new school was located.

  A while later in the bus emerald who was sleeping on her mother's lap woke up .mama,why was dady voice low in prayers did you both fight yesternight?Dad looked feverish this morning .mama gold face change slightly which was difficult for any person who is not familier with her not to notice it but emerald saw the change in her mother's face and became worried.

  Mama gold replied her daughter calmly but strictly, emerald why didn't you ask dad if he was sick since you saw him feverish ? It could have cheered him up a little with the thought that his lovely daughter think of him.emerald you know your father is already missing your elder sister Monica,is been a month since your sister left who left us you should consider your father's emotion these days.mum am sorry for not asking daddy about his health , I will come back from school after three months time please take good care of him for me. Emerald didn't ask her dad about his health because eventhough his father looked feverish he eat well and looked aggressive and commenting as he always do every morning.mama gold later explained that papa gold had dreamed that a demon was trying to remove her dad's heart in his dream and after that his father had a heart attack so mama gold prayed aggressively for him till it subsided before they both were able to sleep for a while .Emerald realise that his father didn't get enough rest does why he looked feverish she asked her mother why she didn't stop him from going to work but mama gold said that his father was in charge of the workplace and will never stay home if his ailment was not serious.