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Everyone dreams to be famous once in their lifetime, as for Terra, Layla and Zara their dream comes true, only for fame to come in the way of the girl group trio Celestial. As they lose the true meaning of sisterhood and family. Betrayal is in order.
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  Terra sat on the comfortable couch of the studio waiting for the interview to begin. Her phone chimed as a text came in.

  "Terra sorry, but can you please switch off your phone we're about to start." One of the crew asked.

  Terra gently smiled, "Sure give me a sec."

  She looked at the text, from Hubby, she gently smiled, "You'll do great<3"

  "Thanks babe." She replied before turning off her phone.

  The documentary host, Vicky, came in gently smiling at Terra, "Are you ready?" She asked

  Terra nodded feeling nervous Vicky momentarily held her hand.

  "You'll be fine."

  "I hope so." She exhaled.

  "Ready, in 60 seconds." They heard.

  "Don't worry too much, you'll be fine, besides you've been delaying this for years it's time to tell the world, let them see the truth of Celestial." Vicky smiled.

  "Hopefully." Terra smiled.

  "20 seconds."

  "I know so, the world is ready."

  "In five...





  They began shooting, "Welcome to The true story of... Celestial, a long awaited documentary series of the once famous Celestial Girl group, so join us for the next few weeks as we witness once more the rise, the fall and everything in between of Celestial, this week we have Terra Case, third of Celestial."

  The camera faced Terra as she awkwardly smiled, it's been long since she was in front of the camera, felt like the first time.

  "So tell us from the beginning, your background and how it all started." Vicky smiled at Terra encouraging her.

  Terra smiled and took a deep breath.

  "Well Layla's the eldest among us three and is my cousin, while Zara is the daughter of my mom's best friend, we grew up in a small town, but not small enough where everyone knows each, we lived in the same neighbourhood and our parents technically made us hang out together, that's where our friendship started since diapers, Layla being two years older and I the youngest."

  "So when did singing become a part of you?" Vicky asked.

  Terra smiled as remembered everything as if it was yesterday.

  She remembers them in Layla's room doing nothing listening to the radio when an ad caught their attention.

  The town's annual talent show was coming up and the grand prize was 12000, they never really cared for such but Zara seemed to be this time.

  "12 000 imagine what she can do with that money." She squealed, trying to convince the two.

  "And what talent would we do, hate to burst your bubble but the real deal goes there and besides, we're eight, our parents won't let us out that late to audition." Layla argued.

  "Layla's right, besides I don't feel like standing in front of everyone." Terra stated.

  "Come on guys, if we have a good enough talents we can convince our parents to let us join!" Zara groaned.

  "So what's the talent?" Terra asked, "It has to be something unique, most people do the same thing over and over again, acting, dancing magic and singing, and what will we sing, can't go there singing the rugrats theme song."

  Zara frowned, "I was just saying... no need to roast me."

  Vicky chuckled at hearing this, "So you guys weren't really into this at all?"

  "No we weren't, and I know Zara was just suggesting, with small towns you do anything to entertain yourself."

  "So you did it?" Vicky asked

  Terra nodded, "Yep we did... eventually."


  "Wouldn't you like to know." Terra shyly smiled.