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His mate

His mate



When she saw her fiancé having sex with her best friend,the infamous singer vowed never bo believe in love again.revenge is the only way for her, she met him,like the last straw,she signed an unknown agreement with him.when she fell in love with him but because of a mysterious text message to her and his relationship pushed to the impasse.
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  ext, Guan Yijing's kiss fell ......

  Xia Zhi Nian was caught off guard and had no chance to take defensive measures before he drove straight in and attacked the city. His kiss, as soft as a feather, but with a wild atmosphere that cannot be ignored.

  "Oooh ...... what are you doing?" He protested, but in return, he kissed her even harder and deeper.

  Guan Yijing was angry.

  He thought he could suppress his temper, but he realized he was wrong.

  If he hadn't arrived in time, what would that man have done to Xia ZhiNeng just now in the bar? She still looked as if she didn't care, not even considering the consequences.

  Guan Yijing's kiss was with deep dissatisfaction and anger, so she couldn't resist, and resisting would only lead to more domineering demands from him.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, and to provide a wide range of products and services to customers.

  The moonlight is faintly falling in, and the wind is blowing the curtains open with a layer of folds, so Xia Zhiyi suddenly felt a coldness in her body.

  God knows, she was only wearing a small underwear inside!

  His lips also left Xia Zhi Nian's mouth and bit heavily on her collarbone.

  This stimulated her with a shudder.

  "You let go of me!" Xia Zhiye was furious.

  "What if I don't let go?" Guan Yijing raised his eyebrows lightly, ignoring Xia ZhiNeng's anger in the slightest.

  Guan Yijing's breathing was clearly audible, and Xia Zhiye's body tensed, her breath disordered and quick, she had no way to treat such a shameless person like Guan Yijing.

  "Guan Yijing, you let go of me." Xia Zhiye was completely furious, she felt insulted, and he hadn't touched her in the past half year.

  She also felt incredibly relaxed, after all, she had no experience at all with this kind of thing.

  She also wondered if Guan Yijing was not interested in her, or if that aspect was not possible.

  At that time, she also had a good idea to live with Guan Yijing, but he didn't give her the chance.

  The first time I saw her, she raised her hand and punched Guan Yijing's back with her fist.

  Guan Yijing felt the fist attack, eyebrows slightly wrinkled, some helplessness, this woman's hand strength is really not small? But he did not intend to let her go.

  His hand rubbed eagerly on her back, down the slender spine, a little bit to explore her waist.

  The first thing you need to know is what you're looking for, and what you're looking for.

  "What are you doing, you're raping, damn ...... you get away." Xia Zhiye began to say loudly, both hands and feet together also began to resist his invasion, eyes also flashed with great anger!

  There is always a gap between the strength of men and women. Guan Yijing simply clamped down on Xia Zhi Nian's hands and feet, pulled her hands above her head, and tilted her head back slightly, and then she made a graceful curve.

  This kind of posture can make any man's blood run cold.

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