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CEO smile keeper

CEO smile keeper

Author:Tina pen


She was happy in their relationship until she found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her with her best friend. She was rescued by the CEO when she acted unruly by trying to kill herself. Later she decide to move on with her life and being single till end
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  Suzan live with her mother, even though her father was not alive they have to move on. Suzi her mother called you have a missed call. Suzi went and grabbed her phone only to see that her boyfriend called , I have to call back, who is that on your call list that u eventually saw and blushed, mom my boyfriend called, I have to call back. I went to my room and called him back, he picked the call, Ricky I saw your missed call and decided to call back, yep I called to let u know that I am back and I would like you to come over so that I could have you for my self the whole night, I thought you said you will come home during weekend, or are you joking with me Ricky,

  I am saying the truth Baby, I am back for real, come over to motex hotel tonight let have fun, Ricky I am sorry but I won't make it tonight I have an appointment tonight maybe I will visit tomorrow ok, Suzi please I need you tonight I missed you alot and I really want to see you, I am sorry Ricky, ok see you tomorrow then but dont disappoint me ok, I won't Ricky see you soon. I hung the call, should I call Nicky , let me dial her number.

  Nicky you know I love you, you know I am only teasing with Suzie I don't love her, bedside she will not be coming tonight, I want to have you for my self the whole night, But Ricky are you sure of what you are saying, you know I am her bestfriend and she is kind to me. I understand Nicky but the day she refused to give me what I want for her, she ceased to be my girl friend . They chatted for a while, Nicky phone rang. Hello Nicky, I have a good news for you, Suzi calm down see how you are rushing your words what is the good news, OK my boyfriend is back in town and I think he wants to propose

  Wow that's good but Suzi I thought you said he will be coming home during weekend I glanced at Ricky with jealousy is that the good news, Nicky why are you sounding like these I thought u will rejoice with me or are you getting jealous " I said jokingly ", jealous of what, I am not jealous Suzi, I will call you back later I am in middle of something here before you called bye I hunged the call and looked at Ricky, are you really gonna propose to her, Nicky calm down she is just guessing, but I won't propose to her ok, he placed his sweet lips on mine gosh, l couldn't resist so I kissed back, soon I discovered that I have been stripped naked.

  What have come over Nicky why is she sounding like these, she have never talked to me like these before, she even hung the call on me. Let me go and finish the dishes so that I can prepare for the appointment, I went inside and mom has already dossed off in the sitting room, mom go inside your room, ouch Suzi I didn't even know when I slept off, I was waiting for you to finish ur petty call but u took almost a whole hour, when will you be heading out for the appointment, when I finish the dishes I will prepare, ok then tell me when u will be leaving, okey mom I will . After the doing the dishes I went to take my shower and prepare for the appointment. I should select the clothes I will wear tomorrow in advance. I was still contemplating on what to wear when I heard a knock on the door, come in mom, its not mom its Tori. Tori what should I offer you, water or juice is okey , I went to the kitchen and brought out juice together with the glass cup. Tori, this is a surprise visit, can't I visit my neighbor again or is it bad to come and gist with a neighbor, seems like u have somewhere to go, yes I have an appointment but I was just preparing ahead of time can you help me choose a clothes for a date, my boyfriend is back in town and he invited me over I think he might want to propose it seems I am bothering you with it, No its my pleasure, ok thanks then, just that my friend that could have helped me with these is sounding some how, she hung the call before I could even finish what I was saying, No problem I will help you with that Suzi.

  We we're gisting when co worker called to inform that the appointment have been shifted, Tori the appointment has been shifted, I think we should go for shopping tori suggested I wore my plain white and black trouser did little make over. Mom I knocked on her door, Suzi are u set for the appointment, no mom it has been canceled I want to go to shopping with Tori to purchase some clothes ok bye. We left together, we bought a plain gown that has red flower allover it. I think we have to leave now Tori, let's go and buy some ice cream, ok.

  Suzi I think I have a plan, what's the plan, u should go home and prepare for the date when u reach motex hotel tonight dial Ricky number and surprise him, that's cool idea Tori I will do exactly what you said. We left home together. After dressing up I have to put on my makeover and wear my silver spring shoe. O my God tori exclaimed you look so beautiful in this outfit, I looked at the mirror damn I look beautiful tonight, the cloth revealed my curves.

  Tori dropped me off and headed back home, when I reached the entrance of motex hotel, ouch I forgot to ask him the room number, I called him but he didn't pick my call I decided to ask the janitor that I saw, please which room can I find Ricky Dickson, the second room on the fourth floor, thanks, I went inside when I reached there, I felt like I was burning I adjust my dress to be more sexy I decided to kiss him when he opens the door, so I knocked.

  Mom I understand I will have to call you back later, Henry listen to me, mom I will you back I hung the call, I was contemplating when I heard a knock on the door, I thought it was the hotel waiters I went and opened the door gosh I saw unknown lady standing on the door closing her eyes, how may I I was distracted before I could finish what I was saying she kissed me passionately I kissed back, her mouth was so sweet like Berry I was shocked in the first place but I couldn't resist the sweetness of her tongue rolling around mine. We were lost in our world until she broke the kiss. Welcome home Ricky I pulled off the kiss, o my God who are you what are you doing in Rickys room, lady u might have mistaken because this is not the room of that boy u called.

  I was ashamed, I bowed my head am really sorry I turned to leave I felt a cold hand on my hips I tried to break free but hec held me with much strength I couldn't move I decided to bite him let me go, I ran off from the room, wow this lady is damn sweet I want her with me I couldn't get her curves and sweet lips on my mind I was staring at the door I think I have fallen for her curves, I bites my lips. As soon as I ran out of the room I remember that it was the first room I was contemplating when I reached the room the janitor told be.

  Nicky you are so sweet, I ran my hands all part of her body, Ricky I need more of your body you are so sweet, I kissed her passionately we went for another round,when my phone rang I couldn't pick the call because I can't ruin the mood I am in, I heard five missed call I didn't pick it we did it for almost thirsty minutes when the door opened. Cant you knock before coming inside some ones room. I didn't have the strength knock I opened the door luckily it was was not locked but I saw the shocking moments of my life. Ricky, Nicky what am I seeing I was confused is this real or am dreaming, Suzi please I can explain is not what you think, not what I think while you two are naked in the bed Nicky I am disappointed in you, so this is why you hung the call on me, I thought you we're my bestfriend but now I understand your moves, Suzi I can explain, I dont want to listen Nicky, you now have want you want, as for Ricky Its over between us leave on with her never call my number . I was terrified I couldn't even lift my legs. I ran after her to apologize Suzi please she seduced me I couldn't resist I am really sorry I love you very much forgive me I missed you alot I want you, Ricky its over I mean it let's part ways I can't be with anymore its over I sobbed as I was talking l left the hotel without looking back, why me, why do I have to go throw this I don't think I can live and I am really terrified this is the shocking moments of my life after my dads death I couldn't control my tears I sat beside a corner and cryed my eyes out I was disappointed with my self for not knowing all these while. I went to one bar and drank alot I couldn't even work if I walk small I will fall down, I couldn't think straight I was laughing like a mad person.

  Sir should I drop you over the house or the hotel, drop me off at the hotel, I was busy with my phone when I saw a familiar structure walking behind the bridge I look careful I recognized her, can you stop the car, ok sir I followed her at her back calling a name Ricky and Nicky I ran over when he wanted to jump inside the river I rushed and held her waist. I tried to jump over the river and end it all.