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The Missing Pieces

The Missing Pieces



In a world where Humans, Vampires, Witches, and Werewolves roam free. Takumi Nakano has to find the one thing that lead to his downfall in his last life, bit did he want to? No, no he doesn't, that's a fickle thing with Fate, huh? Until he was off to take a leap of Fate to discover his past relics and piece them together with a few unbelievable 'companions' he makes along the way.
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  This is where I would be stating Info about the different types of species and maybe some of their cultural habits. The time period is semi-fantasy and semi-modern world. Phones and such exists, vehicles? No, horses are seen as sufficient for the road, winged beasts for the sky, and Sea creatures for the sea.

  Modern technology is still existent other than vehicles, so half and half. Now for the species...


  >They cannot possess any type of magic whatsoever, normal and ordinary? Heavens no. They have developed some sort of spiritual powers with nature as they have come to peace with it over the last millennia.

  >As an offering from those spiritual leaders they gave humans some will over nature to some extent. Not too much as to throw the balance out of order, but just enough.

  >Cannot hold any magic attributes as it will lead to the physical burden of magic to humans.

  >Only lovers and/or fianće's of Werewolves/ Vampires can be bitten to become one of their semi subspecies such as Wyrols or Veras which only carries half of the human genes and half of the mate's genes. The offspring will range to how strong one's genes/DNA is, some rare occurrences is when the offspring gains both physical appearances of both their carriers.

  >Can NOT be bitten by both species as it will kill them


  >Werewolf clans are not out of the ordinary, same goes with Arranged Marriages to make a bridge between clans, which are very frequent to make a bigger group to mark territories and prevent territorial war which would lead to losses for both parties involved.

  >Divorce can happen as well, the main point of the Arrangement was to bring clans together, as soon as they are wed they can easily divorce afterwards if they want to pursue someone or if they have other plans for the future. It depends on the former Pack leaders who will give them their blessings.

  >Werewolves have a special mark on their bodies

where varies

that represents their tribe, it appears when the bearer has some sort of attachment to the group itself, if no group at all or no connection between pack members it will show an object or a particular thing they are attached to as a child or in their past life.


  >Vampires also have their own clans as well, many consists of Rich Aristocratic families with a strong bond. There are three main tribes that is well-known throughout all races as they were one of the few whom helped with the 'Witch problem'.

  >The Three Main Clans are consisted royalty, and even if they were not. They would be considered one as they contain powerful magic, one that could even have a match with a Witch on an even level.

  >Vampires that belong to clans have some sort of Crest on their clothing to represent their said clans, Rebelling against the Clans are common for both Vampires and Wolf clans, the punishment depends on the will of the leader of the said clan.

  >Vampire Hybrids with Wolves? Phyrolis.


  >Witches are said to be one of the stronger of the other two races in terms of magic, yet their constitution in physical abilities varies. Such as fragility of the said magic user's body can even get harmed physically as a physical burden of magic.

  >Or their Bodies will dispel some magic from the body as it attracts the other races, and if the races have the specific spell. They can even harvest the magic from witches as witches are embodiments of magic.

  >The said spell were actually used for witches who had fragile bodies and would earn physical abuse of magic as it may be too strong for the holder's body. Soon other races used the spell to make themselves stronger, and it wasn't much of a surprise when trafficking had become a huge ordeal in the underground organization and a popular choice in the black markets.

  >Witches of any gender can reproduce along with the other races, it turned out to be the same for the other races so sexuality never mattered as it was normal to them. And yes, there are witch hybrids as Witches can even intermingle themselves with other races. Thus creating Hybrids, with wolves? A Sirolys. With Vampires? llybra.

  sᴜʙ sᴘᴇᴄɪᴇs/ʜʏʙʀɪᴅs;

  >Dependent on their parents' Genes, though at most would have atleast a physical appearance somewhat related to their parents'. Magic also varies.

  >But there are rare types of hybrids that has special marks, some differences that looks almost nothing related to the parent. Such things as having a pure scarlet eyes that looked as if it glowed in the night, a rare trait for a vampire hybrid. mismatched eyes for a rare wolf hybrid and etc. etc.

  For specific descriptions on a certain Sub Species/ Hybrids, please feel free to ask.

  Human <> Wolf; Wyrols

  Human <> Vampire; Veras

  Wolf <> Vampire; Phyrolis

  Wolf <> Witch; Sirolys

  Witch <> Vampire; Llybras

  Human <> Witch; Birolyres