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The Wolves of Heian

The Wolves of Heian

Author:Cassini Makoto


After getting lost on a dark dirt road. Serenity Marx a young oilfield geologist stumbles apon the hidden world of wolves and vampires. She finds her life hanging in the balance of a centuries old war. Who should she trust? The vampires or the wolves?
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  The bright lights of the Holden House Inn were finally in view. After a call from the office I drove almost six hours to the hotel. It would be my home for the next few weeks. My boss apologized for the short notice and explained the job was for a new client. If they liked our work we would have a five year contract. I grab my backpack and extra bag out of the truck and walked in to the check-in desk. An older woman in her 50s was sitting there with thick glasses looking very interested in the book she was reading. Her silver hair is up in a bun and she is dressed very casual. " Reservation for Serenity Marx" I said loudly to get her attention. She had not even noticed I walked in so she looked up at me startled. " Oh I am so sorry dear I didn't even see you" she said a little bit embarrassed. As she looked up my reservation and was getting my key card I glanced around to see what amenities they had offer. The hotel resembled a log cabin. A cozy place that made you feel welcome. Walking around I noticed the breakfast area with some tables set up. A display for coffee and cereal and fresh pasteries lined a wall. The hotel was clean and had a fresh linen smell in the air. Most of the hotels I stayed in were just a class above a roach motel. I found this one pleasing. "If you need anything dear just dial zero on the phone my name is Alice and breakfast starts at 6 am" she said smiling. I took the key card and go to the elevator. My room is up on the third floor. Its very quiet the hallways are lit with wall lights and a few tables with lamps accented the outdated wallpaper. The only sounds that could be heard were from the air conditioners. Now that I think about it I did not see but a few cars in the parking lot. It was after midnight and I could care less if the bed was comfy or not I was so exausted from the drive. Setting my bags down, I take a quick look around the room. A queen size bed, a large chair and small bar with a tv and mini fridge. I set my alarm on my phone after taking off my shoes. The bed was soft and before I knew it I was fast asleep. Jumping up out of bed I clutched my stomach feeling an intense pain. Covered in sweat and my eyes wet with tears I go to the bathroom and wet a wash cloth to wipe my face. I am trying to collect myself as my feelings calm down. It's been more than five years since I've had this dream. His face and those eyes, the way he held me felt so real. The painful look in his eyes as I feel a sword stab me theough the back. I called his name in the dream but it leaves my mind each time I wake.I thought the nightmares had went away. I looked at my phone and it's barely 3 a.m. I lay back down in the bed, the pain slowly went away in my stomach but why was my heart so heavy why did it ache so painfully. The pain in my heart was so much greater this time than in the past. I wipe the tears from my eyes. Why do I feel such a great loss of someone important to me? Who is this man in my dream and why after all this time did it happen again.