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The Charming and Sexy Ghost

The Charming and Sexy Ghost



  My Uncle said that I was born to deal with the dead, and It would be a waste if I not to. But I really fulfilled his prophecy, I unexpectedly began a difficult relationship with a ghost. This male ghost shamelessly coerced and tempted me, and he even vowed and said when he was alive, women admired him were as many as the fish in the ocean, and am I sure not to marry him...
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My name is Susan Miller, and I'm a junior at the university, but I also have another identity, a hereditary exorcist. Yes, you're right. I'm a perfect combination with an ancient profession anf a contemporary culture.

Modern exorcist.

And as an exorcist, recently, I actually was possessed.

It all started a week ago.

My parents left when I was very young because of a car accident. I was raised by my uncle, who was a bachelor exorcist.

Early years, he was a nobody, but with the experience of these years, and noble people to help, he also gradually became a bit famous.

A week ago, my uncle took on a big business in a local property development zone. He encountered many obstacles. Several migrant workers jumped out of the building for no reason.

This could make developers miserable, not only stop work to spend money, but also stand on several lawsuits. Every day rotten tomatoes were thrown at his home.

And before this, the developer boss also looked for a few people who understand this aspect, but never said why, and finally found my uncle, and the deposit alone is one hundred thousand dollars.

And when it's done, he would be paid much more.

My uncle was really good at business. Any stingy customers could be tricked by him to pay more.

Originally, he thought he was going to do a big job, but that night, uncle came back in a hurry. It is said that because of he went upstairs too fast, he also lost a shoe.

In telephone he said, like a parting, he scared me, so I hurriedly took the No. 13 bus back to see him.

Fortunately, uncle had no big deal, just blindly felt sorry for that hundreds of thousands of dollars down payment. The business was dead, not only dead, even the developers have broken a leg.

In his many years of experience, he could not be involved in this matter at all, or something serious would happen.

Fortunately, the deposit has been refunded intact.

I thought this was going to be an understatement, but to my surprise, it was just the beginning.

After soothing my uncle, I began to clean up his clothes, but from his pockets fell out a crescent—shaped jade pendant.

That mutton fat jade was so simple and beautiful, looking familiar.

I immediately curled my mouth and said, "Uncle, even if you had taken a big deal before, you couldn’t spend money like this. Look, this jade pendant is not cheap."

And the kind of jade pendant for women. immediately, I wore it on the chest.

When uncle heard my speech, he made a jump out of bed, three steps and two steps to my front, his face was white scary, red eyes, straightly staring at the crescent jade pendant.

Then he pulled the jade pendant down and threw it through the window from the third floor, and I thought, well, it must have been shattered.

"Susan, that thing is unlucky, if you want, uncle would buy a good one for you later," uncle comforted, but I always feel creppy in the heart.

But what really haunted me was two days later.

The jade pendant that uncle throws out from the third floor, incredibly appeared in the drawer of my dormitory, in then, I began to have the same dream for three days in a row, every night.

In my dream, I was sitting in a sedan chair in a bright red classical costume, but when I sat down, the sedan chair turned upside down and all sorts of things went round and round. When I came to myself...

I found myself dead in the sedan chair, even broken neck, blood flow, which scared me to wake up directly from the dream.

And at this time, I also vaguely know that the reason for all this may be related to the crescent—shaped jade pendant.

I didn't have time to ask uncle that jade pendant's origin, hurriedly put it on the thick plastic bag, threw it into the garbage could downstairs, and watched helplessly, the garbage could was pulled on the garbage truck, went far away.

I was relieved.

But did not expect, that night, I opened the dormitory drawer, the crescent jade pendant that I threw away incredibly came back, on the stable lying on the book.

So, I, an exorcist, was possessed. The story officially opened the curtain, because, that night, I encountered a ghost press.

In the past twenty years, I have heard so much about this, but only if I have experienced it myself could I understand its horror.

Like a soul out of the body, numb, unable to move. Although the brain was clear, but I could not open my eyes. I want to shout, but could not, I could only pray for the dawn to come quickly.

But this time, I suddenly felt a pair of cold hands, inserted into my thick dark hair, and then half wet tongue, began to lick my neck.

The touch is so real, so real that I am scared, I know, I must be entangled in something.

"You... Who are you... What do you want, what do you want..."

I almost crushed my teeth, very difficult to spit out this sentence. Uncle said, ghosts, although they are inhuman, they are very extreme, but not that they are unable to communicate.