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The Badboy I Hate Loves Me

The Badboy I Hate Loves Me



Lily Collins is determined to stay away from any means of trouble. But with bad boy Asher always at her heels, it's impossible to do so. Not when he insists on bullying her. But what lay behind those hurtful words and treatment was something more that no one could've imagined...
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  ♡ LILY’S POV ♡

  The blaring sound of my alarm woke me up from my peaceful slumber. My tired eyes forced its way open only for it to clench back shut because of the lethal glare of the early morning sun.

  A tired groan left my parted lips as I stretched my left leg to place on the cold wooden floor.

  With my eyes still closed my legs got tangled with the covers, causing me to slip and fall on my flat ass. I could fall asleep here. I thought as I got comfortable on the cold floor.

  I had a long night of studying which now resulted in my now exhausted state. Another booming sound from my alarm had my earlier thoughts vanishing into thin air.

  Okay fine you monster I'm up! I sat up hastily, my eyes now half open as I slammed my hand on the alarm clock, offing it in the process. I was now greeted by total silence, just the way I like it.

  I was too lazy to get up so I settled for crawling my way to the bathroom to get ready for school.I'm a sophomore attending college.

  I discarded my clothes making them drop to a lump on the tiled floor. I stepped into the shower and opened the faucet to let the water pour out. I then stepped under the warm water letting it soothe my tired muscles.

  The water soaked my hair making it show off its true length. I lathered my body with soap and watched the foam wash away when I rinsed it off. I reached into my hair and tried to untangle as many knots I could remove.

  When I was done I got out of the shower and turned off the faucet. My hands instinctively reached up where I would place my towel only to find it bare.

  I let out a silent curse when I realized I hadn't bothered to bring it along with me.

  I had to bear the thought of walking back into the room naked. It was a blessing that my roommate Sonia was absent this morning.

  It was her usual and I had grown accustomed to her staying over at one of her boyfriends.

  But it was unsettling when some days she would bring those random guys to our dorm room. It sent shocks of revulsion through me when some nights there would be disgusting sounds I didn't want to hear.

  I had to result in putting my headphones in and blast random music to block out their sexual sounds.

  I peeked through the parted door to make sure that the room was empty how I had left it. When I was certain that there wasn't anyone in sight I rushed in to grab a towel.

  But because of the water presently under my feet wetting the floor, caused me to slip and land face first on the closet door. Shit!

  My cheeks heated up in embarrassment even though there wasn't anyone present to witness what had happened.

  A grumble left my lips as I begrudgingly reached in my closet and grabbed my towel. I began to pat myself dry and stared at my reflection in the long mirror that was attached to the closet door.

  I've been told many times that I was hideous and sadly I was starting to believe those unpleasant words.

  I had dark brown hair that reached a little above the curve of my breast and frosty green eyes that I had inherited from my father.

  My eyes were rare and that was one of the few things I loved about myself. My button nose was a little red from my accident earlier and I lift my hand to rub the throbbing spot.

  My already pink pouty lips were set into a purse. It was an impulse I did when I was concentrating on something.

  In my opinion my cheeks were too chubby, it made me look younger than I actually am. I wasn't blessed with big breast or butt but I was pleased with my tiny waist and wide hips. I sighed, am I that ugly?

  I chewed on my bottom lips and reached back in the closet to grasp my undergarments and put them on.

  My hands reached out to automatically grip the school uniform and I stared at the long black and blue plaid skirt that reached below my knees.

  I sighed before putting it on and matched it with the plain white dress shirt that students had to wear. One more day and I wouldn't need to wear it.

  I was sliding on the long black knee length socks when the door creaked open. A copper haired girl entered and I recognized her as Sonia.

  My brows furrowed in confusion at her new hair colour, it was blonde yesterday. Her emerald eyes snapped towards me and I swiftly broke the eye contact.

  A sour chuckle left her lips but I refused to acknowledge her. "Hey bitch, do you mind if I borrow your dress for tonight?" Sonia asked sweetly. Too sweetly to have the best intentions.

  But before I could answer a snort was heard from her. "It's not like I care if you say no, I'll be taking it anyway."

  I lift my head to stare at her. I was accustomed to her taking my stuff without my permission.But those words weren't supposed to shock me but every time she uttered them it left me speechless. I was still not used to her being rude for my own belongings.

  She must have noticed my gawking because her features morphed into pure hatred "What bitch did I say something to hurt your little feelings?" She mocked.

  To this day I still didn't understand her hatred towards me, I haven't done her wrong.

  I shook my head before putting on my shoes. It would be fruitless if I tried to stand up to her. Whilst she had friends as backup I had no one.

  I was alone in this big boarding school where everyone took advantage of me, the quiet girl. So without uttering a word to her I walked out of the room and headed to class.