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Soul Mate

Soul Mate

Author:Mocha Queen


Very hot romance between two lifelong friends and soul mates finally comes to fruition. Culminating in the release of pent up desires. Jay is a music star. Nicole is an entrepreneur. They come together and make sweet magic in this short explicit, steamy romance.
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  Have you ever realized that the life you are living was not meant for you? I recently did. The realization came in the most carnal way possible. Now I'm obsessed with the one who caused this.

  The afternoon leading up to this realization I went to visit an old friend; used to be grade school boyfriend, nothing too serious. I was so happy to see him after nearly 15 years. Apparently so was he.

  Let me back up a bit. My name is Nicole. I'm 24 years old, 5'5", with the richest blend of mocha, caramel skin. My ass is fat and I know it. I got a little extra pounds around the middle and some stretch marks but that ain't ever stopped me. I still look damn good. I know you can already tell I got a cocky attitude. I don't take shit from anyone and I speak my mind freely. My "friend" is only gonna be referred to as Jay. His ass is so fine. Taller than me, nice brown skin, sexy ass smile, and a rocking body. Did I mention he's a semi popular singer?

  I never thought the day would come when we would actually connect this way. Our young love had come to a halt over a small misunderstanding involving a mutual friend. Anyway, that's the past and I won't speak on it. That day proved to me that what should be, will be; even if many years and many other people came between it. I should feel guilty for everything that happened because I was with someone else at the time, but I'm not. If my man hadn't knowingly neglected me I'd still be a faithful woman, an unenlightened woman. His loss.

  Now back to the eventful afternoon. Jay had been trying to hang out with me for a while since coming into town, but I was always busy. This day I decided to meet up because I had a bit of free time and I was feeling guilty for neglecting a friend. When I got there we hugged for like a minute. Soon as the hug was over we were talking a mile a minute about nothing and everything. Somehow I felt like I was finally home, but I was denying it. How can I feel more comfortable with someone else other than my boyfriend? I was a bit confused.

  After more than two hours catching up, and a very surprising and totally spontaneous kiss, he followed me to my train stop so I could head home. Things got steamy from there.

  "So... why did you kiss me exactly?" I asked.

  "I don't know... we never did that before. I wanted to atleast get one in for old times sake."

  "You know I have a boyfriend right?"


  "All I'm saying is that you kissed me and now all these old feelings are coming back."

  "Is that such a bad thing?" he asked while coming closer to me, effectively backing me up against the wall of a building.

  Next thing I know he's kissing me, I'm kissing him back. It's so wild. It's like I'm thirsty and he's water. I don't know what came over me. He's kissing on my neck and licking my collar bones. One hand is rubbing and squeezing my right tit, the other is rubbing my drenched pussy through my clothes. I start moaning. His hand is now inside my panties, rubbing my sensitive clit, pushing two, then three fingers inside my dripping hole. At this point all I want is him, all reason fled me. We stop before clothes start coming off and decide to go to a hotel.

  I'm so impatient on the ride there. And he's making sure I stay turned on by nibbling my ears, kissing me, touching me, whispering naughty things in my ear. We finally get to our room where he throws me on the bed and we start making out and grinding like crazy horny teens. I can feel his dick through his clothes but nothing prepared me for actually seeing it. It was the most beautiful thing to behold. Long, with nice girth, darker than his caramel skin, and glistening with precum. This made my pussy gush and my mouth water. I grabbed that beautiful dick and started slowly licking it, then sucking it. Up, down, in and out of mouth. I hollowed my cheeks and created maximum suction with lots of tongue action. I'm sure it was heaven because he was moaning so much and grabbing my head to shove his cock in the back of my throat. I took as much as I could. Suddenly he was out of control. He spun me around and bent me over the bed, barely pulled my pants down enough, and then I was in heaven. That beautiful cock filled me perfectly. I was getting both the length and girth I had always craved. I was being pounded like never before; I loved every moment. Everything was so primal. Too soon I felt his hot seed shooting inside me. Though he made up for this by licking and sucking me all over after.

  I guess doing that and all the sounds I was making got him going again. This time we took our clothes off and I was lying on my back with my legs on his shoulders. On every stroke he hit my sweet spot. Nobody ever did that for me before so easily. It always took too much effort. That night I was in blissful paradise. I've never cum so much and so powerfully in my life. At this point I was falling in love all over again; falling in love with that stroke game. I wanted to get married right away and have this man's babies.

  After 10 minutes of cuddling and rubbing each other he's back in my pussy with me lying on my belly with my ass in the air and him on top of me. He's pounding me with no mercy. I'm taking that dick like a champ, grabbing up all the sheets off the bed. We switch positions. Now I'm lying my my side, one leg propped up and he's sliding in real good. I think I came like 5 times just like that. I was tired but wouldn't give up. He scoops up our mixed juices from my pussy and starts playing with my asshole. I help giude his cock inside and waited a moment to get used to the pressure. Then he's slamming into my ass and I'm moaning and crying for him not to stop because it feels so fucking good. I know my ass is gonna be sore the next day but I don't care. I had another earth shattering orgasm as he's cumming in my ass and groaning.

  After all of that I don't even remember I have a boyfriend. At this point he's almost history anyway. He should've been treating me right. I need this pussy and ass taken care of regularly. And now I know who's gonna take care of them for me. I feel like we were always meant to have this but stuff got in the way. I'm glad we reconnected. I had the best sex of my life yet. Nobody ever made me feel that way before. I hope I get to see him again soon. Really, really soon.