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His Achilles' Heel

His Achilles' Heel



Spencer is never your ordinary high-class CEO. He also have a secret association under his grandeur name of his. Upon having a meeting at a pub, a clumsy waitress appeared to have sneaked in and heared some of their group's private conversation. Will he be forgiving, or will he show her how ruthless he is?
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  "You dared go against our group?"

  *bang* *bang*

  There is a loud noise that follows the man's accusation.

  It hit the vase at the table and made an eerie crackling sound.

  "N.n.. No.. Ple.. please. Spare me master Gio."

  The man who was tied up from chest to waist, begged the one who made the noise.

  "Speak up." two words. Two words but upon hearing those piercing quite voice the accused didn't dare to make him wait long.

  "It was the Liam's, master Five. I swear to God. I did not sabbotage our plan. The Liam's showed up and told us that they will take it from there." still panting and full of sweat, the guy on the floor seems to be afraid of the so called master "Five" 's reaction rather than that Gio who pointed him with a gun.

  "And you believed him, you fool?" disbelief was written all over Gio's face.

  The man bowed his head ready for the next blow up.

  "Calm down, man. Why are you so hot-headed Gio?" the guy on the couch suddenly speak while smirking at the figure in the shadows.

  "Five, what is your plan?" he asked curiously with a boyish grin that didn't reach his eyes.

  Silence greeted all of them. No one dared move. All of them, about five people with guns, plus the two guys who speak at Five, seems to be waiting for a signal from him.

  After a long pause, Five said, "You have a daughter, right?"

  "NO.... NO. PLEASE. MASTER FIVE. NOT MY DAUGHTER. PLEASE-HMMMP" the man become wild upon hearing the young but devil master talk about his daughter.

  Someone shut him off with a hanky on his mouth but the man seems to be more frightened now than he was a while ago for his dear life.

  "Don't worry old man. I've got this." the man who had the boyish grin told the man going ballistic.

  "Five, I know what you're thinking. Can you be a good boy this once? Her father served us for over two decades. Less you can do for him is to kill him." the man on the floor felt hopeless. If he just not trust the Liam's fully, it will not take a big toll to him and her daughter.

  "Hanz was right. We should kill him but after torturing him before shooting his head off." said Gio's voice. Bloodlust is obvious in his tone.

  The man on the floor seemed to be ready for what hell he should experience before dying. This is what he signed up for. He just didn't think that his last moments will not be beside his daughter.

  Five seemed to be annoyed by the look on the man's defeated face. For him, no one should dare crossed his ways. Sensing that the man is feeling satisfied with the suggestion of this two bastards with him, Five suddenly interrupt their talking.

  "Kill him..." he said. They all looked up at him. Eight of them, including the tied up man on the floor. Waiting for the continuation of his sentence.

  "... after you raped her daughter in front of him."

  And with that, he left. Leaving two of his friends behind with the six of them.


  This is Spencer Zein a k.a. Five. He got his nickname from the comic "Umbrella Academy" for his temper and also for his skills. He may not possess number Five's time-travelling power, but he is as effecient of a killer as he is.