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All Started from His Honorable Returning

All Started from His Honorable Returning


Who would become the winner in a top boxing match with a reward of a million dollars? People all believed Jack Koch wouldn't. He looked thin and weak while he had to to fight the great bod. They mocked him as a poor loser who was crazy for money. But life always went on with unexpected surprises. Jack won! He turned out to be the Undefeated Legend who volunteered for early retirement just because he was tired of the cruel battles. He only wanted to live a peaceful life. But he was surrounded by all kinds of beauties. The pure kind childhood sweetheart, cool noble female CEO, alluring flirty social butterfly, and hot possessive policewoman... They all loved him and wanted to sleep with him! He thought his journey of battle had already ended, but his adventure with beauties just began...
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In Capital City, on the underground floor of Liquor Bar, lights were flashing.

Jack Koch was sitting in the corner, drinking a glass of whiskey quietly. He glanced up from time to time, for there was an illegal underground boxing match undergoing on the tall stage in the middle of the bar.

Anton Murphy, the boxing champion in this bar, was still invincible. He defeated every challenger on the stage in three minutes, breaking all their bones, sprinkling their blood everywhere, and putting their lives in danger.

This kind of boxing match was above the law, life, and death.

Every boxer who came to challenge must sign a "life and death contract" with this bar. The final winner could get a million dollars as the reward, while losers might either become permanently disabled or lose their lives here.

Jack came here tonight to win the 1-million-dollar reward. He had just left the army. He planned to go back to his hometown with one million dollars and give it to Glenn Ellison's sister. Glenn was his comrade-in-arms, who died for saving him. Glenn cared for his sister the most. Therefore, Jack felt that he must do something for Glenn's sister.

"Come up if you're ready to die."

Anton shouted with a cold voice as loud and deafening as a large ringing bell. Immediately, he glanced over the whole place with a thirst of blood in his eyes, which made people who were timid sweat right away at the sight of his sharp eyes.

Only the young women who came to watch for fun cheered happily.

However, after ten challengers were blown off in succession, no one dared to go up to the tall stage to compete with Anton, even if they were tempted by one million dollars.

Seeing that no one went up to the stage, Jack finally stood up.

It was time to fight!

Picking up the last glass of whiskey on the table, Jack drank it up. After that, he would go up to the stage to win that one million dollar.

At this time, a group of young women came from the front. All of them were good-looking and shapely, wearing high-waist short skirts and different colored stockings. Together, they formed a scene that appeared attractive from all angles. Seeing that no one was going to the tall stage, they gathered together with goblets in their hands, being ready to drink.

"Let's have a drink, beauties."

Sometimes, drinking alone was somewhat lonely. Looking at these beautiful women with goblets in their hands, Jack wanted to drink the last glass of wine together with them.

Jack's voice startled these beautiful women who were walking gracefully in colorful dresses. They all looked at him, but when they noticed his simple white T-shirt and worn jeans, they lost their interest in him.

His clothes were cheap. His belt was not Hermes, and he didn't have a key of Audi at his waist. Clearly, Jack was a poor man.

Although he was lean and handsome, a pretty face could never withdraw money from an ATM, let alone that he could leave a good impression on these snobbish women who always hung around in the bar.

"Get lost, beggar! No one wants to have a drink with you."

"Wretch, have you ever seen a poor man succeed in chasing a beautiful girl?"

"Would you like a drink? I suggest that you drink with your left hand."


These women were bold and sl*tty. When they saw that Jack was not a rich man, they eyed him coldly with sarcasm and sneered at him shamelessly and nauseously.

Jack shook his head and sighed. He was not interested in these sophisticated women at all. He picked up the last glass of whiskey and drank it up.

After drinking up the whiskey, Jack finally stepped onto the tall stage with steady steps.

"I‘’ll challenge you." Jack stood in front of Anton and shouted coldly.

Anton looked at Jack, who was lean with a young face and didn't look like an underground boxer at all. He immediately grinned and shook a finger to Jack's face.

Jack was stunned. He looked up and asked, "What does this mean?"

"Can you hold on for a minute?" Anton looked at Jack scornfully and asked with a hint of mockery in his voice.

At this moment, all the audience looked at Jack after he went up. When they saw Anton and Jack together on the tall stage, they all snickered.

Anton was fat and big, who was 2.2 meters tall and looked like a big black bear. He was half-naked, wearing only a pair of loose shorts. His rippling muscles seemed as powerful as mountains. At this moment, he clenched his fists and rubbed the bones of his fists together, making them give sounds like soybeans being fried.

On the other hand, Jack was 1.8 meters tall. He was lean with a young face. Wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of worn jeans made him look like a white sheep standing in front of a big black bear.

Everyone could tell that Jack was definitely no match for Anton from the huge differences in their shapes. However, it was Jack who went up to challenge Anton. Such an idiotic behavior made him even more hilarious to these spectators.

Those women who had refused to drink with Jack just now were all laughing out loud, bending forward and backward, with their eyes turning watery. Their fair breasts were slightly exposed and fluttered lightly, which made a scene that was quite pleasant.

"How great his courage is! Hahaha, that's so funny."

"It's not that he has great courage. I guess he must be crazy about money. One million dollars gave him illusions."


All of a sudden, people started to discuss under the stage and burst into laughter one after another.

Jack stood on the stage with a smile on his face. He looked at Anton calmly and shook his head.

"Can you hold on for thirty seconds?" Anton looked at Jack, smiling even more sardonically.

Jack shook his head again and said coldly, "One second."


Everyone except Jack laughed with their faces up. The laughter was like tides, which kept coming in waves.

People started to feel less tense and excited but gayer because of Jack's appearance on the stage.

"Are you done laughing? Do you want to fight or not?" Jack stood on the stage and looked at Anton, who was laughing happily. He frowned and asked, "If you are done laughing, let's start and finish this fight quickly."

"Okay, I'll send you straight to hell in a second! I'll make you understand that I, the boxing champion, can smash people like you with only one move!"

With a sneer, in a flash, Anton delivered a quick and strong punch to Jack's chest with his firm fist that was as powerful as a flying hammer.

On this tall stage, he was called Yama from hell, and his fists were called "Scythe of Death". Again and again, he used this brutal method to punch the challengers' chests with fists one after another.

Some of the challengers were able to withstand dozens of punches, and then got blown off the stage by him.

Some of the challengers were able to withstand a few punches, and then got blown off the stage by him.

But it was obvious that Jack might not be able to withstand even just one punch from him tonight.

Everyone waited for the one-second miracle with their eyes wide open. They all wanted to see Anton, the boxing champion, blow Jack off the stage in one second.

Jack looked up at Anton's fist, which was getting bigger and bigger and was gaining on him like a mountain.

However, Jack remained still and did not try to dodge. Instead, he also raised his right hand, clenched his fist, and moved it toward Anton's big fist in the air.

"Asking for death."

Anton snorted coldly. His eyes looked even colder. Although the challenger in front of him seemed quite feeble, as the greatest boxer, he did not hold back even a little bit of strength.


The two fists collided in the air, making a loud thud.

A shadow quickly flew out in the air. As expected, people witnessed who was stronger in just one second.

"When I said one second, it would be one second." Jack stood on the tall stage. His voice was sonorous and forceful.

At this moment in Liquor Bar, everyone looked up at Jack, who was standing on the tall stage. All of them were stunned. They opened their eyes wide in surprise and wiped their eyes with their hands. Only then could they be sure that it was Jack who was standing on the tall stage, and it was not an illusion.

Then, they all looked up at Anton, who was blown off.

He was lying on the ground like a dead with blood in his mouth flowing to the ground. His whole body unconsciously began to twitch.

Under the stares from the audience, the invincible Boxing Champion could no longer stand up again.

Gradually, the audience in the bar all figured out what had happened just a second ago.

All of them were dumbfounded and looked as motionless as wooden sculptures. They raised their heads mechanically and numbly and looked at Jack on the tall stage with their mouths wide open as if their chins were dislocated.

The invincible Anton, who could tear the big black bear with one hand, was defeated in a second. Everyone could tell that Jack was so terrifying that even Anton was no match to him. It was utterly strange and horrifying.

For a moment, not a sound was made, and the bar was as silent as the grave.

Jack stood on the front of the stage and looked at Anton, who was as lifeless as a dead duck. He shook his head and said coldly, "I really don't know what you were laughing at just now."

After a pause, Jack looked at the crowd in the bar, raised his head, and asked, "And you guys, can you tell me what you were laughing at just now?"

Everyone was speechless, making the scene even more embarrassing. They all blushed and lowered their heads because of shame, wishing that they could dig a hole to hide.

Jack stood on the tall stage in the silent bar. He looked at the time and asked loudly, "Is there anyone else who dares to challenge me?"

Once again, everyone was silent and speechless. No one dared to come up and fight against Jack. After all, Anton was still spitting blood and twitching under the stage.

As time passed by, this illegal underground boxing match was finally over. Jack got the prize of one million dollars as he wanted. He walked as fast as the wind through the crowd with steady steps, heading toward the exit of the bar.

Those beautiful women whom Jack asked to drink along at the beginning were all standing at the door of the bar, leering at him with their seductive eyes, wanting to flirt with him. When they saw Jack walking past them, their eyes couldn't move their eyes away from him anymore.

"Gorgeous guy, wait a minute."

Finally, these beautiful women called out together.

Jack turned his head and looked at these snobbish women. He asked with a confused voice, "What's the matter?"

"Will you be available later?" A beautiful woman, who was with a slender waist and long legs, asked with a soft and sweet voice, knowingly shaking her plump breasts.

"What do you want from me?" Looking at this beautiful woman being so slutty, Jack became more alert.

"Handsome guy, let's have a one-night stand." Among them, a beautiful woman finally opened her red lips and said boldly.

And because of this beauty's boldness, all the other beauties blinked their lovely charming eyes and said in a seductive tone, "Hey, let's shag. We can do it at any time, anywhere."


Jack's face darkened. At this moment, those beauties abruptly turned welcoming and enthusiastic, but, somehow, he did not want to deal with them. So, he got stunned for a second, shook his head, and said arbitrarily, "I just wanted to have a drink with you. As for other things, I'm sorry, but I'm not interested!"

Jack quickly went out of the bar. He didn't want to be pestered by these snobbish women anymore.

One of these beautiful women shook her head, sighed, and said regretfully, "Oh, I refused to have a drink with him, and now he wouldn't even talk to me!"